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There isn’t a right way of playing Would You Rather. It can be played in many ways! The game’s basic mechanics is that everyone takes turns to give out a Would You Rather statement (e.g., Would You Rather this or that…), and all other players choose between the two.

The statement is made out of two choices that are relatively similar or too different, which makes it hard to choose from. Would You Rather is the perfect game to get to know someone.

Generally, if a player chooses the least chosen out of the two options, they’re asked to explain why they chose it.

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Would You Rather Questions to get to know someone

Already itching to rid yourselves of the boredom you’re facing this quarantine? Well, what are we for, right? It’s not like we’ve got anywhere else to go 😜

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Let’s get started! Here are 25 Would You Rather Questions: Quarantine edition 😉

1. Would You Rather have music be stripped away from your life or movies?

It can show a lot about the interests of the people you’re playing with.

2. Would You Rather be with someone who’s picky with food or who won’t talk about their feelings?

It might surprise you that being a picky eater is a turn off for some people 😂

3. Would You Rather get take-out food every day for five months or eat home-cooked meals?

Let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that not everybody can cook 😂

4. Would You Rather drink brewed coffee or instant coffee?

If you’re a coffee-lover, this is a pretty important question.

5. Would You Rather binge watch on Netflix or spend the day playing video games?

Movies or TV shows vs. video games?

6. Would You Rather face your fears or run away from them?

Not everyone will admit that they’d rather run away from their fears.

7. Would You Rather spend 24 hours in a pitch-black room or be stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel?

So basically, fear of the dark or fear of heights?

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8. Would You Rather stay on a voice call with someone the whole night, stay on a video call, or you won’t even stay on call with someone? 😂

At least you’ll know what kind of person you’re hanging out with, right?

9. Would You Rather learn another language or pick up a new skill?

Maybe cooking’s my kind of thing after all! 😅

10. Would You Rather play board games or do activities outside?

Are you more of an indoor person or outdoorsy?

11. If you’re at a party with people you don’t know, Would You Rather initiate the conversation or have people approach you?

Being an introvert at a party is genuinely a challenge.

12. Would You Rather cook for your partner or have them cook for you?

Doesn’t this just scream, “So what’s your love language?” 😍

13. Would You Rather stock up on canned goods or chips?

It might surprise you, but some people would consider stocking up on chips rather than canned goods!

14. Would You Rather be pretty but not that smart or be incredibly smart but unattractive?

Are looks that important to you?

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15. Would You Rather binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S or How I Met Your Mother?

If you’ve never seen either one, you should definitely try!

16. Would You Rather live without water or without food?

Fun fact: did you know that our body can survive on just water for days?

17. Would You Rather live in a place that’s always cold or a place that’s always hot?

At least all you’ll need in a cold place is lots of layers 😥

18. Would You Rather drink only coffee or energy drinks?

Yes. Palpitation is life. (Just kidding 😂)

19. If you could, Would You Rather time travel to the future or to the past?

I wonder which is a more exciting time for the person you’re playing with 😳

20. Would You Rather win the lottery or be immortal?

What’s more important to you? 😏

Would You Rather Superpowers

We’re pretty sure that everyone went through an “I wish I had superpowers” phase. So here are 20 Would You Rather questions about superpowers to bring back the good times of daydreaming about them 💪

1. Would You Rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?

The most common question in any Would You Rather game.

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2. Would You Rather have the powers of Superman or Cyborg?

To be half-alien or half machine?

3. Would You Rather wear a long cape or none?

Like what Edna Mode (from The Incredibles) once said, “NO CAPES!”

4. Would You Rather wear a mask over your eyes or a full-on headgear to protect your identity?

I wonder how well masking my eyes actually work 😵

5. Would You Rather have your superhero costume be colorful or monotone?

Nothing screams “SUPERHERO” more than colorful costumes 😂

6. Would You Rather have a heightened sense of hearing or smell?

Sonar hearing or having the nose like a bloodhound?

7. Would You Rather have super strength or super speed?

Both would probably come with great cons.

8. Would You Rather have a secret identity or be known as a superhero?

Imagine living in a world with no privacy, huh.

