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Find out if you’re a real Schitt’s Creek fan! People love a great rags-to-riches story, but there’s something twistedly charming about this riches-to-rags comedy series about the Rose Family’s misfortunes after their business manager ran off with their money, failing to pay any of their taxes.

If you’re the biggest Schitt’s Creek fan, then you would enjoy a list of fun “Trivia” questions that have a touch of Schitt’s Creek!

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How to Play Schitt’s Creek “Trivia”

Playing the Schitt’s Creek Trivia Game is quite simple. You need at least three players to start the game.

Then, all you need to do is prepare questions related to the show. Then for each category, you will have to take turns asking yourselves the questions.

If there are lots of players, assign a trivia master, and you can turn it into a competitive trivia night wherein each correct answer corresponds to a point. The teams will compete to see which team gets the highest score and wins!

Play “Trivia” Online

Want the fun of “Trivia” but not the hassle of coming up with questions? No worries, just go online!

Our online version of the “Trivia” game is perfect for solo players or groups. You can choose from a variety of questions and play at your own pace. And the best part? It’s completely free!

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Best Schitt’s Creek “Trivia” Questions

Fan of the show and think you know everything there is to know about Schitt’s Creek? Well, put your knowledge to the test with these “Trivia” questions:

1. What was the name of the town that Mr. Rose bought as a joke?

  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Forks
  • Sta. Clarita
  • Silver Creek
Show answer

Schitt’s Creek

Even though everybody will get this right, it’s only fitting to include this question in your game!

2. Who is the mayor of Schitt’s Creek?

  • Raymond Schitt
  • Roland Schitt
  • Roger Schitt
  • Richard Schitt
Show answer

Roland Schitt

A town wouldn’t be a town without its mayor, and it so happens that Schitt’s Creek has the shittiest one ever!

3. What is the name of the motel that Johnny Rose owns?

  • Sunflower Motel
  • Rosebud Motel
  • Bloomsbury Motel
  • Lilypad Motel
Show answer

Rosebud Motel

The Kobe Wagyu Beef is around $200 per pound!

4. Which famous actress is playing Johnny Rose’s wife, Moira?

  • Meryl Streep
  • Catherine O’Hara
  • Janet Jackson
  • Kris Jenner
Show answer

Catherine O’Hara

Fun fact, Catherine was the crew’s very first choice for the role!

5. Who is the mayor’s wife?

  • Josie Schitt
  • Joyce Schitt
  • Jocelyn Schitt
  • Jackie Schitt
Show answer

Jocelyn Schitt

Mayor Roland’s wife is Jocelyn Schitt, played by Canadian actress Jennifer Robertson.

6. Who is Alexis’ long-time boyfriend in the show?

  • Ned
  • Zed
  • Ted
  • Fred
Show answer


Ted, or Dr. Theodore Mullens, is the town vet who becomes Alexis’ boyfriend.

7. What was the name of the Roses’ only son?

  • David Rose
  • Dan Rose
  • Dylan Rose
  • Dave Rose
Show answer

David Rose

David is Mr. and Mrs. Rose’s flamboyant son in the show.

8. What was the name of David’s town shop in Schitt’s Creek?

  • Rose Bar
  • Rose Shop
  • Rose Store
  • Rose Apothecary
Show answer

Rose Apothecary

Never in his wildest dreams did David dream of owning a store in Schitt’s Creek!

9. What was the name of the soap opera that made Mrs. Moira Rose famous?

  • Baywatch
  • Ocean Bay
  • Sunrise Bay
  • Sunlight Bay
Show answer

Sunrise Bay

She was Vivien Blake in the daytime soap opera and was known for boldly slapping her fellow characters!

10. What was the name of the owner/waitress of Cafe Tropical?

  • Twilight
  • Tanya
  • Tiffany
  • Twyla
Show answer


Twyla is the air-headed waitress and owner of the local Café Tropical. Follow this link for more TV “Trivia” Questions!

Fun Schitt’s Creek “Trivia” Questions

A fun game wouldn’t be complete without some silly and unexpected questions. Here are a few fun “Trivia” questions to add to your game:

1. In the end, to which city did Alexis Rose move?

  • Paris
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Rome
Show answer

New York

Alexis finally moved to New York City in the final season.

2. What was Mayor Roland’s bumper sticker on his truck?

  • Naked Meryl Streep
  • Naked Janet Jackson
  • Naked Helen Mirren
  • Naked Audrey Hepburn
Show answer

Naked Helen Mirren

He had this sticker together with a sticker of Cafe Tropical and his own political sticker.

3. Why was Alexis given community service?

  • She drove her car into a Prada Store.
  • She drove her car into a Gucci Store.
  • She drove her car into a Dior Store.
  • She drove her car into a Louis Vuitton Store.
Show answer

She drove her car into a Prada Store.

She got a DUI for driving her car into a Prada Store on Rodeo Drive.

