Which Undertale character are you?

You want to know which Undertale character is most like you? Find out with this quiz!

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The Undertale Quiz

Did you ever wonder which character from the Undertale universe is most like you? This quiz will help you find out!

Undertale characters

There are a plethora of different characters the game features, from the quiet main character Frisk to the jokester Sans or the king of the Underground Asgore. But which is most like you? Find out with this entertaining quiz! Don’t forget to share the result with your friends!

Sans Undertale

Sans is probably the most famous character from the game. The skeleton helps the protagonist on its way and cracks a lot of jokes. But if the player decides to go the most violent way possible, the so-called “genocide route”, he becomes your biggest nightmare!

Frisk Undertale

Frisk is the main character of Undertale. Frisk is a human child that fell to the Underground. Their goal is to return to the surface.

What is Undertale?

Undertale is a role-playing game created by an indie developer called Toby Fox. The game’s release was on September 15, 2015. As a fallen child, the player maneuvers through the Underground, a world filled with monsters. But the game contains a revolutionary new battle mechanic: not fighting at all. Yes, in Undertale, you are able to play as a true pacifist!

You're in front of your door and find out that you've lost your keys. How do you react?

  1. I stay calm
  2. I break the door
  3. I try to stay positive
  4. I call a friend
  5. I try to find them
  6. I snap

Imagine life was nothing but a play. What describes your role the best?

  1. The puller of strings
  2. The friendly, but strict person
  3. The dumb but lovable
  4. The cheerful fellow
  5. The wisecracker
  6. The limelight hog

Which part of the Underground would you inhabit?

  1. Ruins
  2. New Home
  3. Hotland
  4. Snowdin
  5. CORE
  6. Waterfall


If you could be an inhabitant of the Underground, how would you look like?

  1. Funny
  2. Cute
  3. Fancy

If you had your own theme song, what would it sound like?

  1. Sad but very elegant
  2. Heavy and cheeky
  3. Fast and mysterious
  4. Like disco music
  5. Like a haunted nursery
  6. Like weird lounge music

What's your biggest flaw?

  1. Can't be myself
  2. Insecurity
  3. Can't stay serious

Which of the following is most like you when talking to someone you find attractive?

  1. I get totally nervous and blush
  2. I do nothing because I'm in a happy relationship
  3. I put on a mask and be someone else
  4. I act cool
  5. I try to seem cute
  6. I flirt like I was born for it
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  1. Sans

    "You can't understand how this feels. Knowing that one day, without any warning ... it's all going to be reset."

    You're like Sans: very laid-back, lazy, and funny. Basically, you're quite smart as well, but you try to hide that fact with your jokes and puns. You're very nihilistic. But that doesn't mean you can't be serious. You can be dead serious, in fact.

  2. Muffet

    "There you are, dearie. You're always welcome in my parlor! Just stay on your best behavior~"

    You're like Muffet: a little bit greedy, stingy, and love to say morbid stuff. Still, you have a lovely and pleasant way of speaking, maybe to hide the fact that you're actually quite malicious.

  3. Flowey

    "In this world ... It's KILL or BE killed!"

    You're like Flowey: you seem cute and friendly at first glance but actually are a horrible calamity. You're manipulative, devious, and the puller of strings. You can still be very polite, even though your philosophy is: "kill or be killed".

  4. Mettaton

    "I'll make your last living moments ... ABSOLUTELY beautiful!"

    You're like Mettaton: you're confident, charismatic, and a very charming person. You love drama and violence and love to be adored. Your views on life are a little bit twisted, but you genuinely care for those you love.

  5. Papyrus

    "Nyeh heh heh!"

    You're like Papyrus: you're striking, confident, and work very hard. You have a kind heart, are very optimistic, but a little bit oblivious and childish. You believe in your friends as much as in yourself.

  6. Asgore

    "Now, now. There's no need to fight. Why not settle this ... Over a nice cup of tea?"

    You're like Asgore: you're kind, elegant, and powerful. Despite your low creativity, you're very intelligent. Maybe that's why you're the ruler of your peers. Deep down, you're quite sad, though.

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