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Looking to take your bedroom adventures up a notch? Or simply want to try something to spice up your relationship and have fun while doing it. Whatever the case may be, a game of sexy truth or dare might be what you need. Who knows? This might turn out to be your favorite game after all.

These are the official Truth or Dare rules. Play it with your partner for a night you both won’t soon forget. Never be caught off guard and arm yourself with these questions whenever you are challenged for a game of sexual truth or dare.


1. What do you prefer, being dominated or dominating?

Everyone has a preference and being asked will only lead to more excitement.

2. What is your favorite part of your body to get licked or sucked on?

Adding the anticipation or introducing the idea of getting sucked on will turn on anyone.

3. What is your deepest sexual fantasy that you want to be fulfilled?

Knowing your partner’s sexual fantasies will show how much he or she trusts you that they can share a secret like that and the chance to fulfill one’s sexual dreams by being asked is enough to arouse even the dead.

4. Where is your sexual Achilles heel? How would you want me to handle it?

Knowing your sexual partner’s buttons will make you a more effective and giving lover.

5. Which celebrity have you had sexual fantasies about?

If you are the kind of couple who are into role-playing, you can pretend to be a certain celebrity to switch things up.

6. Sweet and slow or fast and aggressive?

Everyone has their own sexual pace and preference. A deeper understanding of how your partner likes it shows them your more sensitive and considerate side.

7. Choose three words to describe me in bed?

Best to use superlatives in your arsenal and aim to flatter and impress with your vocabulary.

8. Do you masturbate and think about me?

If you answer yes, this shows how much a part of your psyche your partner has become. It also shows how often they pop in your thoughts even at personal intimate moments.

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9. During sex, which part of me do you love watching? Why?

Keeping your focus on your partner during lovemaking shows how intimate you are at the moment.

10. Which part of my body is your favorite to kiss other than my lips?

This needs no explanation. Kissing is a wonderful thing and being kissed on other parts of your body - bliss!

11. What was the first thought that ran through your mind when you saw me without clothes on?

Say “you are the most beautiful thing I saw” and nothing else.Being caught naked is one of the most common fears of people. Standing naked in front of somebody takes courage. Be kind.

12. What’s the dirtiest thing you wanted to say to during sex but were too shy?

Giving the go signal to your partner to act out their deepest desires shows that you trust them. Letting them act out their pleasures also alleviates certain inhibitions and helps them feel at ease to let loose and be themselves.

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1. Eat a banana in the sexiest way possible.

Eating fruits and sex always goes well together.

2. Kiss me anywhere on my body except my mouth for three minutes.

Again with the kissing, it is just simply glorious.

3. Give me the most sensual massage you can give for ten minutes.

A massage is always great. A sensual massage? For ten minutes? Who wouldn’t love that or get turned on by that?

4. Have I ever had a move in bed that you cannot forget? Whisper that specific memory sensually in my ear.

The ears or more specifically what we hear during foreplay or during sex is often overlooked. Your auditory sensors play a big part in getting you in the mood all the way to the eventual climax. Sounds can be awesome!

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5. Give me a quick scrub in the shower.

A good scrub and rub is never a bad thing. Shower love will remain one of those classic lover scenes.

6. Using your mouth, give me goosebumps in under a minute.

Well if you’re the ticklish type then you’d probably need less than a minute. Parts of the body that are often ticklish are good kissing spots, take note of those.

7. Using your tongue, spell out “sex” anywhere on my body. Slowly.

Escalate to the wild side and bring that tongue out. Whenever the tongue is out to play, things always heat up.

8. Let’s roleplay and pretend you are trying to pick me up from a bar, trying to convince me to go back home with you.

Role-playing, once you both commit could be a fun experience even without the sex. Think about when you were still a kid and you still loved pretending and getting lost in your made-up stories from your mind. Commit to that same kind of level.

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9. Without using your hands, try and take off my underwear.

This could be challenging and fun to watch as someone tries their best to remove your underwear using their teeth or mouth to accomplish the task at hand.

10. Pick the most forgotten sensual part of the body and try to turn me on there.

This would speak to your partner’s sexual prowess and might. Conquering this task should speak volumes. Be appreciative.

11. Put on your sexiest costume and dance your naughtiest dance for me.

Who doesn’t like watching a show? A sexy dance show? A sexy costumed, hot dance just for you? There must be something seriously wrong with you not to get turned on by that.

12. Put whip cream on your favorite parts of my body and lick it off.

Two things: Now you know which parts of your body your partner finds sexy and two: he or she is about to lick it. Unique advice for lovers and singles

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