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What is UNO Flip!? 🤔

UNO Flip! is another variant of the classic card game UNO. A fairly new game, being released only in January 2019, yet some people have said that UNO Flip! may just be better than the regular UNO game. UNO Flip! can be played with 2-10 players of ages 7+!

UNO Flip! Cards Meaning

With UNO Flip! there is the light side and the dark side.

While there are slight changes to the light side (which is what we normally see in the classic UNO game), the dark side introduces new actions but still follows the same rules.

You’ll still be encountering draw cards, skip cards, wild cards, and numbers on both sides. Yet you’ll be encountering the flip card and that’s new. There were some slight changes made but don’t worry, nothing too overwhelming.

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UNO Flip! Cards

Here are the special cards that you’ll be encountering while playing UNO Flip! 🤔

1. Light Side Cards

The light side cards are, as you’ll be able to tell, the ones with a white border. These are also like the normal cards you see with the classic UNO variant. But we’d still have to go through everything 😉

2. Wild Card

Wild cards can be played with any card and can be played even if you have other playable cards.

Once a player plays the wild card, for example, player 1 gets to choose what color they would want to continue with.

Player 2 must then put down a card that follows whatever color was chosen.

3. Wild Draw 2

Similar to the Wild Card, the player that plays this card will get to say what’s the next color everyone will be playing to. However, the next player would have to draw 2 cards then skip their turn.

🚫 You can’t play this card randomly 🚫

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If there’s someone who suspects that you incorrectly played your card, they can call you out. If they are right, and you have another playable card in your hand, you have to draw 2 cards. Otherwise, if you really had no other choice, your challenger must draw 4 cards.

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4. Draw 1

The Draw 1 Card can be played if it’s the same color as the one previously discarded or if another Draw 1 Card was discarded. If this card is played, the next player will need to draw one card from the pile then skip their turn.

To clarify, this is not stacking. In this case, player 1 will put down a Draw 1 Card then player 2 will have to draw then skip their turn. Player 3 can now put down another draw 1 card on their turn.

❗️ If this card comes up as the first card when the game begins, the player on the dealer’s left must draw a card then skip their turn.

5. Skip

Ah, the skip card. A powerful tool in your arsenal! 💪🏽

Similar to the rules of the draw 1 card, when this is played, the next player is skipped. This card can be played on top of a skip card of the same color or any other card of the same color.

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❗️ If this card is the first card when the game begins, the player to the left of the dealer must skip their turn.

6. Reverse

Another familiar card! The same rules still apply as when you’re playing the classic UNO game.

When played, this card will change the direction of play. For example, if the current play is in a clockwise direction, once the Reverse Card is played, the turns will now go counterclockwise and the previous player goes again.

❗️ If this is the first card to come up (and assuming the play was intended to go clockwise), the dealer will now go first, then the game will start in a counterclockwise direction.

In this case, the play will continue to be in a counterclockwise direction unless another Reverse Card is played.

7. Flip Card

This card can only be played on top of a matching color card or another Flip Card.

If you’re playing on the Light Side and the Flip Card is played, all cards should now be flipped over to the Dark Side.

Like the Reverse Card, the new side will remain in play until another Flip Card is discarded.

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8. Dark Side

There are some cards that follow the same rules as those on the light side and these are the Wild Card, Reverse Card, and Flip Card.

We’ll still discuss the other cards that you’ll be encountering while on the Dark Side!

9. Draw 5

Similar to the Draw 1 Card on the Light Side, if this card is played, the next player will have to draw 5 cards (instead of 1) then skip their turn.

This card can only be played on a similarly colored card or on another Draw 5 card that was previously put down.

🚫 Again, stacking is still not allowed with this card 🚫

You can only put down another Draw 5 Card on your turn once the player before you has drawn the necessary card and has skipped.

10. Skip Everyone

A much more powerful card indeed 😱

If the Skip Card on the light side skips only the next player, this Skip Everyone Card on the dark side literally skips everyone. So after you play this card, it’ll be your turn again.

This card can only be played on another card with the same color or another Skip Everyone Card.

