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If you think you got it bad in life, Walter White will prove you wrong. It’s already bad that he has a pittance of a salary as a Chemistry teacher, he also has a son who has cerebral palsy and a pregnant wife. On top of that, he just learned that he has terminal cancer. On a desperate move, he decided to make a meth lab on wheels just to make ends meet.

This amazing narrative is all about the hit American TV series, Breaking Bad. If you are a fan of the series and its characters then you most definitely will enjoy this Breaking Bad-themed drinking game with your family and friends!

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What is the Breaking Bad Drinking Game?

The Breaking Bad Drinking Game is a drinking game played while watching the episodes of the Breaking Bad TV Show. Breaking Bad fans will be over the moon to play the Breaking Bad Drinking Game which will test their fandom and knowledge of the show. Call your friends over and prepare some snacks and some beer or vodka and you’re in for one of the best times of your life!

Tip: Watching Breaking Bad is even more fun if you own the complete series! It’s available on Blu-Ray and DVD and includes all episodes of the hit show:

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How To Play Breaking Bad Drinking Game

This is a pretty straightforward game like all drinking games. All you have to do is take a shot or two or three or however many shots are agreed upon in the rules established by the players before the game starts. Keep playing and watching Breaking Bad until all of you are crazily and happily drunk!

Breaking Bad Drinking Game Rules

There are different rules that will require different numbers of shots during the game. Check out these Breaking Bad Drinking Game Rules that will make your next drinking game one for the books.

Take a shot when:

  1. Someone is crying.
  2. Someone is smoking meth.
  3. Walt is yelling at Jessie.
  4. Walt is gaping at something.
  5. Marie is wearing purple.
  6. Walt gives a chemistry lesson.
  7. Walt has a fight at home.
  8. Walter is coughing.
  9. Walter is swearing.
  10. Walt is wearing the Heisenberg hat.

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Take two shots when:

  1. Meth is being cooked.
  2. You see a time-lapse montage.
  3. Someone consumes ricin.
  4. Someone is eating.
  5. Brock gets revenge.
  6. Baby Holly is acting.
  7. Someone is watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.
  8. Someone gets shot.
  9. “Heisenberg” is mentioned.
  10. Saul Goodman delivers one line.

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Take three shots when:

  1. The scene is in a motel room.
  2. Lots of money is seen on screen.
  3. Saul starts saying “I knows a guy…”
  4. Someone is in the hospital.
  5. Skylar’s cleavage is on screen.
  6. Saul makes a pop culture reference.
  7. Hank is cracking a joke.
  8. Hank is saying something racist.
  9. Flynn is punching Walt.
  10. Todd creeps on Lydia.

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Finish a bottle when:

  1. Watt is looking homicidal.
  2. Someone says “bitch”.
  3. Hank says “buddy”.
  4. Jessie says “yo”.
  5. There are drugs on screen.
  6. Walt kills someone..
  7. Walt gets mad at Jessie.
  8. Saul is threatened by someone.
  9. Walt is in his underwear.
  10. Walt is lying.

Now you’re ready for a definitely awesome drinking game with your favorite episodes of Breaking Bad and lots and lots of booze. After all is said and done, remember to just drink responsibly!

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