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How would you feel about a quick and fun game of Would you rather?

Would you rather is one of the simplest games out there. You’ll be asked to give out two options that are totally different from one another.

Some questions can even be quite similar, which makes it all the more difficult to choose from!

If you’re going to be introducing the game to someone who hasn’t played Would you rather before, let me help you out. Here’s a simplified version of the instructions that could help everyone understand the game.

How to Play Would you rather

Step 1: Gather all the players.

It will help if you’re all seated around in a circle. It allows everyone to interact with one another, which allows great gameplay.

Step 2: Decide how the turns will go around.

This is just to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in the game.

Most people have the turns go clockwise, just to make it easier.

Step 3: Start asking the questions!

Once everyone’s settled, the game starts when someone gives out a question.

Simple Would you rather Questions

Here are some simple Would you rather questions that could help get things started for everyone!

1. Would you rather outlive everyone you know or be the first to go?

It’ll probably be hard to go in general, but this is what makes it fun for this question! Both options are just really hard to choose from.

2. Would you rather get a chance for a do-over in life or continue living it as it is?

We all have some things that we regret. Although let’s not forget that these decisions lead us to where we are today. 😊

3. Would you rather live without elbows or without knees?

Having no joints is a serious struggle if you didn’t know. I’m guessing that this will be a pretty fun discussion.

4. Would you rather live forever with smelly feet or a horrible breath?

Either option, you’d smell. You might push away. But at least you can hide the smell of your feet with shoes! 😂

5. Would you rather have your best friend win $100,000 or have $1,000,000 for yourself?

Be careful, having such money might end up in betrayal 🤫

Should probably just make sure that your best friend is really your best friend.

More “Would you rather” Questions

If you’re looking for more Would you rather Questions, check out this huge list of 500+ Would you rather Questions, and maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy the rest of the night!

Last Few Reminders

Remember that this game is supposed to be all about fun. Essentially, your goal here is to get to know the players and to share a laugh together.

We hope that you were able to get an idea of the type of questions you can ask during Would you rather. Although Would you rather doesn’t really have any rules, there are many different ways to play Would you rather!

✍️  May 11, 2021

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