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Would You Rather is one of the best games to get to know someone better. In this clean Would You Rather version, we’ve collected the best innocent questions for you and your friends.

The following questions are 100% family friendly. So, check them out and play together with your teachers, siblings, co-workers, or even with your grandparents!

What is “Would You Rather”? 🤓

Would You Rather is a fun questions game you can play at a game night, at a party, or just at home when you’re bored. This is how it works: You ask each other questions that contain two options. Each of you has to choose one of the two options. Often the questions are pretty hard to answer because both options are equally pleasant or equally bad. To play, you need at least two people. However, the more people, the more fun!

Now let’s get into the questions!

List of the Best Clean Would You Rather Questions ⭐️

We start off with some of the best clean “Would You Rather Questions”, which are also our personal favorites.

1. Would you rather be immortal but continue to age or stop aging but die in your 50s?

I can’t imagine how a 1000-year-old human would look like!

2. Would you rather not be able to feel physical pain or not be able to feel emotional pain?

What are the pros and cons of both options?

3. Would you rather be able to travel time or to read minds?

How would you use your superpower?

How many dogs could you bribe to take a selfie with a cat?
Quiz: How many dogs could you bribe to take a selfie with a cat?

4. Would you rather receive 100.000 dollars today or 1 million dollars in ten years?

What would you do with the money?

5. Would you rather be able to speak to animals or speak every language on earth?

What do you like more: traveling the world or staying at home and talking with your pets?

6. Would you rather be extremely intelligent or extremely creative?

What would you do with your extraordinary intelligence or creativity?

7. Would you rather remember everything you hear or remember everything you see?

You would never have to study for an exam ever again.

8. Would you rather have the ability to stop time or fast forward time?

Both have their advantages.

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9. Would you rather climb Mount Everest or cross the Sahara Desert?

If you choose to cross the Sahara Desert, you could at least rent a camel.

10. Would you rather never be able to see yourself again or never be able to hear your own voice again?

Speaking would be very difficult if you couldn’t hear yourself.

List of Funny Would You Rather Questions Clean 😂

Here you can find some hilarious clean “Would You Rather” Questions to laugh about.

1. Would you rather have a hamster-sized cat or a cat-sized hamster as a pet?

Both creatures would look adorable.

2. Would you rather fart or burp every time you laugh?

How about burp and fart simultaneously?

3. Would you rather use a leaf or a newspaper instead of toilet paper?

It is quite a political statement if you wipe your butt with a newspaper.

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4. Would you rather be a pigeon or a rat?

Both animals are hated by society.

5. Would you rather always have a stuffy nose or always have one clogged ear?

I hate both feelings.

6. Would you rather never eat anything sweet again or never eat anything salty again?

That’s a tough question for me. I love both, salty and sweet. However, I think salty food is even more important to me.

7. Would you rather always feel cold or always feel hot?

What feels more uncomfortable?

8. Would you rather always have your underwear stuck between your butt cheeks or always have an itchy spot on your back that you can’t reach?

Both options are not very pleasing.

9. Would you rather always get the hiccups every time you feel nervous or always get nosebleeds every time you laugh?

The first option sounds like a vicious cycle to me. Imagine being at a job interview and you are nervous and get the hiccups. Then you would get even more anxious, and the hiccups never end.

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10. Would you rather have eyebrows that never stop growing or have eyelashes that never stop growing?

What’s harder, trimming your eyebrows or eyelashes?

List of Good Would You Rather Questions Clean 👍

Finally, we’ve gathered another 10 good “Would You Rather” questions, which are fun to answer.

1. Would you rather only wear black clothes every day for the rest of your life or only wear at least 4 different colors every day for the rest of your life?

For goths, this is an easy decision.

2. Would you rather find a cure for cancer or invent something that reverses climate change?

In both cases, you would go down in history.

3. Would you rather find true love or find your dream job?

A fulfilling relationship or a fulfilling job?

4. Would you rather get a free life-long Netflix subscription or a free life-long Amazon Prime membership?

Do you already have a Netflix or an Amazon Prime Account? Wouldn’t it be great not to have to pay for it?

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5. Would you rather never watch any movies or TV-Shows again or never listen to music again?

What can you do without?

6. Would you rather your hair or eyes change color depending on your mood?

You wouldn’t have to die your hair ever again.

7. Would you rather only take cold showers for the rest of your life or never shower again?

Cold showers are the worst.

8. Would you rather have a book that has the correct answers to all of your questions or a cup that can summon any liquid and has infinite refills?

I’m so bad at making decisions. Therefore an all-knowing book would be perfect for me.

9. Would you rather lose your best friend or your sibling?

Who are you closer to?

10. Would you rather only be able to shout or only be able to whisper?

So either everybody or nobody can hear you.

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