Which Disney character is your soul mate?

Disney has somehow raised our standards by giving us such loving characters. Find out which Disney character is your soulmate with our quiz!

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There’s no denying that Disney movies are a staple in almost everyone’s lives. They take us on amazing adventures, make us laugh and cry, and leave us with unforgettable memories. So it’s not surprising that many of us wonder which of these beloved characters from Disney is our soulmate.

What is a soulmate?

Most of us have heard the term “soulmate” before, but what does it actually mean? A true soulmate is someone with whom you have a deep and natural affinity. This could be a close friend, family member, or romantic partner.

You just click with them on a level that goes beyond explanation and some people find that they lead a happier life when with their soulmate. But that’s just because you understand each other so well!

There are many different ways to find your soulmate. For some people, it’s love at first sight. Others may have a more spiritual connection, feeling like they’ve known each other in a past life. And still, others may build a deep bond over time through shared experiences and adventures.

One’s personality plays a huge role in whether or not they are each other’s soulmates. Oftentimes, if their personalities don’t match, it can be difficult to connect on a deeper level. That’s why it’s important to find someone who shares similar interests and values as you do.

A lot of people do whatever it takes to find their soulmate. Some people go on several dates, while others enjoy playing quizzes to find out what kind of person they’re fated to be with.


Walt Disney, the founder of Disney Company, first kicked off his career in animation as he worked in the Kansas City Film Ad Company in 1920.

After plenty of ups and downs in the industry, Walt Disney produced Alice in Cartoonland in 1923. Sometime after completing this pilot film, Disney filed for bankruptcy and left Kansas City as he wanted to set off to Hollywood to become a cinematographer.

Alice in Cartoonland became an unexpected success and prompted Mr. Disney to finally establish himself in Hollywood. The Kansas City Film Ad Company eventually collaborated with Disneys.

The birth of Mickey Mouse

In the year 1927, Disney released his first fully animated series that showed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After acquiring rights to this character, Disney then made a few changes to Oswald and eventually came up with Mortimer Mouse, now known as Mickey Mouse.

Steamboat Willie which was produced in 1928 was the first Mickey cartoon to be released. It is still now used as the opening credits to many Disney animated films and this is important because it was the film that really kicked things off for the Disney Company.

Are you absolutely in love with Disney movies? Take this quiz to find out which Disney princess you’re most likely to be after rating the statements!

Disney characters

As most of us know, Disney movies are full of unforgettable characters. Each character is unique, has their own story, and teaches us important life lessons.

In recent years, the company has made an effort to create even more diverse characters, representing different cultures, races, and religions, and has even begun to explore body positivity images!

This helps children (and adults!) all over the world see themselves represented on the big screen as princes, princesses, or even heroes/heroines! This gives them a spark of hope.

It’s important to understand why these fictional characters from Disney were made. Aside from the fact that they’re all fairytale stories and give everyone a sense of make-believe, each character has a hidden meaning and they all have a distinct personality that makes them so loveable.

Great examples of everyone’s favorite Disney characters

For example, take Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Ariel is one of the most popular Disney characters and her story teaches us about following our dreams. This is something that many people can relate to, which is why she’s such a beloved character.

Similarly, Mulan breaks down barriers and teaches us that anyone can be a hero, no matter what they look like on the outside.

Everyone girl who’s been immersed in the Disney universe dreams of becoming a princess. So take this quiz to find out which Disney princess you are!

How would quizzes help me find my soulmate?

Playing quizzes is a fun way to learn things about yourself. You normally get a few questions and pick answers that correspond to your personality and these answers are usually connected to a certain answer.

In this case, we’ll be giving you a bunch of questions that act like personality tests. The answers you choose are linked to certain Disney characters. After answering all the questions, you’ll find out which Disney character is your perfect match!

You can even play this quiz with your friends so everyone finds out who is their true soulmate in the Disney world!

To find out which Disney character is your perfect soulmate, take this quiz!

Not interested to find out who’s your Disney soulmate? Take this quiz instead to find out which Disney character are you!

What's a trait that's very important for you in a partner?

