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It doesn’t matter if you’re just hanging with your best friends or currently celebrating a party, drinking games are always fun. There are lots of different drinking games out there and we decided to present you the three best drinking games played with dice: Yahztee, Six Cups, and Seven Eleven Doubles.

In some of them, you need a bit of strategy, but mostly you just need to be lucky. All of these three games are playable in smaller and larger groups as well. Have fun!

Rules for dice drinking games

  1. Take breaks: Have you ever drunk way too much way too fast? This can be really dangerous. Take some breaks while playing to let the alcohol kick in.
  2. Enough is enough: Yes, alcohol is funny. At least, it can be funny. But it can be risky as well. Please take care of yourself and every other player. If you’re recognizing that somebody is already too drunk, don’t force him into drinking anymore, and maybe stop the game, or play without him.
  3. Play fair: Nobody likes cheaters!

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How to choose the first player

  1. The youngest: This method is the best way to decide who gets to start if the players don’t know each other that well. But it’s really boring if you already know each other for some time and the same player always gets to start.
  2. Roll it out: All of these games are played with at least one die. So, just roll it out! The player who rolls the highest number starts.
  3. The birthday gift: This way is perfect if somebody recently celebrated their birthday, or even maybe celebrate it today. Just let him start as a gift!
  4. The last message: We’re all addicted to our cellphones and I’m sure all of you are getting way too many messages each day. Just compare them, whoever received the last message starts.

1. The Yahtzee drinking game

Yathzee is one of the most famous dice games. You can play it either in a small or large group which make this game perfect for every occasion.

For playing the Yahtzee drinking game you just need other players, 5 dice, a Yahtzee Scorecard, and of course, alcohol.

👉 If you aren’t familiar with the Yahtzee rules in general or in need of a Yahtzee Scorecard, take a look at our whole Yahtzee article: Yahtzee Game Rules & Scoreboard

How to play the Yahtzee drinking game

So, you’ve got some of your friends, 5 dice, a scorecard, and alcohol? Perfect. Please make sure that besides long drinks, there are also shots prepared. To sum up, the Yahtzee drinking game combines the normal Yahtzee game and the following drinking rules. Have fun!

  1. The cursed ace: Every time when a player rolls an ace, he drinks. And yes, if he rolls four aces in one turn, then he has to drink four times, and so and so on.
  2. Yahtzee: Whenever a player rolls a Yahtzee, he can assign the other players to drink. He can divide the rolled numbers between the players. For example, one player rolls a Yahtzee with the number 4, then he can define four people to drink.
  3. The picky one: During the game Yahtzee, one of the main things is to re-roll your dice. And every time a player decides to re-roll all of his dice, he has to finish his drink.
  4. The 100 points: The second, third, fourth, and so on, Yahtzee is worth 100 points! And as he gets these 100 points, he drinks.
  5. The waterfall: Whenever a player rolls a small or large street, this player starts a waterfall. This player starts drinking in one go and the other players have to follow him in line. All players have to drink until the player before them stops drinking.

2. Six Cups

The Six Cups game is an easy drinking game where you just need a few little things. This game is perfect as a party game but works in public spaces such as a bar as well because you don’t need lots of space.

For playing the Six Cups drinking game you should at least be 3 players but not more than 6. Besides other players, you just need one dice, six empty cups, and of course, alcohol to fill the cups during the game. The rules are really easy and we promise you’ll end up drunk!

How to play the Six Cups drinking game

Before the game, you give every, empty cup a number. So, you should have: cup 1, cup 2, cup 3, cup 4, cup 5, and cup 6. After numbering the cups, you decide who starts. If you need inspiration in picking the first player, take a look above, we have collected some tips for you.

Now the first player rolls the dice, and let’s say, for example, he rolled 4. Then he fills cup 4 with beer. Then his turn is over, and the second player rolls. If he, for example, again rolled 4, he has to drink cup 4. But if he, for example, rolled 2, then he fills cup 2. And then there would be two full cups 4 and 2. Because in the Six Cups drinking game every number of the dice belongs to one cup: An empty cup is filled, and a filled cup must be drunk.

If you want to add some shots to the drinking game, we have some additional rules you might consider:

  1. Two times in a row: If two people in a row roll the same number, both drink a shot.
  2. Drinking the last cup: Whenever a person drinks the last cup and after his turn, all cups would be empty, he assigns someone else a shot.
  3. Filling the last cup: Every time when a player fills the last cup and after his turn, all cups would be filled, he has to drink a shot himself.
  4. The magic six: Besides filling and drinking, whenever someone rolls a six, he rolls again. You need to remember the second rolled number, and the next player who rolls it drinks a shot.

3. Seven Eleven Doubles

The game Seven Eleven Doubles is for all the beer lovers out there! This game is the ideal game for larger groups, as you should at least be 4 people, and you can’t be too many players.

For playing the drinking game Seven Eleven Doubles, you just need 2 dice, and as many beers as you can get.

How to play Seven Eleven Doubles

As you maybe guessed already by the name Seven Eleven Doubles, the main goal of the game is to roll a 7, 11, or any double. Before you start playing, you put a glass with a beer in the middle of the table.

It should not be fully filled, just enough for one or two sips. Now you choose the first player. If you need a little help with deciding who gets to start, take a look at our “How to choose the first player” section.

Now the first player rolls the 2 dice. If he doesn’t roll a 7, 11, or any double, his turn is over, and he passes the dice to the next player. But if he rolls a 7, 11, or any double, he assigns someone else to drink.

During the first player tries to re-roll a 7, 11, or a double, the chosen player starts to drink the whole cup in the middle of the table. If the first player achieves his goal, the cup will be refilled, and the chosen player tries again until successful.

Besides the main rules, we have collected some additional rules for the Seven Eleven Doubles drinking game:

  1. The reverser: Every time the rolling player touches the dice again before the drinker touches the cup, their roles are reversed.
  2. The nose-finger-rule: When somebody rolls a “3” or a “5” every player has to put his finger to his nose. The last player who does so drinks.
  3. The rescuer: Whenever a player wants to relieve a chosen player from drinking, he can “save” him by taking the glass and drinking it.
  4. The clap: Every time when a player rolls a “1” the roller has to clap immediately. If he forgets it or it takes longer than 5 seconds before he claps, he drinks.
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