Is the world getting weirder every day, or are you?

Is the world getting weirder every day, or are you?

Who's to blame? Find out with this crazy but funny quiz!

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Why is the world getting weirder and weirder?

Many people nowadays ask themself this question. And the answer depends on who asks the question!

This quiz will finally deliver this answer to you. Let’s find out who’s to blame for the weirdness of the world. Or isn’t the world becoming any weirder at all, and it’s actually you?

Find out with this quiz! Take it now!

Why are people nowadays so crazy?

It seems like people are losing their minds and doing crazier things than ever before. What’s the deal with that? Is it the stress of modern life? Or is something else going on?

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Many people blame today’s politics or conspiracy theories for making people crazy. But could it be that people are just naturally getting crazier?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re going crazy or if the world is!

Are you ready for the future?

The future is coming whether we like it or not. And it’s looking weirder and weirder.

Are you ready for a future where robots rule the world, and we all have to wear special suits just to go outside?

Or are you more worried about the things that might not change, like climate change and the extinction of animals?

Either way, this quiz will help you prepare for the future and the weirdness that is sure to come!. It might not be what you were expecting…

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How weird are you?

We all like to think of ourselves as normal, but let’s face it - we’re all a little weird. And that’s okay! Weird is great!

But just how weird are you? Are you weird enough to survive in a world that’s getting weirder and weirder every day?

Or are you so weird that you’re actually making the world weirder?

Find out with this quiz!

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