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Equipment for Buffalo

  • Beer or other alcoholic drinks
  • A keen eye! 👀

The rules of the drinking game Buffalo

Let’s get familiar with this fun & straightforward drinking game! Every player should know the basic rules before starting the game. It is important to clarify that Buffalo is played normally throughout the evening. There are no restrictions for Buffalo; it can be played by anyone at any location. And it’s is also suitable for two players as a drinking game, but more players are better.

The basic rules of Buffalo:

  • When playing Buffalo, the beer (or other type of drink) must not be held in the dominant hand. If you catch another player holding his beer in his dominant hand, call “Buffalo!” and point at the player.
  • If a player holds his beer in his dominant hand and gets caught, he has to drink the rest of his beer.
  • If a player blames another player for holding his beer in the dominant hand, but is wrong, he has to drink his own beer.
  • Ambidextrous players must choose a hand.

The longer the evening lasts, the more often players keep their glass in the wrong hand. Buffalo should only be played with beer. With hard drinks, it can quickly lead to failures. Enjoy this fun & straightforward drinking game; and please drink responsibly!

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Kings Cup

Did you know… that Buffalo can also be used as an additional rule for Kings Cup? Be sure to try it!

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