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Pass the Bomb is for people who think and talk fast! It’s a great conversation starter game and an awesome ice-breaker. When you play this game, the pressure is always on because you don’t want to be holding the bomb when it explodes. Enjoy!

What is Pass the Bomb?

Pass the Bomb is a game where players pass around a “ticking time bomb” while they talk about certain things. The “ticking time bomb” is usually an item with a timer, for example: A smartphone.

This game can be played in a small or large group. While it’s often played with 8 or more people, you can play with as little as 2 people.

How to Play Pass the Bomb

Pass the Bomb is a very simple game that can be enjoyable for people of all ages. Learn how to play the Pass the Bomb game in four easy steps:

  1. Start the game! When the game begins, the first player must activate the ticking time bomb, start talking and hand it over to the next player as soon as they’re finished.

  2. Keep talking! The next player listens to the conversation, then starts talking about the same thing as the previous person. They aren’t allowed to repeat anything from a previous player.

  3. Pass it on! The next player repeats steps 2 and 3 until everyone has had their turn speaking or as soon as the bomb explodes!

  4. The explosion! Whoever holds the ticking time bomb when it explodes is out of the game.

Play Pass the Bomb Online

You don’t want to come up with your own ideas for Pass the Bomb? The most convenient way to play Pass the Bomb is by downloading an app. You can play Pass the Bomb online for free. Play it with your friends!

Pass the Bomb Ideas

Now you know how to play the Pass the Bomb game and you’re excited to start playing it with your friends. Keep in mind that once you’ve played this game, it will probably be hard not to think about playing again!

There are literally millions of topics that can be talked about while playing Pass the Bomb. Some ideas:

1. Things you can put on a sandwich

You can really say anything edible here! I mean what can’t you put on a sandwich?

2. Characteristics that make you fall in love with someone

Characteristics and looks are not the same.

3. Famous singers from the 2000s and before

Hint: If you can’t think of any famous singers, focus on male and female names.

4. Fictional characters with superpowers

You can discuss the powers, physical features, and personality traits of your favorite fictional character.

5. Countries with their capitals

This can be a challenge to get through all the capital cities!

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6. Former Disney stars

There has been a lot of Disney stars that have gone on to do adult things after they’ve done their time with Disney.

7. Things you would not do if a cop was standing three feet away from you

This can also be a list of things you would do if a cop was standing three feet away from you. In that case, you might need a lot of players.

8. Colors you wouldn’t wear at a funeral

Hmm, maybe anything except black?

9. Things that would be on your bucket list if you went to space

Since there are no limits in space, this could be the craziest bucket list ever!

10. Things you would not say if your mother was standing in front of you

That probably depends on the relationship the players have with their mother!

11. Words starting with F

Don’t get stuck on the swear words!

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12. Cartoon characters

Again, you can have a discussion about the personality traits and physical features of your favorite cartoon characters.

13. Body parts that nobody sees at first sight

Well, that is going to be interesting!

14. Things you don’t want to hear a person say on a first date

You can get a great laugh from this list!

15. Toys from your childhood

It’s a good idea to have a nostalgic conversation about this topic.

16. Sports teams & players

This can be a challenge if you don’t know much about sports!

17. Pets you don’t want to own and why

This can be a great topic if you have a love for animals and dislike the ones that people think it’s cute to own.

18. Clothing brands you would never buy

This can be a great conversation starter because you might learn about clothing brands you don’t know.

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19. Members of the Kardashian family

This can be a long discussion.

20. Movie villains you would love to meet in real life

Hmm, maybe not choose the worst villains. But if you think of bad guys like Cruella de Vil, Draco Malfoy, or Maleficent?

21. Food you would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

This can be challenging because you would need to eat a lot of different things!

22. Books you read as a child

I hope all players liked reading during their childhood!

This may be challenging!

24. Celebrities you think are overrated

I am sure you all have an opinion on this one! The list of topics may be endless!

25. Things you don’t like to hear before you fall asleep

Maybe the crying of a baby next to you when you don’t have a child?

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✍️  November 17, 2021

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