11. Wild Draw Color Card

Say hello to one of the worst cards out there! 😂

When this card is played, that player gets to choose a color, then the next player will have to keep drawing cards from the Draw Pile until they get the color that was chosen.

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Absolute chaos! 😤

Just like the Wild Draw Two Card on the light side, this card can only be played if you don’t have any other card that matches the color of the card that was recently discarded.

If someone decides to challenge and finds you guilty, you’ll have to draw the cards until you get the color you chose. However, if you are innocent, your challenger will have to draw cards until they get the chosen color plus additional 2 cards.

This card would really have everyone praying!

UNO Flip! Rules

While there are some rules in the regular game that still applies, there are also new rules that make UNO Flip! crazier! So let’s get into that.

Similar to the classic UNO game, you have to match either the color or the number of the top card in the discard pile. So the same goes for UNO Flip! but the difference here is that we also have the dark side that can be flipped to, adding a bit of spice to the game.

We know that this is a whole different variant, but here are some rules that we’d still like to remind everyone of:

1. You still can’t stack draw cards together!

If player 1 puts down a Draw 4 card, player 2 must draw 4 cards from the deck then end his turn.

Player 2 isn’t allowed to put down another Draw 4 Card, hoping that the next player will have to draw 8. (This is stacking, by the way)

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2. Draw 2 cards if someone calls you out for not shouting “UNO!”

If you fail to shout “UNO!” when there’s one card left in your hand and another player calls you out on this, you have to draw 2 cards (per official rules).

And as shocking as it may be, there are no official rules and no official penalty if someone falsely accuses you of having only one card left. Sorry, everyone 🤷‍♀️

How to Play UNO Flip! 🤓

In this section, we’ll be talking about how to set up for UNO Flip!, the gameplay, and the scoring for UNO Flip! or how to win the game.

1. UNO Flip! Set-Up

When setting up for UNO Flip! make sure that all cards are on the same side.

The game will always start with the light side. So when dealing cards, make sure that the dark side is facing you.

To choose a dealer, have everyone draw a card from the deck. Then looking at the light side, the player with the highest number becomes the dealer. If someone picks an action card, it should be counted as 0.

Once the dealer is determined, shuffle the whole deck then deal 7 cards each to all players.

Place the remaining cards down in the middle of the table and this is now your draw pile. Take the top card of that pile, flip it (light side facing up), then place it beside the draw pile. This is now your discard pile.

2. UNO Flip! Gameplay

Once everyone has their cards, we can begin to play UNO Flip! 🥳

The player to the left of the dealer usually goes first and the play is first in a clockwise direction.

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Put down the necessary cards and if you don’t have any card in your hand that can be played, you must draw a card from the draw pile. If that card can be played, you have the choice of whether or not to put it down on the discard pile.

If not, then your turn is over. You don’t continuously pick up cards until you can put one down. Only draw once.

3. Winning a round at UNO Flip!

As always, you have to yell “UNO!” after you’ve discarded your second-to-the-last card. If another player calls you out for not yelling “Uno”, you have to draw 2 cards from the draw pile.

4. UNO Flip! Scoring

The winner of the round is the first person to get rid of all their cards. If your last card is a Draw 1, Draw 5, Wild Draw Two, or a Wild Draw Color Card, the next player will still need to draw the necessary cards because they’ll be counted towards the final score of everyone.

The cards you’ll be counting for points are the cards that are left in your opponents’ hands.

The overall winner of UNO Flip! is the first player to reach 500 points or more 🎉

You can set a higher or lower point threshold, depending on how many rounds everyone has agreed to play.

Here are the points you can gain with the cards your opponents are holding:

  • Numbered cards (0-9) = Face Value (e.g. 1 = 1 point, 2 = 2 points, etc.)
  • Draw One = 10 points
  • Draw Five/Reverse/Skip/Flip = 20 points each
  • Skip Everyone = 30 points
  • Wild Card = 40 points
  • Wild Draw Two = 50 points
  • Wild Draw Color = 60 points

❗️ Note: points should only follow the side that the game ended on. For example, if the game ended on the Dark Side, you can’t count Draw One cards because they’re from the Light Side.

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