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Nothing says romance like a good old-fashioned road trip. The open road, the wind in your hair, your loved one by your side, and the promise of adventure ahead — what’s not to love? However, after a few hours or even days on the road, things can start to feel repetitive and boring.

But fear not! Long drives with your partner don’t have to be dull and uneventful. They can be a great opportunity to bond, have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime. And what better way to do that than by playing some fun road trip games?

1. Would You Rather

Couples will surely enjoy playing something that would let them get to know each other even more. Would You Rather is a simple verbal game that couples on Tiktok or Vlogs are seen doing. For the couples version of the game, everything will be all about you two and your relationship.

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How to Play Would You Rather

Any couple, young or old, would enjoy this game! All you have to do is take turns asking each other questions that start with Would you rather…? followed by two options that your partner should choose from. Since you’re partners, the limits to the question you could ask are endless. No holding back is necessary for couples. Your questions can range from outrageously funny ones to rather deep ones.

👉 Wanna know more about the game? Follow this link and have some fun: Would You Rather!

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Best Would You Rather Questions

You and your partner are in for the best roadtrip ever with these Would You Rather questions:

  • Would you rather kiss me or hug me?
  • Would you rather watch a movie or go on a food trip with me?
  • Would you rather receive food or jewelry on Valentine’s Day?
  • Would you rather we hang out at the beach or in my room?
  • Would you rather watch How I Met Your Mother or Friends?
  • Would you rather kiss me or be kissed by me?
  • Would you rather spend Saturday night at home reading a book or out in the club?
  • Would you rather go skinny dipping or skydiving?
  • Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?
  • Would you rather work out in the afternoon or in the morning?

Best Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Get ready for a sexy ride with these dirty Would You Rather questions for the road:

  • Would you rather eat chocolates or eat me?
  • Would you rather have sex on the couch or the bed?
  • Would you rather fuck with the lights on or off?
  • Would you rather be on top or bottom?
  • Would you rather be a part of a threesome or a twosome?
  • Would you rather fuck a girl or a boy?
  • Would you rather have sex with someone five years older than you or someone five years younger than you?
  • Would you rather have big boobs or a big butt?
  • Would you rather have sex with Christian Grey or Captain America?
  • Would you rather kiss Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

2. Couples Trivia

Couples Trivia is a getting-to-know-you game for couples. You each take turns asking each other questions about your relationship, each other, and life in general. Don’t bother being ashamed of telling the truth. Bear your soul to your partner in this game.

You can usually watch this type of Trivia game played by celebrity couples and loveteams on their vlogs, TV shows, and YouTube channels. They get to know more about each other and know how much the other partner knows about them, and it also lets others who watch or listen get to know their favorite celebrity couples!

Play Couples Trivia Online

The app, Coupled by PumPum, will not only be your road trip companion, but it will also become your new couple care routine! It’s a fun and engaging way to learn more about your partner while having fun!

With fun quiz games, such as the popular “How well do you know me?” quizzes, insightful questions, and more, this app will keep you entertained and connected.

Simply download the app, share your pairing code with your partner, and start playing! Never run out of things to talk about on your road trip with Coupled.

Download the app now and try it out for yourself!

App icon Coupled by PumPum®
Coupled by PumPum® Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

👉 Follow this link to know more about the game and have some awesome and competitive fun on your next online game night! The Original Trivia Game Online

Are you a big fan of Trivia Nights? Can’t wait to play this game with your family and friends? Download the Trivia game app to play it now!

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Best Couples Trivia Questions

Here are some of the best Couples Trivia Questions that will surely make your next roadtrip a meaningful and memorable one:

  • How do you see yourself five years from now?
  • What is your ideal marrying age?
  • How many babies do you want?
  • Where do you want to settle down?
  • What’s your ideal date?
  • What’s your favorite song of all time?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with me?
  • What is your favorite term of endearment?
  • What would make you dislike me?
  • What attracted you to me?

3. Never Have I Ever

This is one of the ultimate favorite games for any occasion. There are many variations of this game, but this time, you’ll be playing while you’re on the road towards your destination! Since you’re driving, you obviously can’t do the drinking version of this. Don’t worry; this doesn’t make it any less fun!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

A player starts the game by saying, “Never have I ever… (followed by something he/she has never done before)”. Then everyone who has done it has a consequence at the destination which you can both agree on or simply the person who can’t get their bite of a certain treat.

The game goes on until you get bored of it or until you reach your destination, whichever comes first.

Play Never Have I Ever Online

Wanna play Never Have I Ever now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

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Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

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Best Never Have I Ever Statements for Couples

Can’t think of any good ideas? Here are some of the best Never have I ever statements for couples while you’re on the road:

  • Never have I ever peed inside a moving car.
  • Never have I ever cried myself to sleep.
  • Never have I ever wet myself in my sleep.
  • Never have I ever fallen asleep while driving.
  • Never have I ever watched a movie while on a road trip.
  • Never have I ever eaten soup while in a moving car.
  • Never have I ever driven outside my state.
  • Never have I ever played the Roadtrip Zitch Dog Game.
  • Never have I ever made out in a car.
  • Never have I ever had sex in a car.

4. Roadtrip Zitch Dog Game

This game was inspired by Ted Mosby and Marshall Erickson’s road trip episode in How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Marshall first played it in Marshall’s Fiero in 1996.

The whole goal of the game is if you see a dog, you have to be the first person to say, “Zitch Dog!” to score. By the end of the car ride, the player with the most points gets free dinner from the other player/s.

Can’t wait to go on your next road trip with your lover, right? Now you’re super ready, no matter how long that car ride might be. You’ll be sure that you’re equipped with the most incredible road trip game ideas to make that ride one that would go down the road to be the most talked-about car ride in history!

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