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Having a sleepover with friends is a great way to spend a weekend night! There is nothing better than staying up late and talking, making your own food, and playing games. The only problem is that sometimes you run out of things to do!

If you and your friends are looking for fun sleepover ideas, check out these 100 things to do at a sleepover! Enjoy these ideas!

1. Have Horror Movie Marathon!

A horror movie marathon is a great way to spend the night with your friends! It is always fun to watch all of your favorite horror movies back-to-back. Set up blankets and pillows in front of a TV or computer where you can see the screen comfortably so that your friends feel comfortable while watching their favorite scary movie.

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2. Play Your Favorite Board Games!

Playing board games is a great way to spend the night! Playing games can be one of the best sleepover ideas if you and your friends enjoy spending time together. There are many board games that you should try playing such as Battleship, Risk, Twister, and Monopoly.

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3. Camp Out!

Camping out is a great way to spend the night! This sleepover idea is perfect if you and your friends enjoy spending time outside. All you need to do is take some pillows and sleeping bags on a late-night walk in the woods, or set up camp in your own backyard!

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4. Organize a Dance Party!

Having a dance party is an awesome way to have fun at a sleepover! You can dance to your favorite songs and show each other your best dance moves. This idea is perfect for teen girls and boys who like to move their bodies!

5. Play Truth or Dare!

The game of Truth or Dare is a classic game to play at a sleepover! This is a classic game for slumber parties and will bring laughter and memories. It guarantees a fun time!

The game starts by choosing a person to go first. This person will then pick someone to ask the question “Truth or Dare?” If they choose truth, then they must answer any question asked truthfully and if they choose dare, they must perform whatever dare is asked of them.

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6. Tell Scary Stories!

Telling scary stories is a great way to spend the night! Scary stories are interesting and they get everyone excited. There is nothing like sharing your favorite story around a campfire with friends on a dark night.

Everyone loves scary campfire stories because it gets everyone’s heart racing and picture of the ghosts in their heads. It also makes everyone laugh when the story really isn’t that frightening. Let’s get ready to be scared!

7. Have a Makeover Party!

Having a fun makeup party is fun for everyone! This will be the perfect bath time fun for your friends to get all dolled up and enjoy themselves by trying out different looks. Everyone can have a different style and there is no right or wrong way to do it!

8. Play Card Games Together!

Playing card games is a great idea for your sleepover party! There are many card games for teens and kids that are funny and entertaining. You can choose your favorite card game or just try one which is new for you and your friends.

9. Have a Pillow Fight!

Having a pillow fight can be loads of fun! This activity is perfect for all ages and can be super fun because everyone gets to hit someone else with their pillows until the end. The last person standing wins the game!

10. Host A Movie Night!

Having a movie night together with your friends is a classic idea for a sleepover for teens! This idea is perfect because everyone can stay up all night long and watch their favorite movies together. Make sure your guests are comfortable and that you’ve prepared enough popcorn and chocolate chips for everyone!

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11. Cook Some Delicious Food Together!

Cooking fun food together is fun for all! This fun challenge will be the perfect activity if you love to spend time in the kitchen with your friends. The fun part about this idea is that everyone can create their own meal, talk to each other and enjoy themselves while cooking!

Before you start, make sure you’ve prepared all the food you need and that you know if any of your guests have any food allergies. The meal doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something simple!

12. Do Yoga Together!

Who doesn’t love a great yoga session? This fun activity is perfect for yoga beginners to yoga experts. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced yoga master or this is your first time trying it! Everyone will learn something new while trying out new yoga poses.

13. Play Video Games Together!

Playing video games with your friends is a great idea! It doesn’t matter if you play online games against strangers or against each other on your console. Just remember that is all about having fun!

What could be better than spending the entire night playing video games with your friends?  You could even host tournaments between each other to see who will be the ultimate gamer!

14. Organize a Theme Party!

Having a dress-up theme night is fun for everyone! Whether you wear your favorite Halloween costume or you get dressed up like the characters from your favorite movie, this idea is fun for all. It doesn’t matter if you love to hit the stores for great clothing deals or like to raid your mom’s closet. What matters is that everyone will have a blast!

15. Create Friendship Bracelets For Each Other!

This is a fun and easy idea for all! Everyone loves to wear friendship bracelets because they show how much friends mean to each other. Make sure you’ve prepared the beads and cord before your sleepover party so everyone can make their own special bracelet.

16. Play Charades Together!

Playing charades is fun for all! This game might be old but it never gets boring. All you need is a great sense of humor and your guests will have an amazing time playing this game together!

