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It just comes to a point where planning for your birthday party becomes such a task. It’s completely normal, though! Of course, we don’t want things to become repetitive at your birthday party.

It can’t just be your guests screaming out, “Happy Birthday!” then it’s done, or the usual drinking party. So why not prepare something spectacular or something new to do at your birthday party? 🤔

Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday

Games aren’t just for a kid’s birthday celebration, adults deserve just the same amount of fun as well! While times are hard, why not skip the usual celebration at your favorite restaurants and spend your birthday at home! You’ll definitely be more comfortable moving about with your friends at home!

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And we know that there are just many activities you can consider, but we’ve narrowed down a few activities that will truly brighten up your birthday celebration!

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1. Have a Trivia Contest!

Bring out everyone’s competitive side with a trivia contest. It’s easy, fun, and we’re sure you’d have a great time with your guests! Not to mention that you might be learning a thing or two, You can split the whole group into two teams then have everyone play for points.

You can decide whether everyone will be playing for points or just a certain number of questions. You can also choose to incorporate some alcohol into the game! For example, the team that wasn’t able to get the correct answer, everyone would have to take a shot!

Tip: Even if it’s your birthday, join in on the fun and assign someone else to host the games! Happy birthday! 🥳

❗️ You can also play Trivia online to make things easier! The questions are automatically generated for you. Join in on the fun!

👉 Here’s a list of Trivia questions (with answers) that you can use for your game.

2. Have a birthday photoshoot with your guests 📸

Having a birthday photoshoot is a great way to create fun memories together. Everyone can get involved, guests would all get to take home some memorabilia from the night, and it just helps everyone have a fun time!

You can set up several themed booths around the place. Doesn’t need to be fancy! You can just have a few props lying around a certain area of the room. Once that’s ready, prompt your guests to go crazy with their birthday photoshoot ideas!

You can also have this be set up outside along with other outdoor activities. It’ll make great candid shots! 🤪

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3. Have a spontaneous trip with your friends! 🚙

Having a spontaneous trip is absolutely one of my favorite birthday activities. There are so many possibilities! You can choose to have a staycation at a hotel, spend the day at a theme park (e.g. an amusement park, water park), or have a camping trip.

Remember, spontaneity makes the best memories! Not knowing what would happen adds to the thrill of your birthday party. While there are many things that can happen, we’re sure that spending it with the people dearest to you will make it the best birthday weekend!

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4. Host a board game night 🎲

Board game nights continue to bring everyone together and help make sure everyone’s having a great time. There are ample games out there that are easy to learn and fun to play!

What if, as a birthday gift, everyone brings a board game of their choice that would be played by everyone at the party? Here are a few examples of games that you can play:

- Would You Rather 😏

Would You Rather is a simple game that takes less than a minute to learn and will give you tons of great memories. It’s a question-and-answer type of game that doesn’t require much equipment.

You can choose to play with an empty bottle, but you also play even without it. With the empty bottle, have all of your players seated around in a circle. Whoever the bottleneck points to must answer the “would you rather” question.

So how do you play Would You Rather? Simple, really! Everyone sits around in a circle and someone has to answer a “would you rather” question. You can decide to play with the empty bottle or just go in a clockwise direction.

Would You Rather questions two contradicting statements or two very similar statements that make it very hard to choose. They’re also normally unusual statements.

For example, “Would you rather be allergic to babies or be allergic to the elderly?”

You can also choose to turn this into a drinking game and have the person answering take a shot before answering the question.

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- Secret Hitler 🧐

Secret Hitler is a social deduction board game that can be played with 5-10 players. In Secret Hitler, you can either be a fascist or a liberal. And everyone will get a chance to be the President or the Chancellor. But with every round, there is only one Hitler.

To win the game, Liberals would have to execute Secret Hitler while Fascists can win by either enacting 6 fascist policies or electing Hitler as the Chancellor. It’s a game that is full of deceit and lies! But also tons of fun Absolutely perfect for board game night!

👉 Head over to this article to get the full explanation of how Secret Hitler is played

- Never Have I Ever 🤭

Never Have I Ever is one of those games that can expose you and is best played with adults. I mean, tons of experience by then, right?

You can choose to play with an empty bottle, but you can also play without. With an empty bottle, use it to determine who will give out the Never Have I Ever statement. Otherwise, you can just decide to go in a clockwise direction.

Also decide on whether you’ll be playing for points, or with fingers. You can turn this into a drinking game as well! The first person to reach a certain number of points or the first person to put down all 10 of their fingers have to take a shot.

Never Have I Ever is played when one person gives out a “Never have I ever…” statement followed by something they have usually done. For example, “Never Have I Ever peed in public”

For the rest of the players, if they have done the deed, they either get a point or they have to put a finger down.

👉 Find out more about Never Have I Ever by reading this article!

- Cards Against Humanity 🤪

Cards Against Humanity is definitely adult-party-friendly and one of our favorite card games! You can play Cards Against Humanity with a minimum of 3 players. There are two types of cards in a pack of Cards Against Humanity; the white cards and the black cards.

At the start of the game, each player should draw ten white cards. The person who most recently pooped (yes, this was stated in the rules!) is the first Card Czar and picks a black card. The Card Czar now reads the question or the fill-in-the-blank phrase out loud. Everyone else should answer the question or fills in the blank by passing one white card, faced down, to the Card Czar.

Once everyone has submitted, the Card Czar must shuffle the cards then read each card combination (black card + white card) for full effect. The Card Czar must now pick the funniest answer and whoever submitted the winning card reveals himself. That person now gets to keep the black card (this is considered as points)

👉 Check out this article for the full and extended rules of Cards Against Humanity!

5. Have a Movie Night {#movie} 🎬

While a movie night is one of the more common activities to do, it certainly is a unique theme for a birthday party! A birthday is one of the perfect times to have a movie night. It’s fun, it helps everyone relax, and it creates great memories on your birthday!

Prepare drinks, have some popcorn and snacks, and find out everyone’s favorite movies in advance so you have an idea of what movies everyone can watch!

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