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What is the Would You Rather game? ☝️

Would you rather is a fun game where you have to answer hypothetical questions. It is the perfect mood booster at every party and is ideal for getting to know new people.

How To Play Would You Rather 🤓

The rules are simple. One person asks the group a Would you rather question. For example, “Would you rather be able to speak to animals or be able to read other people’s minds?” All players then have to choose one option. If you find both options awful, choose the lesser evil.

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Funny Would You Rather Questions 😄

The aim of this game is to have fun. And that works best with funny questions! Here is a list of entertaining Would You Rather questions.

1. Would you rather only be able to listen to hardcore techno or only be able to listen to death metal?

Which kind of music do you like more? If you think both are terrible, which genre do you find less horrible? 😅

2. Would you rather be a dwarf or a giant?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In both cases, you will have trouble finding clothes that suit you.

3. Would you rather only read romantic novels or read your favorite book repeatedly for the rest of your life?

Are you a bookworm, or do you hate reading anyways?

4. Would you rather every movie you watch replaces the lead role with Tommy Wiseau, or every song you hear is performed by Britney Spears?

If you haven’t heard of Tommy Wiseau, you should look him up on Youtube. He’s hilarious. 😂

5. Would you rather not be able to understand sarcasm or only be able to speak sarcastically?

Life is much more fun with a little sarcasm. You would miss out so much when you couldn’t understand it.

6. Would you rather be a wizard in the Harry Potter Universe or a Jedi in the Star Wars universe?

Which universe is cooler? This question could lead to a heated discussion (especially when you’re a superfan).

7. Would you rather have a partner who speaks nonstops or a partner who barley speaks?

Another question is, do you talk a lot? If yes, then the second option is probably the best for you.

8. Would you rather be an anime character or a Disney character?

What’s your favorite anime or Disney movie, and which character would you be?

9. Would you rather be unattractive but super funny or beautiful but quite boring?

How important are good looks to you?

10. Would you rather be a cyborg or a shapeshifter?

Transform yourself into anything you want or be the next Terminator?

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11. Would you rather talk like Gollum or breathe like Darth Vader?

Both talk like they have a respiratory illness.

12. Would you rather accidentally step on a LEGO brick or accidentally step on cat shit?

The first option hurts like shit, and the other makes me sick.

13. Would you rather have to wear socks with sandals for the rest of your life or crocs?

I saw models and influencers wearing socks with sandals on pictures. So apparently this was or still is a thing?

12. Would you rather be a unicorn or a mermaid?

Do you want to explore the deep sea or run wild and free as a unicorn?

13. Would you rather have a hairline touching your eyebrows (so no forehead) or a pig’s snout for a nose?

Both options are not very flattering.

14. Would you rather eat an unpeeled lemon or an unpeeled kiwi?

True Story: I met one guy in my life who ate an unpeeled kiwi in front of me like it was the most normal thing in the world. When I asked him how it tasted, he answered, “A little bit itchy but okay.” And when I asked why he did it, he said, “He’s too lazy to peel it.” People are weird. 😅

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15. Would you rather stay human, but be sent back to the dinosaurs’ time or become the dinosaur of your choice, but live in modern times?

Hmmm, which option has a better chance of survival?

16. Would you rather have ears hanging down to your legs or ears that are pointed 2 ft high?

If mine hung down, I would do crazy things with them, such as making a bow tie.

17. Would you rather be physically clumsy or be socially awkward around people?

Where are my socially awkward fellow people? Honestly, I’m both to some degree. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 🤓

18. Would you rather have the voice of Marge Simpson or have the hair of Marge Simpson?

A unique hairstyle or unique voice?

19. Would you rather have an 80s hairstyle or wear an 80s outfit?

Can you rock a perm?

20. Would you rather never again experience an awkward moment or get 100 dollars for every awkward moment you experience?

I would be rich by now!

Hard Would You Rather Questions 😶

These thought-provoking questions will take time to answer. Some of them might seem to be impossible to answer. Still try your best, and be honest.

1. Would you rather feel like you’re about to fall all the time or feel like you have to cough all the time?

I don’t know why, but thinking about the first option makes me feel dizzy.

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2. Would you rather never be able to talk to anyone ever again or never be able to touch anyone ever again?

Both would be social distancing at it’s finest.

3. Would you rather win 1 million dollars or find the love of your life?

What would make you happier, money, or love?

4. Would you rather be trapped with a tamed lion for one hour or be trapped with 50 tarantulas for one hour?

A tamed lion is basically a big cat, isn’t it?

5. Would you rather only be able to walk on all fours or only be able to jump instead of walking?

Both movement types sound very exhausting to me.

6. Would you rather spend a day in the desert or spend a day in the North Pole?

Sweat or freeze?

7. Would you rather kill three random street cats or one of your own?

Provided that you own a cat, would you sacrifice it for three other innocent cat lives?

8. Would you rather have the job of your dreams but little money or have a job you hate but loads of money?

I’ve asked myself this question a lot of times in my life. Money can’t buy you happiness. However, it still has a significant impact on our lives.

9. Would you rather always be slightly cold or always slightly have the urge to pee?

What is more uncomfortable?

10. Would you rather kick a wall with a toothpick in your toenail or jump in a pool of lemon juice with paper cuts all over your body?

