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Everyone loves how geniuses Leonard and Sheldon went through the most basic life experiences with their next-door neighbor, Penny, in the 12 seasons of the Big Bang Theory. Recount their story with this Big Bang Theory-inspired drinking game that will ensure you’re in for a huge laugh and some drunken fun times.

What is the Big Bang Theory Drinking Game?

The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game is a drinking game that will relive the fandom of every diehard fan of the show. Forget merely just bonding and drinking with fellow fans. This time, you can gather around the TV or schedule a virtual watch party with your friends of the various episodes and prepare your own poison or alcoholic beverage.

How To Play the Big Bang Theory Drinking Game?

This drinking game is pretty simple. The steps on playing this drinking game are pretty much the same as the other drinking games. You and your friends watch some episodes of the Big Bang Theory together, prepare something to drink, and every time one of the conditions in the rules occurs, all the players drink one, two, three, or more shots!

The game continues until your alcohol tolerance permits, or you run out of booze!

Big Bang Theory Drinking Game Rules

Here are some awesome and fun rules that will set you out for a fun reunion with your fellow BBT fanatics in this Big Bang Theory Drinking Game:

Baby steps are essential. It’s the preliminaries. Take one shot when:

  1. Penny says, “sweetie”.
  2. Sheldon misinterprets sarcasm.
  3. Wolowitz says a pickup line.
  4. Someone says, “We built the pyramids”.
  5. Amy hits on Penny or does something to make her uncomfortable.
  6. Someone is walking up the stairs.
  7. Bernadette says, “Howie”.
  8. Sheldon says something grossly and utterly inappropriate.
  9. Someone makes Jewish jokes.
  10. Someone mentions Marvel Comics.

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Feeling tipsy yet? Take two shots when:

  1. Penny doesn’t get something.
  2. Wolowitz’s mom yells.
  3. The gang buys some take-out food.
  4. Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door.
  5. Someone shouts, “Bazinga!”.
  6. Raj whispers around women.
  7. A character from Star Trek is mentioned.
  8. Penny exclaims, “Oh my God!”.
  9. Amy claims that Penny is her best friend.
  10. Someone goes on Skype or Facetime.

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There’s no going back now. Take three shots when:

  1. Sheldon laughs.
  2. Either Leonard, Howard, raj, or Sheldon has sex.
  3. Penny sings “Soft Kitty” to Sheldon.
  4. A character from Star Wars is mentioned.
  5. Either Penny, Raj, Amy, or Sheldon drink alcohol.
  6. Penny lands an acting job.
  7. Someone mentions Leonard’s lactose intolerance.
  8. Someone uses a whiteboard.
  9. Someone imitates Stephen Hawking.
  10. They’re at the university!

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You’re in for the best night of your life. Chug down one beer when:

  1. Someone brings up “The Roommate Agreement”.
  2. Sheldon shares a fun fact or starts a scientific rant.
  3. Amy kisses Sheldon.
  4. Raj starts talking about India.
  5. Howard is mocked for not having a Ph.D.
  6. Sheldon says that Penny is not as smart as everyone else.
  7. Howard starts making excuses relating to his mother.
  8. Someone uses the word “coitus” instead of sex.
  9. Someone mentions Howard’s nut allergy.
  10. Someone brings up the Relationship Agreement.

There’s no way you’d be able to finish this game without getting a bit tipsy (or maybe even dead drunk!) so make sure you know what you’re getting into and be sure you’re up for one helluva game! Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon would be over-the-moon happy to know you’re playing a game in their honor. You’ll be yelling “Bazinga!” in no time.

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