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Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s been around for centuries, but do you really know what it’s all about?

Take the Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz and find out how much you actually know about why and how we celebrate it and how the holiday came to be!

The Thanksgiving Trivia Game is easy. Aside from the fact that you don’t necessarily need any materials to play it, it can have everyone involved and can be played however you’d like!

That’s also why we created the ultimate trivia questions list with a bunch of random trivia questions to really test your knowledge about anything and everything under the sun!

How to play the Thanksgiving Trivia Game

Thinking about playing the Thanksgiving Trivia Game at the next family gathering? Perfect!

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Here’s how you play it with a bunch of people:

1. Split the players into teams. Make things interesting! Put the teams up against each other and have a prize for the winner.

2. A game master reads out the questions and states the multiple choices we’ve provided below. It’s best to set a rule that the teams can raise their hand only after all the choices have been read out.

3. The first team to raise their hand can give their answer. If they’re wrong, the other team gets a chance to steal.

The team with most number of correct answers wins! Let’s get started!

Thanksgiving Trivia Team Names

With so many possibilities, it can get tricky to pick team names.

Here are some of the best team names we can think of! Feel free to use any of these for your next Thanksgiving Trivia game night 😉

  • Team Turkey vs. Team Mashed Potatoes
  • Team Pilgrims vs. Team NA (Native Americans)
  • Team Fresh Food vs. Team Leftovers
  • Team Stuffin’ Muffins vs. Team Wishboners
  • Team Gobble Gobble vs. Team Turkey Jerkies
  • Team Poultry vs. Team Seafood

As you can see, these are just some of the possible team names you could use. But go nuts! Don’t forget that creativity is key.

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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Kids

If you’re worried about whether or not the questions could get complicated for the kids, then don’t worry! We gathered some kid-friendly thanksgiving trivia questions with some fun facts about the topic!

Try not to give out any hints and let the kids have a go at the competitiveness 😉

1. What is commonly on the dining table during Thanksgiving?

  • Sushi
  • Pork Chop
  • Turkey
  • Roast Chicken
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Turkey was only introduced to the dining table in 1863.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Golf
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The National Football League (NFL) started in 1934 when The University of Detroit Stadium hosted the first broadcasted Thanksgiving Day football game (Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears)

3. True or false: Eating Turkey makes you tired!

  • True
  • False
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You’re actually tired from eating too much! It’s not just the Turkey, it’s everything you ate!

4. Who wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb?

  • Sara Josepha Hale
  • James Pierpont
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Billie Holiday
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Sara Josepha Hale

You might be wondering how Mary Had a Little Lamb is connected to Thanksgiving. Sara Josepha Hale actually campaigned for Thanksgiving to be a national holiday.

5. What year did the first Thanksgiving take place? (Choose the year that is commonly considered.)

  • 1724
  • 1623
  • 1621
  • 1631
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While there are many people that consider other celebrations to be the “first” Thanksgiving, it is common and more known that the first Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621.

6. Which city in the United States of America has a Thanksgiving Day Parade that ends with Santa Claus getting a key to the city?

  • Detroit
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
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This holiday tradition started in 1924.

7. What do you call the red piece of flesh on top of a Turkey’s beak?

  • Skin
  • Snood
  • Wattle
  • Dangle
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While the flesh on top of a Turkey’s beak is called a snood, the skin on the bottom is called a wattle.

8. What are turkey feathers used after they are plucked?

  • Decoration
  • Animal Feed
  • Fashion
  • Cleaning
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Animal Feed

Turkey feathers are ground then used as protein for animal feeding.

9. For Thanksgiving in Japan, children give out drawings or letters to certain people. Who are these people?

  • Policemen
  • Firemen
  • Hospital Staff
  • All of the Above
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All of the Above

Thanksgiving in Japan is used to celebrate people in the labor force. They are celebrated on this day and are thanked for the service they give to the people.

12. True or false: Only male turkeys gobble.

  • True
  • False
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Not all turkeys Gobble! Female turkeys “cackle”. That’s how you know if your Turkey is Male or Female!

13. True or false: Most Americans prefer Thanksgiving leftovers.

  • True
  • False
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According to a study, 8 out of 10 people actually prefer the leftovers. It’s much more satisfying! 😋

14. Which pie is most famous to be eaten on Thanksgiving?

  • Apple Pie
  • Egg Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Strawberry Pie
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Pumpkin Pie

Native Americans brought pumpkins as gifts to the first settlers and taught them the many things you can do with pumpkin. Which eventually led to serving pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving Celebration.

15. How much does a Thanksgiving Turkey weigh?

  • 12 pounds
  • 20 pounds
  • 10 pounds
  • 15 pounds
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15 pounds

A Thanksgiving Turkey weighs roughly about 15 pounds.

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions for Everyone

Here are some of the best Trivia Questions with answers that you can play on your next Thanksgiving gathering!

Or maybe any other day, works just as well! Have fun! 🙌

1. Which President in the USA declared Thanksgiving Day a national holiday?

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • James Buchanan
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Abraham Lincoln

It was in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

2. How long did the first Thanksgiving meal actually last?

  • 1 month
  • 1 week
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
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3 days

It was said that the pilgrims had a three-day celebration because they had so much food!