4. What was the name of Moira’s sister?

  • Geegee
  • Ceecee
  • Deedee
  • Beebee
Show answer


Moira’s estranged sister in the show was named Deedee.

5. What was the name of the makeup company that Moira and David started in Schitt’s Creek?

  • C’est Lavie
  • Allez Vous
  • Merci Beaucoup
  • Savoir
Show answer

Allez Vous

Allez Vous was the makeup company that Moira and David Rose started but it ended up becoming a pyramid scheme.

6. What did Johnny steal from the bakery in Elmdale?

  • Birthday Cake
  • Party Decors
  • Birthday Candles
  • Party Hats
Show answer

Birthday Candles

I know you can’t imagine someone stealing something so small and festive; well, so can he.

7. How many years was Schitt’s Creek for sale before Mr. Johnny Rose bought it as a joke for his son?

  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years
Show answer

20 years

No wonder no one bought it for two decades, right?! Now, we all know why.

8. Who were Moira and Johnny’s old friends that they met at a restaurant?

  • Bec and Dan
  • Belle and Dean
  • Bem and Dom
  • Bev and Don
Show answer

Bev and Don

Moira and Johnny went on a double date with their old friends, Bev and Don, in Season 2.

9. What was Moira’s brown bag made of?

  • Polar Bear
  • Crocodile
  • Sheep
  • Goat
Show answer


Her brown bag was made out of crocodiles, and she also freaked out when she thought that David had stolen it.

10. What is the date of David and Patrick’s wedding?

  • 3rd of December
  • 3rd of November
  • 3rd of October
  • 3rd of September
Show answer

3rd of September

David and Patrick got married on the 3rd of September.

Hard Schitt’s Creek “Trivia” Questions

Need to challenge the ultimate Schitt’s Creek fans? Here are some mind-boggling “Trivia” questions that will sort the casual viewers from the true aficionados:

1. What is the middle name of Johnny Rose?

  • Alistair
  • Marvin
  • Ezekiel
  • Bartholomew
Show answer


Johnny’s full name is John Marvin Rose.

2. Which wine does Moira mistakenly advertise in a commercial?

  • Herb Ertlinger’s Fruit Wine
  • Herb Ertlinger’s Berry Wine
  • Herb Ertlinger’s Baby Duck Wine
  • Herb Ertlinger’s Honey Wine
Show answer

Fruit Wine

In a tipsy state, Moira hilariously mispronounces the wine’s name in the commercial.

3. What is Stevie’s surname?

  • Budd
  • Smith
  • McClane
  • Johnson
Show answer


Stevie’s surname is Budd, she’s the sarcastic, quick-witted motel manager.

4. Who officiates David and Patrick’s wedding?

  • Moira Rose
  • Roland Schitt
  • Johnny Rose
  • Jocelyn Schitt
Show answer

Moira Rose

Moira takes the reins in her most extravagant outfit to marry off her beloved son, David.

5. What is the name of Moira’s Sunrise Bay character’s identical cousin?

  • Sasha
  • Fiona
  • Tabitha
  • Clara
Show answer


Fiona is the name of Moira’s character’s identical cousin in the melodramatic world of Sunrise Bay.

6. What is the name of the motel the Rose family owns?

  • Rosebud Motel
  • Schitt’s Creek Inn
  • The Rose Hotel
  • Creekview Motel
Show answer

Rosebud Motel

The Roses end up as the proprietors of the Rosebud Motel.

7. How many crows are in Moira’s movie “The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening”?

  • 300
  • 10,000
  • Over 1 million
  • None, they are all CGI
Show answer

Over 1 million

More than a million crows terrorize the screen and Moira in this dystopian cult classic.

8. What is the name of Moira’s wig that she describes as her ‘best friend’?

  • Cynthia
  • Maureen
  • Janet
  • Debra
Show answer


Moira’s dear ‘Maureen’ isn’t just a wig, but a confidante and a treasure trove of secrets.

9. What is Twyla’s favorite animal?

  • Bunny
  • Horse
  • Lizard
  • Dog
Show answer


Twyla’s favorite animal is the bunny, giving us cute and cozy vibes.

10. During Singles Week, who does Ted end up kissing by mistake?

  • Moira Rose
  • Stevie Budd
  • Twyla Sands
  • Jocelyn Schitt
Show answer

Stevie Budd

A mix-up leads Ted to awkwardly smooch Stevie during a dating event.

Did you ace these challenging Schitt’s Creek “trivia” questions? If so, you deserve a seat at the Rose family table! Keep watching and quoting your favorite show for more laughs and warm fuzzy feelings.

And remember, as Moira says, “Don’t worry dear, everything is just a little bit funnier in Schitt’s Creek.” So keep smiling and spreading the joy of this beloved show. Now, go forth and be a true Schitt’s Creek connoisseur!

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