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1. Mobile games

Mobile games are by far the most convenient type of games a person can pull out on a date to have some fun with their partner. There are virtually thousands upon thousands of them to be found on both the Play Market and the iOS App Store. Even if you don’t have one preinstalled before a date itself, with a decent internet connection, it will take you just a few seconds to download a game and start playing without virtually any delay.

2. Console games

This one is a bit harder, as not all videogame consoles are portable per se, but some are very much designed to be taken outside. Nintendo Switch is probably the best pocket console one can possibly find on the market with a tremendous library of games. There are a lot of party games, tons of them, but there are also lots of amazing games for two players that will utilize lots of motion control mechanics and other fun stuff.

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3. Winter games

A date with a sleigh ride on a sled is very fun to spend some quality time with a person you love. After that, you can make a snowman and have a picnic with a thermos and some delicious tea. The main thing is to warn your partner to dress warmly and be ready for some resting.

4. Who’s the better photographer

An ordinary walk can turn into an unforgettable quest if you set out to find interesting shots and take photos. You can take pictures of everything, for example, all red or green birds you encounter, or all the graffiti of the city. Find something special and make a bunch of photos, after such a meeting, not only vivid memories will remain, but also memorable photos. It is exciting games like this one that will help you to keep your woman happy.

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5. Book exchange

A date in a bookstore can be very romantic. Just choose some books for each other. You choose a book that your partner will read, they will have to choose a book for you. And after the purchase, you can arrange book fortune-telling - ask a question, call a page and a line and read what the book will tell you. And after reading, you can share your impressions of the book that you’ve got.

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6. Making good deeds

You can not only go on a date to have some fun with another person but also do a good deed. You can buy a pair of cheap sausages and buns and go in search of stray animals and flocks of birds. It is very difficult for animals to get food in the cold, so you will do a good deed and have a great time in the process.

7. Making predictions about a person on the street

This is not a great game if your partner or the both of you are introverts, you have to be a bit more socially flexible for this game. In it, you have to come up with different assumptions about a person you will encounter on the street, make a certain number of them, let’s say, five for yourself and five for your partner, and then come up to them and ask them for a favor, to tell you whether your predictions were right or wrong.

8. Bowling

Perhaps not the most original game in the world, but it a proven classic, there is nothing like a good old game of bowling. It is simple, everyone enjoys it, and even if a person is absolutely terrible at it – there is always a chance that the ball will hit the strike at least once per game.

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9. Rolling the dice

Dice are the universal tool of games, if you have a great imagination – nothing will stop you from coming up with a great game that utilizes these neat little bastards. One of the better games you can try out on a date is a game of attraction and aversion. Set a timer, every 5 or 10 minutes you will have to roll a 6-sided die, and if you get 1 or 2 – you will have to tell a person something that you like about them. If it is 3 or 4 – something that you don’t like about them. In the case of 5 to 6 – you switch sides.

10. No replies

This is a very weird game, but it can be quite exciting and fun. Set a timer for yourself, around 20 minutes will be just right. During that time, you will just have to talk to each other, but every statement should be a non sequitur. You can also limit your lines to only one sentence at a time.

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