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Love Anime and party games? Get the best of both worlds with “Would You Rather” Anime edition for the ultimate fan experience!

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore fan, this list of Anime “Would You Rather” questions is guaranteed to challenge your knowledge and let you show off your love for the genre.

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How to Play Anime “Would You Rather”

Playing Anime “Would You Rather” is as easy as cracking open a fresh manga volume! So here’s how it works:

Each player takes turns presenting two options that are equally difficult to choose between. For example: “Would you rather pilot a Gundam or fly on a dragon?” Then, the other players vote for their preferred option.

All players must choose an option and share their decision with the group. If someone picks the more controversial option or stands alone in their choice, be ready to ask them the ultimate question: “Why on earth did you choose that?!”

“Would You Rather” Anime Questions

Ready to put your decision-making skills to the test? Here are some of our favorite Anime “Would You Rather” questions for you to ponder:

1. Would You Rather have a Death Note or Geass?

Tough choice.

2. Would You Rather be Kageyama or a Hinata?

Choose your path to greatness.

3. Would You Rather watch Naruto or Bleach?

Both are iconic, but which one has your heart?

4. Would You Rather be a fan of a show that everyone hates or hate a show that everyone loves?

Which would you rather endure: being the only one who loves a show or being the only one who hates it?

5. Would You Rather be Rudeos from Mushoku Tensei or Natsuki Subaru from Re:Zero?

Issekai is all the rage now. Which of the protagonists of these two amazing anime would you rather be?

6. Would You Rather spend a day with Luffy or Zoro from One Piece?

That’s a tough question! Zoro is brave and strong, but Luffy is so funny!

7. Would You Rather be a voice actor in your favorite anime or be able to draw together with your favorite manga artist?

I bet you can’t decide between those two!

8. Would You Rather be Naruto or Ichigo?

Naruto or Ichigo? A difficult question. Our vote goes to Ichigo because who wouldn’t want to wield a cool sword?

9. Would You Rather live in the Shingeki no Kyojin universe or in the One Punch Man universe?

If you are neither a fan of Shingeki no Kyojin nor One Punch Man, you can, of course, insert any other anime of your choice!

10. Would You Rather be a Shinobi in Naruto or a Z-fighter in Dragon Ball Z?

Both would be really exciting!

11. Would You Rather be stuck in Sword Art Online’s virtual world or forced to participate in the Hunter Exam from Hunter x Hunter?

Virtual reality or deadly survival skills test, what’s your pick?

12. Would You Rather be a member of Fairy Tail’s wizard guild or a State Alchemist in Fullmetal Alchemist?

A realm of magic or a world ruled by alchemy, which would be your new home?

13. Would You Rather have the eternal love of Tohru Honda or fight side-by-side with Goku?

Who wouldn’t want a little love from the dragon princess or to spar with Goku? Choices, choices!

14. Would You Rather attend U.A. High School with My Hero Academia’s heroes or learn to cast spells at Luna Nova from Little Witch Academia?

Ready to be a hero or are wands and broomsticks more your jam?

15. Would You Rather join Edward Elric on an alchemical adventure or go bounty hunting with Spike from Cowboy Bebop?

Alchemy and adventure, or chase the bounty under the starry sky - what tickles your fancy?

16. Would You Rather have a Pokémon companion or a Digimon partner?

Who’s it gonna be—Pika Pika or Digivolve?

Fullmetal Alchemist “Would You Rather” Questions

Hold on to your philosopher’s stones, Alchemy fans! Try out some of these Fullmetal Alchemist “Would You Rather” questions for even more fun. Choose your path wisely!

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1. Would You Rather be Edward or Alphonse Eric?

A gifted alchemist or a soul trapped in a suit of armor? Who would you rather be?

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2. Would You Rather revive their mother or restore Alphonse’s body?

Both are noble quests. What would you rather archive?

3. Would You Rather save Winry or Alphonse?

If you were Eric, would you choose to save the mother of your children or your brother?

4. Would You Rather fight General Armstrong or Roy Mustang?

Both are strong and worthy opponents. Who would you rather face?

5. Would You Rather hang out with Edward or Alphonse for a day?

That’s a tough question! But I think I would pick Al!

6. Would You Rather lose your left arm and right leg like Edward or your right arm and left leg?

I think that depends if you’re left or right-handed!

7. Would You Rather have the power of Flame Alchemy like Roy Mustang or the Combat Alchemy of Major Armstrong?

Who wouldn’t want to control fire or have the strength to manipulate earth at will?

8. Would You Rather join the military as a State Alchemist or live as a renegade like Scar?

In the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, would you uphold the law or defy it?

9. Would You Rather face off against a homunculus or attempt human transmutation?

Two high-risk situations - would you choose the battle or the forbidden art?

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10. Would You Rather spend a day with the quirky residents of Resembool or the military officers of Central Command?

Small-town charm or the hustle and bustle of military life, where would you prefer to hang out?

My Hero Academia “Would You Rather” Questions

Put on your hero capes! With a myriad of quirky characters and superpowers to choose from, My Hero Academia offers us some great “Would You Rather” questions to ponder. Which ones will you choose?