  1. They should be a family-person
  2. They should have something they're passionate about
  3. An interest in sports
  4. A kind heart
  5. They should be responsible
  6. They should be charming
  7. Anything, really. I'm all good.
  8. They should be hard-working
  9. They're always eager to learn
  10. We should have similar interessts
  11. They're caring
  12. They should be ambitious in life

Pick a location for a wedding ceremony

  1. In a great big church
  2. In a small intimate church
  3. In a low-key spot in the city
  4. By the beach
  5. Amidst nature
  6. In a simple location in the middle of the city

Pick a statement you relate to the most

  1. I never saw myself falling in love with anyone, until I met him/her
  2. I have all these responsibilities towards everyone but I just want to do my own thing
  3. I'm a little too friendly with some people
  4. I'll do whatever it takes to be noticed
  5. Everyone thinks I'm not worthy for him/her
  6. I have to support my dreams even if it means doing whatever it takes
  7. I'd be happy to stand by the sidelines and cheer you on from afar
  8. People underestimate me way too much
  9. I have to protect my loved ones at all cost
  10. I'm too strong and dominant for anyone
  11. I just want to give him/her everything they deserve
  12. I find it hard to live up to the expectations that people have of me

Describe your perfect date

  1. Candle lit dinner at a restaurant
  2. Going for an adventure and getting lost together
  3. Going sailing or just being on a boat
  4. Going to the cinemas and watching movies together
  5. Going out somewhere for dancing or karaoke
  6. Having a cup of tea in a quiet restaurant
  7. Surfing or just hanging out by the beach
  8. Cuddling with each other in front of the TV
  9. Picnic by the park
  10. Going out and doing physical activities together
  11. Going to the museum
  12. Getting creative and maybe building stuff together

What's your favorite food?

  1. Apples
  2. Pie
  3. Meatballs
  4. Sausages
  5. Garlic shrimp
  6. Fried chicken
  7. Sushi
  8. Sweet and sour pork
  9. Chocolate
  10. Fish
  11. Beignets
  12. Spaghetti

Do you forgive easily?

  1. No
  2. Yes

Pick an item to defend yourself with

  1. Sword
  2. Bow and arrow
  3. Carrots or any hard vegetables
  4. A lamp
  5. Snow balls or anything made out of ice
  6. Apple
  7. Cooking tools
  8. My robot
  9. Seashell
  10. Utensils
  11. Frying pan
  12. Oar

What's your best trait?

  1. I'm a dominant person
  2. I'm adventurous
  3. I'm a great listener
  4. I'm incredibly supportive of my loved ones
  5. I'm very understanding
  6. I'm caring
  7. I am a very passionate person
  8. I'm a foodie and I love trying out different stuff!
  9. I'm a curious person
  10. It's really hard to impress me, but not impossible
  11. I'm an optimistic person

Pick the most attractive trait

  1. Physically active
  2. Musically gifted
  3. Brave
  4. Adventurous
  5. Protective
  6. Caring
  7. Kind
  8. Great cook
  9. Incredibly charming
  10. Ambitious
  11. Intelligent
  12. Understanding

What's your idea of relaxing?

  1. Getting pampered
  2. Playing outside
  3. Being by the beach
  4. Cooking for the people I love
  5. Spending some time with my pet/s
  6. Working out or getting some exercise done
  7. Interacting with animals
  8. Surfing
  9. Tinkering with random things
  10. Immersing myself in nature
  11. Going swimming
  12. Exploring the city

What do you hate the most?

  1. When people underestimate me
  2. When people view me as clumsy and unhelpful
  3. When people instantly dismiss my thoughts
  4. When people don't take things seriously
  5. When people just think I'm all about the looks
  6. When I'm being told what to do
  7. When I can't follow my dreams
  8. When people don't like my cooking
  9. When people look down on me
  10. When people don't listen to my advice
  11. When I'm not being heard

Which gender should your soulmate have?

  1. Male
  2. I don't care
  3. Female

Which eye color are you hoping your soulmate to have?

  1. Green
  2. Light brown
  3. Brown
  4. Turquoise-blue
  5. Dark brown
  6. Blue

Pick a color

Pick your ideal pet

Pick your favorite season of the year

  1. Spring
  2. Winter
  3. Autumn
  4. Summer
Show Result


  1. Ariel

    Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" is curious and loves to go on adventures. She's also the type who's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants in life!