This classic party game can be really helpful if everyone doesn’t know each other very well. It’s the best way to learn more about your friends in a fun way!

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17. Try the Blind Makeover Game!

This is a great game that will help everyone bond together! This is a perfect idea for teen girls who love pampering and feeling beautiful. Make sure you’ve prepared all the items you’ll need before your sleepover party. And don’t forget to have a camera ready to take some photos of the fun!

18. Make Some Amazing Gifts Together!

What could be better than making your own homemade and unique gifts for people you care about? Just make sure everyone knows what they want to make before the party. After that, you can either go out and buy all the things you need together or stay at home to craft your ideas.

19. Have a Great Sleepover Karaoke Party!

Having a karaoke party is fun for everyone! Even if everyone’s voice isn’t perfect, they will still sound beautiful together as a group. All you need to make the perfect karaoke night is a great playlist full of songs everyone will love and enough microphones for everyone.

20. Have A Homemade Pizza Party!

Everyone loves a great homemade pizza! This fun idea is perfect for a sleepover with your best friends. Make sure you’ve prepared enough paper plates, all the ingredients you need, and that you have enough time to let the dough rise before baking it. After that, all you have to do is eat the delicious homemade pizza!

21. Have A Great Night In Making Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes!

Everyone will love making their own ice cream sundae! After you’ve prepared all the toppings for this fun treat, make sure to buy an ice cream maker. Then, you can spend your night making your own homemade vanilla ice cream and come up with the best ice cream sundae ideas.

22. Play The Never Have I Ever Game!

Playing the never have I ever game is a great and fun way to learn more about your friends! Everyone will get to learn new things about each other and it’s also good to support if you need advice on how to handle tricky situations.

In this classic slumber party game, all you need is a minimum of two players and some papers to keep track of the points. One player will start by saying one thing they have never done. For example: “Never have I ever gone bungee jumping.” Each other player who’s done that before gets a point.

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23. Level Up Your Cosplay Skills!

Cosplaying with your friends is a great time to bond and have fun together! This amazing idea can help everyone learn more about each other and it’s also a way for everyone to show off their creative skills.

All you need to make the perfect cosplay night is some time to prepare together, some great ideas, and lots of fun! This idea is perfect for a group of friends who loves anime and manga.

24. Enjoy Playing Hide and Seek Together!

This classic sleepover game is everyone’s favorite! Hide and Seek is a great game that will help everyone bond together. Make sure you’ve prepared everything you’ll need before the party. These could include flashlights, for when it gets dark or starts to get harder to see, and lots of snacks for everyone.

25. Create Your Own Bath Bombs!

Who doesn’t love relaxing bath bombs? This amazing idea is perfect for a sleepover with friends, where everyone can bond and help each other make all the homemade bath bombs they want.

All you’ll need is a few simple ingredients, which you can find in any home, and some molds to create different designs with your bath bombs. There are lots of recipes online that will help you create the perfect bath bombs for everyone!

26. Play Would You Rather Together!

This epic sleepover game is perfect for everyone to bond! Would you rather is a great game that will help everyone know more about each other and it’s also a way for everyone to learn more about each other.

Start the game by asking each other Would You Rather Questions, like: “Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for two weeks?” There are thousands of different questions you could ask your friends!

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27. Do a DIY Project!

DIY projects are an amazing way to bond with your friends! Everyone can try their hand at some DIY project ideas, like making candles, soap or even bath bombs.

For this sleepover idea, you’ll need lots of time and patience. Make sure everyone is ready for this fun activity before starting it. The great thing about this idea is that you can make everything you want in all different shapes and sizes!

28. Play Horror Games!

If you’re looking for a dark game idea, then horror games are perfect! This sleepover idea is the best way to bond with your friends and spend some time having fun together.

You can find many horror-themed video, board, or even card games. Make sure everyone knows what they’re getting into and enjoy a scary night!

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29. Host A Trivia Quiz Night!

This epic sleepover idea is perfect for everyone to bond! Trivia quiz nights are the best way to learn everything about your friends. You can play trivia games that will help you find out fun facts about everyone, like what’s their favorite movie or their favorite food. There are thousands of different questions you could ask your friends!

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30. Do A Candle Making Activity!

Everyone loves relaxing with candles at home or in the garden! This amazing idea is perfect for a sleepover with friends, where everyone can bond and help each other make all the homemade candles they want.

All you’ll need is some soy wax, some wicks, and some scents to make the most relaxing candles. There are lots of candle-making activities online that will help you create the perfect candles for everyone!

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