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Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size; catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman.

Kids grew up believing that dreams and goodness do exist in this cruel world. Thus, the stories and childhood dreams of becoming a superhero who will come to save the day have been a trending fad for kids growing up. One of the most celebrated, famous and favorite superheroes of all time is Marvel’s Spiderman, who goes by the human name Peter Parker.

Ever since Peter Parker first starred in the Marvel comics and then in the movie franchise of Spiderman, the demand for Spiderman toys and other merchandise increased, peaked, and have steadily held its value and fame until now. So it comes as no surprise that kids are very fond of the movie and the superhero itself!

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What is a Spiderman birthday party?

The whole world loves Spiderman! That’s why no matter which actor gets the role, the Spiderman franchise still becomes a huge success. Having been bitten by a radioactive spider has never been this worth all the pain, headache, and all the villains Spidey had to defeat!

A Spiderman birthday party is a birthday bash inspired by our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This means that the costumes, the decorations, the activities, the games, and even the food should have Spidey on them!

Best Spiderman Party Supplies

The best Spiderman party needs the best Spiderman party supplies for it to be realized. To make the celebrant and the guests truly appreciate the party theme, you need to go all out with the decorations and party supplies that will set the Spiderman vibe in the party venue. With the available merch online and in different birthday stores worldwide, you will surely have an array of options you can choose from.

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Here are some of the best Spiderman party supplies you can get from Amazon today:

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1. Spiderman Party Decorations

Decorations will make all the difference for your party. Decorate your kid’s party with all-things Spidey from knives, forks, spoons, party plates, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, happy birthday banners, balloons, hanging swirls, tablecloth, invitation cards, napkins, party gift bags, aluminum balloons, to theme stickers!

This Spiderman Party Decoration set will make your little Peter Parker’s Spiderman dreams come true with its signature red and blue colors and signature spider web design. You can be guaranteed that our supplies’ quality and the shopping experience will also be superb.

Check it out today and make that purchase for your upcoming Spiderman Birthday Bash:

Available on

2. Spiderman Airwalker Balloon

What’s a birthday party without some balloons, right? Take your Spiderman birthday celebration to the next level with a 3D kid-sized Spiderman balloon that will blow your mind. It’s not every day that you get to see an inflated spidey when you least expect it. You can buy a couple on Amazon, place them strategically around the venue, or even hang them from the ceiling!

This Spiderman Airwalker balloon is super easy to inflate using a hand pump or a straw. It also has a self-seal valve, and you will need to assemble the different parts of Spiderman:

Available on

3. Spiderman Party Bags

Every great party deserves some great party favors to let everyone remember how fun it was. Think of something the kids can hold onto after the awesome Spidey birthday. It could be a toy, some yummy goodies or anything that will someday remind them of their fun. Of course, you must choose a cool party bag to carry the best party favor!

This party bag from Amazon features Spiderman’s red, webbed mask made of quality thick white kraft paper with paper twist handles. It’s gonna be the perfect goodie bag for small gifts like treats, cookies, biscuits, candy, snacks, prizes, chocolates, and more:

Available on

Best Games To Play at A Spiderman Party

Games are a standard part of any birthday party. To keep up with your Spiderman-themed party, you must think of various creative ways to incorporate Spiderman into the activities and games you have planned for your party! Here are the top two Spiderman-inspired games that would definitely get your birthday excited:

1. Spiderman Trivia Game

Trivia Games have always been a crowd favorite at parties. Trivia games test the players’ knowledge and ability to answer questions accurately and under time pressure. This game can be played individually or in teams, depending on the number of players.

The rules are pretty easy to understand. All you need to do is prepare a list of questions connected to the theme and have the players answer them during the different rounds of the game. Every correct answer corresponds to a point and the team or player with the most correct answers wins!

For your Spiderman Birthday Party, you will need questions about the movie and its characters. Here are some sample questions you can try:

1. What is the real name of Spiderman?

  • Clark Kent
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Peter Parker
  • Tony Stark
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Peter Parker

The nerdy and brilliant Peter Parker, as everyone knows by now, is Spiderman.

2. What bit Peter Parker which gave him superhero powers?

  • A magic dog
  • A radioactive spider
  • A rabid cat
  • A crocodile
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A radioactive spider

On a school field trip, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him some awesome spidey powers.

3. Who is the love interest of Spiderman?

  • Mary Jane
  • Mary Grace
  • Kylie Jane
  • Mae
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Mary Jane

Mary Jane is Peter and Spiderman’s crush who eventually became his girlfriend.

4. What was the name of Spiderman’s aunt?

  • Aunt Mary
  • Aunt Jane
  • Aunt May
  • Aunt Grace
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Aunt May

In the story, Peter grew up with his uncle and aunt, Ben and May.

5. Before Uncle Ben died, what was the lesson he left Peter?

  • Follow your dreams.
  • Be brave against all odds.
  • With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Family comes first.
Show answer

With great power comes great responsibility.

Peter’s Uncle Ben said this to Peter before they parted ways, and that was the last time Peter saw his uncle.

👉 Hungry for more trivia questions from other categories? Follow this link and have fun! The Original Trivia Game Online!

2. Spiderman Charades

After all these years, Charades is still loved by most households worldwide and is one of the go-to games for any time and place. The fact that it is so simple and easy to play makes it everyone’s favorite game. Charades measure your comprehension and wits and ability to project a certain scenario without talking.

This game can be played by team, and each team takes turns playing in each round. During each turn, there should be a volunteer. The playing team will be given a word or phrase that the volunteer should be able to guess within a specified amount of time. Before time runs out, the player should be able to guess the correct answer to earn a point. The team with the most points wins.

To keep up with the party’s theme, you should prepare a set of words related to Spiderman ahead of time. Here are some words you can use for the game:

  • Amazing Spider Man
  • Dr. Octo
  • Green Goblin
  • Aunt May
  • Uncle Ben
  • Gwen
  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Radioactive Spider
  • Ned Leeds
  • Tobey Maguire
  • Tom Holland
  • Andrew Garfield
  • Norman Osborn
  • Oscorp Industries

👉 Follow the link for more info about Charades!

What are you waiting for? Plan that party and sing “Spiderman, Spider-Man, friendly neighborhood Spiderman! Wealth and fame, He’s ignored. Action is his reward! Look out, Here comes Spider-Man!”

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