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10 Best Christmas Drinking Games

Santa is coming. And we have put together a list of the best holiday drinking games for your Xmas party as the festive season is a great time to get drunk under the mistletoe. Unwrap your gifts and get ready!

Party & Drinking Games — October 24, 2019

Christmas is the best time of the year to come together, drink, eat and be merry. But hosting a magnificent Christmas party is challenging. You want people to have fun. And drinking games are an undoubtedly great way to sit down, slurp some cocktails or a glass of seasonal punch and have a great time.

That’s why we’ve put together our favorite holiday drinking games that will break the ice and make your Christmas party be remembered forever (unless you get utterly wasted).

Here are the 10 best Christmas drinking games

Ahead you’ll find tutorials and items you need to play the best Christmas drinking games for adults. You can enjoy them before, during and even after your Christmas dinner.

1. Christmas Dinner Drinking Game

We all have been there. You’re at a Christmas party or Christmas Day Dinner, and someone starts talking about politics or constantly staring down on their phone. After all, the Christmas season is about spending time together with your friends and family, having fun and talk about happy topics.

This Christmas drinking game can be played throughout the whole evening.

Here are the rules:

Take a Sip:

  • If someone asks “what do you do?”
  • Someone says cheers (of course)
  • Says Happy Holidays

Take 2 Sips:

  • Bringing up politics
  • Spilling a beverage
  • Saying “I don’t like that type of food”
  • A happy announcement is made

Take 3 Sips:

  • For taking a selfie
  • Looking at your phone
  • Complaining about a present

Take a Shot:

  • When you say something negative about Christmas
  • If you don’t help clean up the table

2. Christmas Card Drinking Game

Prepare some drinks and all your holiday cards you’ve received. You can also ask your guests to bring them to get even more.

  • Evenly divide up all holiday cards between you and the other guests.
  • Take turns reading your card aloud, and if your card includes: a photo of people wearing Christmas-like sweaters, religious messages, or a photo with a dog in Christmas attire, take a big chug of your drink!

And of course, you can add more rules for the Christmas card drinking game.

3. Never have I ever… Christmas Edition

I hope you’ve never re-gifted a Christmas present? If yes, you drink! This game is like the regular Never have I ever game, but with Christmas related statements.

The rules are simple. You start with the phrase “Never have I ever…” and complete the sentence with something you’ve never done.

Whoever has done said things, drinks.

Here are some statements to get started:

  • Never Have I Ever made out with someone under a mistletoe.
  • Never Have I Ever exchanged a present I received for Christmas.
  • Never Have I Ever bought something for someone but then kept it for myself instead…
  • Never have I ever re-gifted a Christmas present.

If you’re looking for an online version to play: Never have I ever - Online

4. Christmas Song Drinking Game

Chances are pretty high that you’ll sing Christmas songs at your party. And of course, there’s a drinking game for this!

Gather all guests and sit in a circle. Extra points if you’re holding hands.

Now the first person starts singing the opening phrase of a chosen Christmas song, then the person to their left sings the next phrase, and so on…

You keep the lovely song going until someone messes up. The person who messes up takes a drink. But if you’re making it all the way to the end of the song, everyone drinks, cheers!

5. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Try not to get too drunk before playing this game, as you will need throwing skills to score.

Just like in Beer Pong, your guests will take turns trying to throw rings at the antlers. If the person lands one, the person who wears the antler hat has to drink.

If you wanna take it to the next level, buy two, or even buy one for every guest.

6. Drink if… Christmas Edition

This game is a combination of Kings Cup and “Never have I ever”.


There are two ways to play this Christmas drinking game:

  • Variant 1: Shuffle all cards. Each person draws one card at a time and reads the card. If the person agrees to the statement, they drink.
  • Variant 2: Each person can pick one card at a time and hands it to another person. This person reads the card and if the person agrees to the statement, they drink.

Download this game as a PDF and print it out at home:

Download PDF

Or if you don’t have a printer, here are the “Drink if…” - statements:

Drink if…

  • you’ve ever gone caroling.
  • there is snow on the ground.
  • you’re having a jolly good time.
  • you know all of Santa’s reindeer.
  • you’ve made a snow angel before.
  • you have a chimney.
  • you’ll be the first person to fall asleep.
  • you still have Christmas shopping to do.
  • you’ve made a snowman before.
  • you’re reading this card.
  • someone is wearing elf shoes.
  • you’ve never been sledding.
  • you hate Christmas music.
  • you made Santa’s naughty list.
  • you’re only on your first drink.
  • you’re the shortest one here.
  • you’re holding your cell phone.
  • you love eggnog.
  • you ate too many Christmas cookies.
  • you’ve kissed someone under the mistletoe.
  • you like candy canes.
  • you’re wearing a Santa hat.
  • you’ve hung up your stockings up.
  • you believe in Santa Claus.

7. The Santa Hat Drinking Game

Holiday season means movie season. There will be tons of great (and bad) movies on television. And you’re going to watch it. So why not make a drinking game out of this!

The Santa hat drinking game is easy: Prepare a Santa hat and hang it on the TV. Every time someone “wears” it on the screen, you drink!

8. Elf Drinking Game

What’s better than sitting down with your guests, your favorite drink and your favorite Christmas movie?

The Christmas movie Elf is perfect for a drinking game! Here are the rules.

Drink when…

  • Buddy screams “Santa” or “Elf!”.
  • You see the Arctic Puffin.
  • Buddy embarrasses his dad.
  • Anyone sings.
  • Jovi looks annoyed AF.
  • Buddy is mesmerized by something ordinary.
  • Papa elf narrates the story.
  • Buddy asks a question.

Finish your drink when…

  • Buddy finishes a liter of soda.
  • Buddy gets hurt.
  • There’s a montage.
  • You see maple syrup.

9. Beer Pong Christmas Sweater

Wait, what? You’re throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party without these? Now you’re on Santa’s naughty list once again. Get one immediately! 😋

If you’re not familiar with the basic Beer Pong rules, have a look here: Beer Pong Rules

10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Drinking Game

Another ugly Christmas sweater. But it’s also a drinking game! How cool is that?

The instructions are simple, you throw a sticky ball at the sweater, and do actions based on where it landed.


  • Red: Share a drink.
  • White: Give a drink.
  • Green: I drink.
  • Bullseye: Everyone drinks.

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10 Best Christmas Drinking Games

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