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Stuck at home together with nothing else to do? There are many ways to avoid boredom. One of which is to play a game together.

So here’s a simple game that will have you pour your undivided attention into one another.

How to play Would You Rather

Step 1: Sit down with the person(s) you’re playing with. Main point is that you have to hear each other well for everyone to enjoy the game.

Step 2: Decide how the turns will go around. Only one person gets to ask the group a “Would You Rather” question, so ensure that the turns are set so that everyone participates.

Step 3: Be creative! It’ll be more fun to see the people you’re playing with struggling to decide. Once everything’s all set, you can start the game!

Optional step: Pick a theme for the questions. It could be easier to follow the theme so that everyone is on the same page on what type of questions to ask.

As you can tell from above, the questions are the main essence of the game. So here are some suggestions that you can use.

Playing with friends or family? You can check out some of the suggestions in this link for other themes of Would You Rather (Funny, for Kids, for Teens, etc.)

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Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend

Here are 10 questions that are perfect to ask your boyfriend. Whether it’s to simply get to know him better or just to have a fun laugh, these questions will surely bring those out!

1. Would You Rather kiss me on my forehead or my cheek?

Both are such sweet gestures that any girl adores receiving.

2. Would You Rather go out with your friends or stay at home to be with your girlfriend?

The ultimate question. Be careful of your answer! You might get into a small argument if you pick the wrong answer. 🤭

3. Would You Rather eat at her favorite restaurant or eat at yours, but she’ll always ask for some of your food?

We know that this is a problem most boyfriends have; girls say they’re not hungry but eventually ask for your food. This question is only applicable if maybe you don’t share the same taste buds.

4. Would You Rather be funny or good-looking?

Let’s say that you can only pick one, which would you rather be? 🤔

5. Would You Rather be Batman or Superman?

Would you rather be dark and mysterious (and be insanely rich, by the way) or be the city’s favorite hero with all the cool superpowers?

Tough choice, but maybe you can ask for your girlfriend’s opinion on this too!

6. Would You Rather marry the rich girl or the one you love?

It’s hard to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t love.

7. Would You Rather receive gifts or be the one who gives gifts?

This is a hard choice for a lot of people. It can also depend on one’s love language, which can tell you a lot about your partner.

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8. Would You Rather send her home late at night or stay up all night with her?

If you live far from one another, the travel can be exhausting, especially if you don’t have your car. But girls also appreciate it when boyfriends stay up with them as it reassures them and leaves them feeling safe. 😊

Although not all girls would choose staying up late with their boyfriend too! Maybe you’d end up having a discussion with your girlfriend after answering this question!

9. Would You Rather dress casual or formal?

The way a person dresses can say a lot about their personality.

10. Would You Rather have a candle-light dinner or a 4-course meal?

Both are great date ideas, it really depends on your preference as a couple. Which activity would be more enjoyable for you both.

Would You Rather Questions for Girlfriend

Not really sure which questions are safe to ask your girlfriend? You can find questions below which the team feels won’t get you in that much trouble 😋

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1. Would You Rather meet his family or his friends?

Sometimes a boyfriend’s family can be intimidating, but so can be their friends! If you could only pick between the two, which would you rather choose?

2. Would You Rather only see him once a week or an hour every day?

This question is hard, we know 😩 But just in case, and you really have to pick, which would mean more to you?

3. Would You Rather spend Christmas or New Year’s with him and his family?

We all know that such events are a big deal for any couple; especially if you’re spending it with your partner’s family. It can leave a big impression on them!

4. Would You Rather go out with him or stay at home to chill?

One of the most common questions out there. Let’s not forget that everyone has their own preference.

5. Would You Rather have a candle-light dinner or a really expensive and fancy one?

Not all girls like it when their boyfriends spend extravagantly on them. There are some girls that prefer small and intimate date ideas.

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6. Would You Rather be Wonder Woman or Super Girl?

This is a fun question! Don’t be shy to ask for your boyfriend’s opinion on this too, if you’re not sure. You might even have a great conversation thanks to this!

7. Would You Rather have a date at the amusement park or at the water park?

Both options are great date ideas that can leave you both with amazing memories.

8. Would You Rather have a picnic with him or a road trip?

These are some of the most relaxing date ideas, and cutest as well! 😍

9. Would You Rather dress casual or formal?

Some girls feel more confident when they dress casually, but then again dressing formally has a different impact. Either way, we’re pretty sure that your partner thinks you look amazing!

10. Would You Rather give gifts or receive them?

This can tell you a lot about the person’s love language. Not everyone is comfortable with receiving gifts, and there are some who just have this need to show their love by giving gifts.

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🔞 Sexual Would You Rather Questions for Couples 🔞

There’s nothing wrong with getting to know your partner’s preferences when it comes to the bedroom. In fact, it’s even recommended to ensure that both of you have a great time!

Ask some of the questions below to see what your partner prefers. Who knows, you might end up pleasing each other well in the bedroom. 🤫

1. Would You Rather do it with the lights on or off?

Doing it with lights off or with only a small amount of light in the room can be so sexy. Might even spice things up for you guys!

2. Would You Rather be top or bottom?

This is a common question and can greatly affect your sex life. 😉

3. Would You Rather do it in a dressing room or the fire exit?

Both incredibly kinky, which is more thrilling?

4. Would You Rather make out in public or at a family gathering?

It can be a weird feeling in general to have people look at you guys as you intimately share a moment.

5. Would You Rather do it with clothes or without?

There are some people that actually prefer doing it with at least some clothes on.

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6. Would You Rather do roleplay or S&M?

What’s important here is to know which you would both enjoy?

7. Would You Rather prioritize speed or performance?

There are some girls who actually prefer performance and don’t really mind how long it goes. But then again, just don’t be shocked at your partner’s answer.