    Being the youngest in a big family, she's often out to prove herself to everyone and she absolutely hates being looked down upon. So she needs someone who understands this and will support her in all her goals.

    Ariel is also incredibly adventurous and loves to go exploring, so she will need a partner who can keep up with her active lifestyle.

    In return, Ariel is the type of partner who’s very understanding and will genuinely listen to you. Be it about anything that’s troubling you or if you’re just simply sharing something you’re passionate about. You can definitely trust that Ariel will be there for you!

  2. Merida

    Merida is the epitome of a strong independent woman. Being the eldest of 3 naughty little brothers, she has an incredible amount of patience and is always willing to go out and have fun.

    Being the eldest daughter also has its cons. She is often the recipient of harsh criticism and great expectations from her parents. This helped her develop a thick skin and is stronger than most people.

    However, she is now more prone to breakdowns. The pressure will often get to her, so she will need someone she can fall back on. She may not show her weak side to the whole world, so her soulmate should be someone she can trust.

    In return, Merida definitely gives you the push that you need. She’s the type of partner to give you space and is not one to ask many questions. So make sure you don’t take her trust for granted!

  3. Moana

    Moana is an ambitious person who is deadset on achieving her goals. Know that she is very persistent and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

    Moana is the next in line to become the village chief, which means she has a lot of expectations to fulfill. But all she really wants to do is to go out and explore. So her soulmate should be someone who supports this goal instead of her making her feel bad.

    She needs someone who is brave and can keep up with her active lifestyle. She can’t be held down as it will definitely cause some issues between you two!

    In return, Moana is the type of partner who is very understanding of your needs. She will listen to your troubles and be sure to let you know that you are heard. Moana is a great support system that will help you through the tough times.

  4. Snow White

    Everyone simply adores Snow White, so if you’re not used to your partner getting a lot of attention, then you’ll definitely struggle with Snow White.

    Snow White is an incredibly loving and caring partner. I mean, she took care of 7 dwarves whilst in hiding, right? And because of this, everyone is just instantly drawn to her kind nature.

    Yet despite this, Snow White also needs someone who will care for her in return. She may not be very vocal about her needs, so it is her soulmate’s job to look for hints and cues on things she likes.

    She doesn’t need an active lifestyle and can enjoy the simple things in life. Dates don’t have to be that grand with Snow; it can be as simple as a simple stroll in the park or even just chilling at home with each other as company.

  5. Tiana

    Tiana has big dreams and was incredibly close to her family. She loved to cook, especially for the people she loves. So complimenting her cooking is a big deal!

    Tiana always worked hard with her biggest dream in mind, and this made her busy enough to exclude a life for fun and love. So if you admire a hard-working and determined person, then Tiana is your perfect soulmate.

    With the kind of adventure that Tiana had experienced, you can tell that she’s a brave soul. However, she would need a support system, so her partner should be able to keep up with her lifestyle.

    Tiana’s soulmate should also complement her personality. Tiana would be able to teach you about working hard and in return, you could help incorporate some fun into her life and make sure she is able to relax. So do you think you’d be her Prince Naveen?

  6. Flynn

    Eugene Fitzherbert, commonly known as Flynn Rider, has a really rough background as he was an orphan. When he was a child, he was greatly inspired by “Flynnigan Rider” who was a rich and free-spirited person. This had him lead his crime-filled life.

    Plenty of people quickly judge Flynn for the lifestyle he’s led so far. So his soulmate is someone who understands the struggle he’s been through or can at least attempt to relate to him so he doesn’t feel lonely.

    As Flynn’s soulmate, you’ll be expecting a lot of adventures and fun in your life together. He never got used to staying still and always loved to be out and about. He’s also one filled with jokes and just loves to make you laugh.

    You and Flynn would have an amazing relationship and a great time together, definitely.

  7. David

    David Kawena is a goofball who will definitely bring a smile to your face.

    David is a great guy who is incredibly supportive and understanding of the responsibilities that his partner has.