I would jump in the pool of lemon juice without a doubt.

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11. Would you rather see blurry all the time or see everything in black and white?

Assuming you choose the second option, what would you miss most about the time you saw colors?

12. Would you rather be the only naked person in a room full of your clothed relatives or the only clothed person in a room full of your naked relatives?

Did you also just imagine what your grandparents would look like naked?

13. Would you rather be banned from ordering delivery ever again or be banned from using Uber (or any similar service) ever again?

What service do you use more?

14. Would you rather have unlimited free therapy sessions forever or have a one-time three-hour talk with Michelle Obama?

After talking with Michelle Obama, I won’t need any therapy anymore. 🥰

15. Would you rather have a parrot that repeats everything you say or have a llama that spits on you whenever you walk in the door?

I can’t decide what’s more annoying.

16. Would you rather cross a river full of piranhas or a river full of crocodiles?

Presented by “Dumb Ways To Die”.

17. Would you rather be tickled for 30 minutes or hit for 5 minutes?

Are you as ticklish as me? To me, 30 minutes of tickling is torture. I take option two.

18. Would you rather have a fulfilling sex life or a successful career?

What’s more important to you?

19. Would you rather have the constant feeling that bugs are crawling on your skin or that someone is calling your name every two minutes?

Paranoia is guaranteed in both cases.

20. Would you rather live in total solitude or be surrounded by hundreds of your clones?

If I lived in solitude, I would be annoyed by myself. If I was surrounded by my clones, I would be annoyed by me and 100 copies of myself. 😳

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Dirty Would You Rather Questions (18+) 😈

It’s great to be able to talk openly about your sex life with friends. With these dirty questions, you will find out more about the kinky secrets of your friends.

1. Would you rather be someone’s sugar daddy/ sugar mommy or have a sugar daddy/ sugar mommy?

What a question!

2. Would you rather date someone who refuses to cuddle or date someone who refuses to give you oral sex?

Is oral sex more important to you than cuddle time with your partner?

3. Would you rather find out that the last person you fucked was your long lost cousin or find out that the last person you fucked was a serial killer?

Sex with your cousin? If you used protection, you’re fine. Fucking a serial killer? What a relief that you’re still alive!

4. Would you rather have sex in front of strangers or have sex in front of this group?

Do you think this incident would affect your friendship?

5. Would you rather have sex with the person to your left or have sex with the person to your right?

Be honest. You don’t really have to do it anyways.

6. Would you rather go a month without drinking or go a month without masturbating?

What do you usually do more often? Drink alcohol or masturbate?

7. Would you rather have your partner laugh or cry uncontrollably whenever they see you naked?

In both cases, I would be a bit offended. 😅

8. Would you rather have seventeen testicles or have one testicle the size of a coconut?

17! Just imagine what that looks like. I am thinking of the inside of a pomegranate. 😂

9. Would you rather have three boobs or have one boob the size of a watermelon?

Good luck finding a bra that fits your new boobs.

10. Would you rather have a very attractive spouse that has sex with you only once every month or have an ugly spouse that has sex with you every day?

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to have sex every single day? 🙈

11. Would you rather the only porn you’re allowed to watch is on Vine, meaning it lasts only six seconds or only be allowed to masturbate to porn parodies such as Star Wars and Pokémon?

Have you ever seen porn parodies? Did they turn you on?

12. Would you rather only have sex in the missionary position or only have sex in the doggy-style position?

Do you like it the good old traditional way or the 🐶-style?

13. Would you rather have sex with someone who never showers or have sex with someone who never brushes their teeth?

The big question is, how important is kissing to you during sex?

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14. Would you rather date someone into intense BDSM or date someone who likes super bland, vanilla sex?

Have you ever tried out BDSM?

15. Would you rather always have to be on top or always have to be on the bottom?

Are you the more active or more passive person in bed?

BONUS: The 10 Best Would You Rather Questions ⭐️

Last but not least, we’ve collected our personal favorite Would you rather Questions. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

1. Would you rather be the top dog at a shitty company or be the worst employee at the best company in the world?

In both cases, you would earn good money, and your reputation might suffer. So what’s the lesser evil?

2. Would you rather have to eat the same exact thing every single day, but never have to pay for your food or be able to eat whatever you want but have to pay twice as much for everything you buy?

Free food? I’m in!

3. Would you rather be immortal or be the richest person in the world?

If you were immortal, you would have an eternity to make loads of money. But is the money worth it?

4. Would you rather be on a low carb diet for the rest of your life or be vegan for the rest of your life?

No bread for the rest of my life? No way!

5. Would you rather see the world in large pixels or function like a ten-hour battery (after that, you fall asleep instantly)?

Hmmm… that depends on how long it would take me to recharge myself. 🤔

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6. Would you rather be unable to say no or unable to say yes?

This is a great dilemma.

7. Would you rather be forced to public speak or be dangled over the edge of a cliff?

Do you like public speaking, or does it give you panic attacks?

8. Would you rather people think you’re very weird or think you’re totally average and not particularly interesting?

I like weird. What about you?

9. Would you rather be able to morph into any animal or into any person?

I always wanted to know what it is like to be my cat.

10. Would you rather be able to kill bugs and spiders by just looking at them or cleaning your kitchen by just looking at it?

What stresses you out more? Insects or household chores?

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