8. Would You Rather have multiple one night stand partners or a friends-with-benefits?

Personally, this is a question that we love asking everyone. It can tell you a lot about a person.

9. Would You Rather do it with your partner before or after marriage?

Probably a taboo in many countries, but I personally believe that doing it before marriage is actually beneficial as you can find out if you’re sexually compatible.

Imagine spending the rest of your life with someone you’re not actually compatible with. That’s harder.

10. Would You Rather be each other’s first sexual partner or already have the experience for each other?

There are some people who actually want to prepare themselves for the right person, to ensure that they can please their partner well.

If you’re looking for questions that are a little bit more on the flirty side, you can check out this link to give you some ideas.

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Just looking for some questions to make you both laugh? Here are 10 suggestions that could definitely ensure that you have a great time playing this game.

1. Would You Rather see your partner at his/her worst or know something really disgusting about them?

The question here is, which would you be able to tolerate or accept? 😂

2. Would You Rather lose your eyebrows or your teeth?

It will probably be weird to see someone without either. 😖

3. Would You Rather have your partner be absolutely hairless or extremely hairy?

Being absolutely hairless isn’t as weird as you might imagine.

4. If you woke up as the opposite sex one day, Would You Rather have only a few hours to experience it or a whole week?

It can be scary to spend so much time as the opposite sex, so some people would actually be okay with just having that few hours to explore.

5. Would You Rather have to use their toothbrush or wear their underwear?

I can’t even begin to imagine which is more unsanitary… 🤢

6. Would You Rather have a partner that snores or drools?

Both options have their downsides, but if you’re a light sleeper, then having a partner who snores might be a struggle.

7. Would You Rather have date night at a haunted house or in the middle of a forest?

If you’re faint hearted, best not to go on that date at all 😣

8. Would You Rather smell fish or your partner’s socks?

I wonder which option is more tolerable 🤔

9. Would You Rather your most hated song on repeat or have your partner sing your favorite song?

This question might not work if your partner has an angelic voice.

Remember that if you’re the cool and popular ones, there’s a high chance that everyone will be all up in your relationship 🤷🏽‍♀️

If you’re looking for funny Would You Rather questions to play with your friends or family, check out this article for more suggestions!

Good Would You Rather Questions for Couples 👍

Here are some of the Good Would You Rather Questions we specifically picked out for couples to help them get to know each other better.

Remember that it’s also important to grow together in a relationship, so hopefully, these questions could help you with that!

1. Would You Rather live in an apartment or a landed house?

This will be a great question that could maybe help you decide on something for the future.

2. Would You Rather have 1 or 3 kids?

Just married? This question could maybe open a great conversation if you’re thinking about starting a family.

3. Would You Rather spend more time with her/his side of the family or yours?

Not everyone is in favor of spending time with their own family. So it might be fun to know your partner’s preference for this!

4. Would You Rather have a great big wedding or a small but intimate one?

You might think that all girls dream of having a big and fancy wedding when that’s not always the case. Sometimes the small and intimate weddings are the most fun.

5. Would You Rather be the cool and lenient parents or the strict ones?

This is a big dilemma to all parents. As much as you want to protect your kids, you want them to trust you.

6. Would You Rather make just enough money but be happy or make tons of money but you’re never happy?

This is such a great question that could tell you a lot about the person you’re with. Try to maybe ask a few follow-up questions to further know the reason behind their answer.

7. Would You Rather be a houseband/housewife or the bread maker of the family?

Either role plays an important part in a family.

8. Would You Rather go on international trips or local?

Trips can be a great way to strengthen your bond with one another. 💪🏼

9. Would You Rather be doing really well in life but spending it alone or struggling but surrounded by amazing people?

Having a great support system is one of the most important things to have in life. ❤️

📖 Suggested read: 100 Fun Would You Rather Questions for Teens

10. Would You Rather go before your partner or have your partner go before you?

Just thinking about this makes our heart hurt 😔 but if you had to choose, which would it be?

🔞 Kinky Would You Rather Questions for Couples 🔞

Looking to spice things up with you and your partner? Here are some of the kinkiest questions we picked out that could keep the fire burning between you two. 😉

1. Would You Rather do bondage or role-playing?

Remember that this is a personal choice. Choose whichever you would prefer.

2. Would You Rather do it in front of a mirror or in the shower?

Both can really spice up your sex life.

3. Would You Rather be a dom or a sub?

Dominance or Submission. Answering this can tell you a lot about how your partner is in bed.

4. Would You Rather do role play with your partner or do really long foreplay?

Foreplay is an important step for us girls, so, just something to think about 😉

Suggested read: Would You Rather: K-pop Edition | This or that 🙌

5. Would You Rather have a threesome or a group session?

Which do you think would be the most fun for you and your partner? 🤔

6. Would You Rather do it in public with no one around or secretly but with a lot of people around?

Imagine the thrill of having to stay quiet while doing it. 🤫

7. Would You Rather do it with music or with the tv on the background, or have the room be quiet?

There are some people who prefer having some background noise on, while some appreciate the intimacy that comes with doing it in a quiet room; hearing nothing but each other.

8. Would You Rather eat stuff off each other or tie each other up?

Eating off of each other sounds fun, just make sure to wash yourselves well afterwards!

9. Would You Rather have it rough or slow?

This is one of the most common things to establish with your partner. Whether or not you prefer aggression or just doing it slow and intimate.

10. Would You Rather do dirty talk or do it quietly?

Some people struggle with either one, so just imagine how fun that would be.

Looking for other types of questions?

If you’re playing with other people or just looking for questions that follow a different theme, check out this link, and you’ll find more questions for Would You Rather.

Have fun!

✍️  November 5, 2021

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