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Stage name generator

Did you know? Many famous actors and musicians don’t carry their real names. Before they got famous, they decided – for various reasons – that their real name doesn’t fit, so they chose a different one. This phenomenon is called a "stage name" or "alias".

And if you believe it or not, stage names are more common than you’d think! A lot of celebrities have one!

If you want your very own stage name don’t hesitate any longer and start generating!

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What’s a stage name?

A stage name is an alias or alternate name chosen by a performer instead of their real name. Stage names are common in the music, theatre, and film industry.

In other industries, aliases are also common, for example for writers. In that case, it’s called a pen name, though.

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Why do people choose a stage name?

There are many reasons why performers might want to use a stage name. For some, their real name may be too hard to pronounce or spell or even considered unattractive because it projects an undesired image.

Others might want to distance themself from people with a similar name, or they might want to pay tribute to their musical influence or even just stand out from the crowd. Some want to distance themselves from their family or their own past because they switched careers.

Another reason often is to adopt a name that is very unusual and outlandish to attract attention. One of the biggest reasons often is anonymity, though.

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Celebrities with stage names

Many of the celebrities you know and love are actually using a stage name. For example, did you know that the famous singer Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez? Or Miley Cyrus whose real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus? And how about Will Smith who was first known as The Fresh Prince?

These celebrities are just some examples of the many that use a stage name, there are plenty more out there!

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What’s your stage name?

If you’re looking for a fresh start or a new identity, it’s time to find your very own stage name. To find out what stage name best suits you, try out our online generator! Just enter your name and the generator will create a stage name for you. We have thousands of combinations to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Find your stage name now and start your new persona!

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Some tips for picking a great stage name:

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Stage name ideas

Are you still looking for the perfect stage name? You’re in luck, because here are three lists of the best male stage names, female stage names, and gender-neutral stage names. Have fun!

Male stage names

Female stage names

Gender-neutral stage names

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