    He really isn’t the type to stand in your way if you have obligations you need to fulfill. He also does his best and tries to offer as much help as he can. Even though he knows that you don’t need them most of the time. He is also incredibly loving and goes above and beyond to help you as much as he can.

    David is a surfer and has a job as a performer for the nearby restaurant. While he is really good at what he does, David does have some clumsy moments where he can set the stage on fire. During these tendencies, he will need a partner who’s comforting and will not be condescending.

  8. Kristoff

    Kristoff is a wonderful guy and any girl would be lucky to have him as their soulmate!

    Kristoff is genuinely close to his family, being brought up by trolls. His soulmate would be someone who understands the importance of family and as much as possible, share the same sentiments on the subject.

    Kristoff is also someone who you can easily talk to so it would be no problem for anyone to get to know him. But his soulmate would be able to break down his walls and provide comfort for him.

    In return, Kristoff will give you love and support like no other. And your dates don’t need to be fancy as well! Kristoff’s soulmate would be someone who enjoys adventures and having tons of fun, but they can also enjoy a quiet time in front of the fireplace or a simple candle-lit dinner together.

  9. Shang

    Shang Li is the son of the General, so if you thought that you were tough, you’re no match for Shang.

    Shang is the type of person who follows rules to the dot and strives to prove himself to his father. He tries to do whatever it takes to show his father that he is worthy and tries his best not to disappoint.

    Given this, his soulmate would be someone who can be his support system but can also give him the push that he needs. His soulmate should also be someone who knows how to have fun so he can be reminded that it’s okay to let loose every now and then!

    In return, Shang will help you reach your goals. He is normally seen as the serious one in the relationship. So if there’s something you want to achieve, Shang will do his absolute best to try and help you in achieving it.

  10. Tadashi

    Tadashi Hamada is a man of the family.

    He cares a great deal about plenty of other people and with his intelligence, tries to do what he can to help them. That’s why he developed and built Baymax.

    As a soulmate, Tadashi would be the most genuine and sincere person. He also has a soft side that only you can see. He deeply cares for his little brother, Hiro, so if you have any issues with that, then that’s automatically a deal-breaker for him.

    Tadashi has a protective instinct and would be more than willing to sacrifice his life for your safety. So try not to get yourself into too much trouble.

    As his soulmate, you should show him that you’re independent. Since Tadashi has a natural instinct to care for and protect the people he loves, it would be nice for him if he sees that he doesn’t have to carry the world on his shoulders all the time.

    Instead, you could share this with him and help him realize that it’s important to relax every now and then. You should also remind him to trust the people he’s with so he’s not worried all the time!

  11. Aladdin

    Aladdin is someone who just wants to prove his worth. He absolutely hates it when people look down on him especially because of his background.

    If you’re in a relationship with someone like Aladdin, your relationship would be filled with so much love, laughs, and adventure. Aladdin would help you realize that there are more than just worldly possessions and sometimes, the simple things in life are all that matter.

    Aladdin has street smarts and great survival skills. As his soulmate, his goal would be to bring you out of your shell and to help you explore the world that you both live in.

    In return, Aladdin should be with someone who understands his craving for adventure and can keep up with his lifestyle. He is someone who wants to share these things with his partner so if he doesn’t get to do so, there’s a high chance that he will feel bummed about it.

  12. Anna

    Your soulmate is Princess Anna of Arendelle; the cutest and most optimistic person!

    Anna is the youngest child and was often shielded from the terrors that the world has to offer. However, having been treated like so only made her crave adventure more. She wants to go out and explore the world she was hidden away from for so long.

    So if you’re soulmate, then it would mean that you’d be just as adventurous and can keep up with her active lifestyle. You’re also tons of fun and you provide a safe space for your loved ones. Enough that they feel comfortable enough to show you their true colors.

    You also don’t mind the simplicity in life, which is what makes you and Anna such great soulmates. You both are incredibly humble and don’t need much to be happy! Dates can go from fancy restaurants to a simple home-cooked candlelight dinner in your home.

    In return, Anna would be the spark of hope and joy in your life. You no longer have to worry about being bored or stagnant as Anna will definitely give you the push that you need to succeed.

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