Which The Simpsons character are you?

Have you ever wondered which The Simpons character is most like you? Take this quiz to find out!

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Simpsons characters

In The Simpsons universe, there are plenty of different characters. There are the lazy head of the Simpsons family Homer, simple-minded Ralph Wiggum, and the Scottish Groundskeeper Willie! But which one is most like you? Take this fun and entertaining quiz to find out the truth! And don’t forget to share the result with your friends!

Simpsons predictions

It’s crazy how often The Simpsons predicted something about the future, which turned out to be actually right! Like Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America, European beef will be contaminated with horse meat, or that Greece will have an economic meltdown! And there are plenty more incidents like these!

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

One of the most beloved episodes is the annual Treehouse of Horror episode. Everything takes a dark turn, like Bart encountering a Gremlin that tries to cause an accident for the school bus or that Maggie is actually an Alien-Human hybrid.

How many Simpsons episodes are there?

The series premiered on December 17, 1989. As of yet (March 2021), there are 32 seasons of the Simpsons with 697 episodes total. But that number is likely to change soon because season 33 will probably air in Fall again, as almost every season before it did.

When will the Simpsons end?

The Simpsons are part of our culture for a long time now with a ton of episodes. So, the question arises, when will the show ever end? But there is no answer to it, as of yet because the series will be renewed in Fall 2021 again for its 33rd season.