Kings Cup: Make a Rule Ideas

Over 20 new rule ideas.

Here are our personal favourites for the 'Make a Rule' -card for the drinking game Kings Cup. Some are completely bananas, others in turn annoy your friends for some time. Have fun with it and let yourself be inspired.

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Make a rule ideas for Kings Cup

In case you forgot how to play Kings Cup:

Kings Cup Rules

The majestic rule.

Everyone has to speak of themselves in the majestic “we”. Off: “I have to go to the bathroom” “We have to go to the bathroom”. This rule will do justice to the Kings in Kings Cup!

Show no teeth when laughing.

If someone laughs, he must not show his teeth, otherwise he has to drink.

The forehead master.

Similar to the rule of thumb, the last one who touches the table with his forehead has to drink. The drunker the players are, the better this rule becomes. After the first laceration, however, this rule should be lifted!

The nickname rule.

Everyone is allowed to nickname the person who sits to his left. As long as the rule is not lifted, everyone must be addressed by his nickname. If the real name is used instead of the nickname, the person who used the real name must drink.

The dictator.

The dictator is allowed to lick a card and stick it to his forehead. As long as the card sticks to his forehead, the dictator may set up any rule he wants and ignore any rule himself. When the card falls from its forehead, all the rules that the dictator has laid down are removed and the dictator loses his immunity. The dictator is not allowed to touch the card once it is stuck to his forehead!

T-Rex rule.

Everyone has to hold his elbows to his body like a T-Rex. The hands should not be stretched. If someone violates this rule, he has to drink.

Penguin rule.

Everyone has to hold his elbows to his body and in addition he can only touch things with his palm. If someone violates this rule, they have to drink. Drinking will become really hard with this rule.

The in love rule.

Whenever someone distributes a drink or a sip in the course of Kings Cup, he has to pretend to be in love with the person to whom he has the sip or drink distributed and say, “Please drink my honey!”.

The Kevin rule.

Everyone can only be called by the name Kevin. If someone violates this rule, they have to drink.

Mobile phone is lava rule.

As soon as someone touches their cell phone, the person who has set up the rule may send any message with his cell phone. In addition the person who touched the cell phone has to take a sip of his drink.

An alternative to this rule is, that the person must reveal a number of a person in his cell phone that does not participate in the game and each of the Kings Cup players may send a message to that person.

One-night stand rule.

Each player may only be named by the name of a person he slept with. This rule can lead to very embarrassing situations.

Shit Bitch Rule.

Each sentence must be started with Shit and finished with Bitch. If a player forgets to, he must drink.

The foreign ministers rule.

Only the designated Foreign Minister may speak to persons in the room who are not participating in the game. Anyone who wants to communicate with a person who does not participate in the game must do so through the Foreign Minister. If he violates that rule, he must drink.

The Harry Potter rule.

Everyone can only be approached with Mr. Potter, it must be an English accent used. If a player uses a different name, the player must drink his drink. Before drinking, however, he has to say in English accent. “Please excuse Mr. Potter, this drink will go away right away EVANESCO!”.

#Hashtag rule.

Each player must start his sentence with “hashtag”. If he does not, he must drink.

Do not point to someone else.

Once a player points at someone else, he must drink.

Little green fairy rule.

Everyone has an imaginary little green fairy sitting on his drink. Before anyone drinks, he has to place his little green fairy from his drink on his shoulder and only then drink. After drinking, the little green fairy must be placed back on the drink.

Get down Mr. President.

When the maker of the rule puts its finger on the ear, all other players have to do the same. After that, each player has to get up and shout “Get down Mr. President!” The last player to do so will be knocked down by the other players and must drink afterwards.

Famous Asian rule.

Whenever a player turns a card with a number, he has to announce a famous Asian. If the player does not know any unnamed famous Asians anymore, he must drink.

The Hodor rule.

Whenever someone curses, he is only allowed to say “Hodor” for the rest of the game. The player remains Hodor until another player curses.

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Kings Cup: Make a Rule Ideas will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 5 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Kings Cup: Make a Rule Ideas as much as we do!

5 out of 5

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