9. Would You Rather be Batman or Iron Man?

Oh no. This might turn into an interesting conversation! 😏

10. Would You Rather be a mutant or an alien?

Genetically altered or being an unidentifiable being?

11. Would You Rather be an Olympian God or part of the Justice League/Avengers?

All mighty and powerful or really cool superpowers here on Earth?

12. Would You Rather wear your underwear inside or outside?

Superman, is that you?

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13. Would You Rather go to Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted Youngsters or work at Star Labs?

Either one would probably be such a fantastic place to be in.

14. Would You Rather have the power to shoot poop out of your hands or shoot spaghetti out of your nose?

This can also be considered a superpower if you think about it.

15. Would You Rather have “The Amazing” in front of your name or “man/woman” at the end?

For example, The Amazing Jelly or Jelly Man?

16. Would You Rather have shape-shifting powers or Chameleon-like powers?

Being able to change how you look or to camouflage?

17. Would You Rather know about your powers at a young age or later on in life?

Imagine having to deal with powers at such a young age. It must be so scary.

18. Would You Rather have superpowers or live in a supernatural world?

Superheroes or a world with Vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures?

19. Would You Rather have a sidekick or an assistant?

Like Batman, would you rather have Robin or Alfred?

20. Would You Rather live in the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe?

Let the DC vs. Marvel debate begin!

Would You Rather Food Questions

Whether you’re a foodie or not, these Would You Rather questions about food would be fun for everyone!

1. Would You Rather only eat European cuisine or Asian cuisine for the rest of your life?

Some of the best dishes, in my opinion. This is hard to choose from 😤

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2. Would You Rather have pasta or rice meals?

Everyone gets their carbs in different ways 😅

3. Would You Rather be a carnivore or a herbivore?

I’m not the biggest fan of eating my greens up to this day 😬

4. Would You Rather cook all your meals for an entire week or cook every day?

Some people actually find it easier to cook in bulk (to save time).

5. Would You Rather have a 4-course meal in a fancy restaurant or a picnic at the park?

How about a 4-course meal at the park, eh? 😅

6. Would You Rather drink wine or hard drinks?

Hard drinks are like vodka, scotch, rum, etc.

7. Would You Rather be able to only eat fish or white meat?

Not everyone’s that fond of white meat.

8. Would You Rather eat with disposable cutlery or always have twice the amount of dishes to wash than what you actually used?

Where are all these dirty dishes coming from?!

9. Would You Rather eat fancy meals every day or canned good meals?

There are a lot of canned goods that taste really well.

10. Would You Rather eat three cloves of raw garlic or a whole raw onion?

I may be a garlic person, but I don’t think I can ever eat it raw 😂

11. Would You Rather give up cheese or chocolates?

Ah, two of my most favorite things… How will I ever give one up 😤

12. Would You Rather eat dessert for breakfast every day or eat breakfast food for dinner?

Breakfast food is good at any time in the day!

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13. Would You Rather have to put chocolate in all your meals or peanut butter?

Chocolate pasta, hmm. I wonder how that would taste 😶

14. Would You Rather give up cake in your life or cookies?

As a sweet tooth, this is a tricky question to answer 😩

15. Would You Rather eat only white chocolate or dark chocolate?

I’m actually not a big fan of dark chocolate, so I wouldn’t mind losing that 😆

16. Would You Rather sign up for a meal plan or a cooking class?

Meal plans are getting more famous these days, especially with people having a busier lifestyle or simply just not having the time to cook at home.

17. Would You Rather have a chocolate stain on a white shirt or a bloodstain?

If you didn’t know, these are some of the hardest stains to rid of. At least with chocolate, people need not wonder or be nosy about it 😂

18. Would You Rather give up coffee or soda for the rest of your life?

Even though both gets me so gassy, I can never give up coffee 😬

19. Would You Rather live without an oven or a microwave?

Surprisingly enough, I know some people who can’t live without an oven.

20. Would You Rather eat only at fast-food restaurants or instant meals?

Not really sure which is more nutritious between the two 😂

Would You Rather Book Questions

1. Would You Rather read a book that’s full of poems or full of pictures?

As someone who’s not a fan of both, this is a tricky question.

