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What is Drink or Strip?

Drink or Strip is a drinking strip game that’s not for the faint of heart! While it’s perfect for couples who want to try something new in the bedroom, this game is awesome for groups of friends too! When playing as a group,a good number to have is around four players or more.

Although Drink or Strip is quite similar to Strip Poker since people need to take off their clothes in both games, Drink or Strip is much easier to play which means people get drunk and naked a lot faster! You need tons of luck when playing this game because whether you drink or strip will be decided by a toss of a coin! Heads or tails, anyone?

How to Play Drink or Strip

Drink or Strip is one of the easiest naked drinking games to play at any party. All you need is a coin and alcohol, of course! Before you start your game, gather everyone and let them sit in a circle on the floor.

Once everything is ready, here’s how to play Drink or Strip:

1. The main rule to keep in mind when playing Drink or Strip is that when a player throws a coin, he/she needs to make a call (while the coin is in the air) whether it will land on heads or tails.

The group should decide if players can catch the coin and flip it, or if they will just let the coin land on the table.

2. If the player guesses correctly, he/she can pass the coin to the player on their right.

The player also has the option of throwing the coin again and making another guess.

3. If the player guesses correctly twice in a row, he/she may pass on the coin to another player.

The player can also opt to toss the coin again and guess for a third time.

4. If the player guesses correctly for the third time, he/she is allowed to put on a piece of clothing instead of removing it.

The player can also hand over the coin to another player of their choosing.

5. If the player guesses wrong, he/she can either remove a piece of clothing or take a drink.

Afterwards, they can pass the coin to the player on their left.

Games Like Drink or Strip

There are many games like Drink or Strip. One of the games that easily comes to mind when you hear the words, “strip” or “game” is of course, Strip Poker but there are other games that can provide sexy fun just as much as Drink or Strip or Strip Poker!

Couples looking for naked drinking games to play for their next date night should give any of these games a try and see where their date night leads to!

1. Strip Poker

Strip Poker is a famous strip party game that combines poker and stripping. While these two are already awesome on their own, when you combine the two, you’re in for a wild time! What sets Strip Poker apart from regular poker is that players lose clothes instead of losing money.

Throw in alcohol, and people become a lot bolder thanks to liquid courage! Try a game of Strip Poker and have a fun, erotic and exciting time with your partner or your friends!

How to Play Strip Poker

Before you play Strip Poker, you should know how to play the traditional version of poker first. Since there are various versions of poker, there are also various versions of Strip Poker that you can play as well! What matters is choosing an easy poker variant that will make for excellent Strip Poker!

Here’s how to play Strip Poker:

1. Decide if you’re using poker chips or clothes as a bet.

You can use chips and make the losing players strip clothes, or you can use clothes as the chips instead. If you’re going with clothes, you need to decide the value of the pieces of clothing.

For example: - Accessories = $1 - Bottoms = $ 5 - Tops = $10 - Underwear = $15

2. Discuss other rules to make your game fair

If someone has a lot of accessories that they can remove first, it wouldn’t be fair to the other players. Before you start, look at what everyone is wearing and make the game conditions more fair to everyone.

3. Choose the poker game variant that you’re playing

As we have mentioned, there are many poker variants to choose from, however, the Five Card Draw format is the best for a strip poker game. As long as players know what are the best and worst poker hands, you can go ahead and play Strip Poker at once!

👉 Learn more about how to play Strip Poker.

2. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare can easily become a strip drinking game if you want it to be. Instead of making people do different dares, you can ask people to take off a piece of clothing every time they choose to do a dare! Or you can make it a whole lot sexier by making players dance and do a strip tease all at once!

How to Play Truth or Dare

The great thing about Truth or Dare is that you can make it as wholesome or as dirty as you want. Doing it the wholesome way is pretty easy as long you don’t get too sexy. Doing it the dirty way can be loads of fun and definitely for adults only! If you prefer the sexy way, this is a perfect game to play in the bedroom with your significant other!

Whichever way you choose to play Truth or Dare, it will still come from these basic rules:

If a player chooses “truth”, he or she must answer a question honestly which can be uncomfortable at times.

If a player chooses “dare”, he or she must perform the task given to them which can be all sorts of things under the sun!

👉 Learn more about playing Truth or Dare!

Play Truth or Dare Online

Want to get started with a game of Truth or Dare? You won’t have to put together a list of truth or dare questions with our online version of Truth or Dare. Get instant access to hundreds of Truth or Dare questions!

Play “Truth or Dare” online

You can also play Truth or Dare on the go. Just download our Truth or Dare app to your Apple or Android phone!

3. Never Have I Ever for Couples

Another fun party drinking game that can be played by couples or groups of friends is Never Have I Ever. It’s a conversation starter activity that is full of secrets, intrigues, and laughs too! One question could lead to all sorts of unexpected revelations!

👉 Learn more about Never Have I Ever!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

You’ll need lots of alcohol when you play Never Have I Ever. You can go with beer or shots depending on how fast you want people to get drunk!

Here’s how to play Never Have I Ever: Players take turns giving statements that start with, “Never have I ever…” then add an action that they have never done before.

If one of the players has done the action mentioned in the statement, they need to drink. If none of the players have done action, the player who gave the statement is the one who drinks!

For example:

Never have I ever drank an entire bottle of wine by myself.

If any of the players have drunk an entire bottle of wine by themselves, they need to take a drink. If the statement doesn’t apply to any of the players, the one who gave the statement drinks instead!

If players are getting drunk much faster than you expected, you can add an alternative penalty. Instead of players drinking, you can make them strip! To escape from drinking alcohol, players will have to remove a piece of clothing instead. That’s fair enough, right?

Play Never Have I Ever Online

Start playing with our online version of Never Have I Ever. It’s perfect for those who are eager to play but don’t have time to come up with a list of statements.

Play Never Have I Ever online and quickly get random statements for your game!

Play “Never Have I Ever” online

You can also download our Never Have I Ever app to your mobile phone.

More Sexy Games for Couples

Want to try a new game with your partner? There are also many sex apps for couples that can heat things up when played with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

👉 Check out our list of the best sex apps for couples!

Remember when playing these types of intimate games that players should feel comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves. All these games are meant to help you unwind and have a good time!

✍️  July 27, 2021

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