1. Would You Rather possess one-for all or all-for-one?

Do you wanna be the hero or the villain? Getting advice from the people who held the power before you certainly is cool, but how about being nearly undefeatable?

2. Would You Rather be Deku or Bakugo?

Certainly, having the power of one for all is cool, but how about shooting explosions from your hands?

3. Would You Rather be All Might’s or All for one’s protege??

Save everyone with a smile, or just be pure evil. Not an easy choice.

4. Would You Rather date Ochako or Momo?

Both are amazing, but who would you rather date? Ochako is cute, while Momo is much more mature.

5. Would You Rather be Fumikage or Tenya?

Fumikage certainly is stronger, but who would want to have a dark shadow following him around all the time?

6. Would You Rather have Shoto’s ice or fire skills?

Fire and ice, you can’t have both. Which one would you choose?

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7. Would You Rather attend U.A. High School or Shiketsu High School?

The top two hero academies in Japan! Which one gets your heroic spirit going?

8. Would You Rather have the power to turn invisible like Toru Hagakure or shape-shift like Himiko Toga?

Disappear from sight or become anyone you want - what’s your stealth style?

9. Would You Rather team up with the Pro Heroes or the students of U.A. High School for a mission?

Experience and power or youthful enthusiasm and unexpected skills, who would you trust in a pinch?

10. Would You Rather face off against Tomura Shigaraki or Dabi in a battle?

Two formidable villains, both with deadly quirks. Who would you feel more confident taking down?

Naruto “Would You Rather” Questions

Believe it! Naruto fans, get ready for some tough choices with these “Would You Rather” questions from the beloved ninja world.

Whether you’re a lifelong ninja-in-training or just beginning your journey in the Land of Fire, these questions will get you thinking like a true shinobi.

1. Would You Rather have Kai or Chakra?

Which source of power would you think is the coolest to have?

2. Would You Rather be Naruto or Sasuke?

Who is your favorite? We are team Sasuke on his quest for revenge.

3. Would You Rather be Jiraiya or Tsunade?

Both are strong. It comes down to if you prefer raw power or toads. Tsunade was Hokage, so if you fancy fame, she’s your pick!

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4. Would You Rather be Gaara or Kakashi?

As Gaara you wouldn’t have to go to the beach anymore because you bring the beach with you, but Kakashi’s eye certainly would also provide its benefits.

5. Would You Rather be Rock Lee or Might Guy?

Two fan favorites. Who would you rather be? No matter who you choose, their haircuts and eyebrows are a sight to behold.

6. Would You Rather fight Orochimaru or Uchiha Madara?

You have to fight one of the villains. Who would it be?

7. Would You Rather have the power of a sharingan or the Nine-Tails?

While both have been passed down by their ancestors, both powers are nothing to sneeze at.

8. Would You Rather be Itachi Uchiha or Sasuke Uchiha?

While Itachi is one of the coolest characters in the anime, it’s fair to say that Sasuke becomes stronger in the end. No matter who you pick, both are amazing.

9. Would You Rather have Sakura or Hinata as your teammate?

Battle-ready medic Sakura or the gentle and perceptive Hinata - who’s your ideal team member?

10. Would You Rather have Naruto’s Rasengan or Sasuke’s Chidori?

Two signature moves, each one a force to be reckoned with. Which one do you think is cooler?

“Would You Rather” Pokémon Edition

Ready to catch ’em all? How about choosing between some tough “Would You Rather” questions from the world of Pokémon? Gotta think fast!

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1. Would You Rather pick a fire, water, or grass-type of Pokémon at the start?

Someone once told me that it’s best to start with a water type since you’ll only be able to get them at a later part in the game.

2. Would You Rather have a fairy type of Pokémon or a psychic type?

Just remember that each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

3. Would You Rather be a Pokémon trainer or a breeder?

Being a breeder is much more complicated than it sounds. You have to carefully select Pokémons to reproduce specific improvements.

4. Would You Rather cuddle with Clefairy or sleep on Snorlax?

I wonder who’s fluffier to cuddle with 😍

5. Would You Rather swim with Squirtle or race with Rapidash?

Which Pokémon do you think would be most challenging for you?

6. Would You Rather play Pokémon GO or Pokémon: Let’s Go?

Pokémon GO, released in 2016, allows a first-hand experience of being a trainer through AR. Meanwhile, Pokémon: Let’s Go is similar to the games we’ve already been playing but much improved, graphics-wise and gameplay-wise.

7. Would You Rather be a gym leader or be part of Team Rocket?

Aside from the fact that they take Pokémons away, Team Rocket is actually pretty strong.

8. Would You Rather catch all Pokémon or obtain all gym badges?

Actually, both would be really cool, in my opinion.

9. Would You Rather play Pokémon Gold and Silver or Pokémon Red and Green?

To play a game that’s considered one of the greatest or the very first game that was released?

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10. Would You Rather have Pikachu or Charizard?

These two are considered one of the most known Pokémons out there.

Whether you’re a die-hard Anime fan or just love a good challenge, Anime “Would You Rather” is the perfect game to test your decision-making skills and have endless hours of fun! So gather your friends or challenge yourself solo – let the games begin!

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