2. Would You Rather read Manga or Comic Books?

The difference between the two is actually the style. Mangas are usually stylized, while Comic Books are more realistic.

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3. Would You Rather read books by John Green or David Levithan?

Most people like both authors, but if you had to choose, which would you prefer?

4. Would You Rather read only one book and remember everything about it or read thousands of books and remember absolutely nothing about it?

What’s the point of reading if you won’t remember it, right?

5. Would You Rather read only new books or only the classics?

But the classics are the greatest works of all time for a reason.

6. Would You Rather mark pages by folding the corners of a page or draw on the corners of all the pages you’ve read?

I’d probably scream if I saw someone do either one of these on my books 😠

7. Would You Rather love a book that everyone is so against or hate a book that everyone loves?

I once hated a book that everyone loved… It was awful 😰

8. Would You Rather never be able to finish a book or never be able to re-read books you liked?

Having a life filled with no closure in any story must be hard 😓

9. Would You Rather give up the smell of new books or the great feeling of getting a new book?

Honestly, the smell of old books smells just as great 💖

10. Would You Rather date a fictional character in the real world or date a fictional character in their world?

With all the drama that happens both in fiction and in our world, what difference would it make, right? 😂

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11. Would You Rather have your favorite movie be translated into a book or have your favorite book be made into a movie?

The movies just aren’t the same 😔 Books all the way!

12. Would You Rather meet your favorite fictional character but find out they’re too annoying for you or be the villain in your favorite book?

I’d probably be so heartbroken if I find out that I can’t tolerate my favorite character 😩

13. Would You Rather live in a tiny library or a ginormous book store?

This would be in a bookstore where all the books are wrapped. So which would you choose?

14. Would You Rather read books by the beach or in a cabin in the forest with a great view?

I love the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore 😌

15. Would You Rather always read books in a dark room or only read books with a tiny font?

I’d probably get a headache from all the squinting I’d have to do

16. Would You Rather be a part of the Harry Potter Universe or the Lord of the Rings Universe?

Ah, a classic debate!

17. Would You Rather be able to tell your favorite author how their book should end or how they should start their next book?

Allow me to quote Spider-Man, “with great power comes great responsibility.” So which would you pick?

18. Would You Rather get your favorite book wet or accidentally tear off a page?

You can still blow-dry the pages to save them!

19. Would You Rather drop your favorite book down the sewer or have it shredded?

You’d still be able to retrieve the book down the sewer, somehow.

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20. Would You Rather read only the first page of a book or only the last page?

Both such vital parts of a book.

Bonus: Christian Would You Rather

1. Would You Rather memorize the New Testament or the Old Testament?

It would be so cool to memorize either one, to be honest.

2. Would You Rather have been baptized when you were a baby or when you can decide for yourself?

Some people would’ve preferred to be baptized on their own decision. It makes them more aware of their own beliefs 😊

3. Would You Rather have a silent worship service or a guided worship service?

Silent worships are those times you worship internally, within yourself, whereas guided worship requires someone else to help you through it.

4. Would You Rather strengthen your relationship with God by reading the Bible on your own or by going to church every day?

I know many people who don’t go to church but are highly spiritual in their own way.

5. Would You Rather discover if reincarnation is real or Heaven and Hell?

Either way, it should be comforting to know that our souls would be going somewhere and not just disappearing into thin air.

6. Would you rather go to the Vatican City to meet the Pope or travel to back to the time where Jesus lived?

That’s a tough one!

7. Would You Rather be an Angel or an Apostle?

Cool, I’d get wings 😄

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8. Would You Rather have a physical copy of the Bible with you at all times or an electronic copy?

Some people prefer having a physical copy. It somehow gives them the feeling of having a deeper connection with God 😇

9. Would You Rather watch documentaries on Christianity or movies that reenact scenes from the Bible?

Documentaries honestly are so cooler than you think!

10. Would You Rather meet Jesus during the time in the Bible or today?

I wonder what kind of stories He would tell me if it were back then.

Looking for more Would You Rather questions?

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