3. How many women were present at the first Thanksgiving celebration?

  • Three
  • None
  • Four
  • Five
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At the time, women were often left to take care of the sick. Not many women would live for very long, which is why only five women were present at the very first Thanksgiving celebration.

4. About how many Turkeys are prepared for Thanksgiving in America every year?

  • 46 million
  • 50 million
  • 25 million
  • 37 million
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46 million

It’s estimated that about 46 million Turkeys are prepared for Turkey in just America alone! That’s a lot of Turkeys!

5. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada

  • 3rd Thursday of November
  • 2nd Monday of November
  • 4th Tuesday of October
  • 2nd Monday of October
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2nd Monday of October

Canadian Thanksgiving is more closely related to European traditions as compared to the United States.

6. What meat did the native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving celebration?

  • Bear
  • Fish
  • Deer
  • Cow
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Some of these Native Americans went out hunting and brought back 5 deers to be given to those present at the celebration.

7. From which culture did the cornucopia come from?

  • Greek
  • Roman
  • English
  • American
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The cornucopia is often seen in Greek mythology. One story is where baby Zeus broke off a horn from a divine goat, and another has Hercules ripping the horns of the river God Achelous.

8. What is often eaten during the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok?

  • Rice Cakes
  • Pork Belly
  • Dumplings
  • Pancakes
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Rice Cakes

Rice Cake, or specifically songpyeon, is often served during Chuseok. Different from Tteok, songpyeon are half-moon shaped cakes that are filled with sweet or semi-sweet fillings.

9. There is only one place in Australia where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Where is it?

  • Sydney
  • Norfolk Island
  • Perth
  • Fraser Island
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Norfolk Island

Americans on whaling ships that came to Australia were the ones that introduced the area to Thanksgiving. The rest of Australia however, does not celebrate the holiday.

10. Which American President refused to declare Thanksgiving a holiday?

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Theodore Roosevelt
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Thomas Jefferson

Because of his belief that the Church and State should be separated, he refused to allow Thanksgiving to be considered a holiday. This is because Thanksgiving often involves prayer and reflection.

11. Where did the Pilgrims go after they left England?

  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
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The Pilgrims left England so that they could practice their religion freely. They then traveled to Leiden, Holland specifically.

12. There was a time when Thanksgiving was not celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Which year was this?

  • 1939
  • 1954
  • 1922
  • 1968
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It was during President Roosevelt’s presidency when this happened. The purpose of this was to boost the economy during Black Friday.

13. Which Indian tribe was invited to the Thanksgiving Meal?

  • Otoe
  • Iowa people
  • Cherokee
  • Wampanoag
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The Indian Tribe Wampanoag were the ones that taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land and were invited to the Thanksgiving meal.

14. Where is the best place to stick the meat thermometer in a Turkey?

  • Thigh
  • Wing
  • Back
  • Breast
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The thermometer should be placed into the thick part of the thigh. Be careful not to touch the bone!

Fun Thanksgiving Trivia Questions!

Can’t get enough of these Thanksgiving Trivias? Well you’re in luck! We’ve got some bonus trivia questions (with answers) just for you!

1. What was not a part of the first Thanksgiving feast?

  • Turkey
  • Lobster
  • Goose
  • Fish
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The first Thanksgiving didn’t actually have Turkey. Turkey-eating only started in 1863, when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

2. How many countries in the world celebrate thanksgiving?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 17
  • 20
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Many countries celebrate Thanksgiving in their own ways (like Japan, Korea, Germany, and Netherlands,) and at different times throughout the year.

3. What sound does a female Turkey most resemble?

  • Gobble
  • Clucking
  • Screaming
  • Clicking
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Female Turkeys make more of a “clicking” sound than a Gobble sound.

4. Which country does NOT celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • Japan
  • Puerto Rico
  • Korea
  • India
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In India, they have their own way of celebrating Thanksgiving which are several celebrations that are about giving thanks.

5. In which years were there no Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

  • 1942
  • 1943
  • 1944
  • All of the above
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All of the above

The only reason the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade did not happen was because of World War II. Otherwise, the parade went on braving any weather that came.

6. Before it became a Thanksgiving Day Parade, what did Macy’s Parade originally start as?

  • Christmas
  • Black Friday
  • Halloween
  • None of the above
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It was originally known as the “Macy’s Christmas Parade” before officially being known as the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”

7. Westminster Abbey (London) once hosted a Thanksgiving ceremony for American soldiers, what year was this?0

  • 1910
  • 1942
  • 1945
  • 1943
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American soldiers were sent to Europe for the war. So it was during this time when Westminster Abbey decided to host a Thanksgiving ceremony to honor these men.

8. Where was the first Thanksgiving feast held?

  • Inside a barn
  • In a hut
  • Outdoors
  • In the dining room
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Since there were more than 100 people present at the first thanksgiving feast, it had to be held outdoors.

9. Why do male turkeys gobble?

  • To scare away predators
  • To attract female turkeys
  • To let everyone know of their presence
  • For the fun of it
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To attract female turkeys

Male turkeys gobble to attract females, so they do it often when females are around.

10. What is Thanksgiving also known as?

  • Stuffing Day
  • Turkey Day
  • Feast Day
  • None of the above
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Turkey Day

Turkey has become a significant icon when it comes to Thanksgiving. Which is why Thanksgiving has also grown to obtain the title “Turkey Day”

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