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We all know that feeling when you know you’re the topic of a conversation but don’t know what’s being said about you! That sense of paranoia can be overwhelming - and it’s the feeling that inspired the “Paranoia Game!”

Paranoia is a fun question & answer drinking game that involves driving your friends and family crazy as they try to guess why their name was called out after a secret question. Is it good? Is it bad? You can’t know directly!

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Want to play “Paranoia” but can’t come up with interesting questions to ask? Not a problem!

You can now play “Paranoia” using Most Likely To questions from our free app or playing it directly on our website. Just pick a category of questions, and off you go!

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How to Play the “Paranoia Game”

Playing “Paranoia” is simple! There are no complicated rules involved, just a few simple steps, some booze, and your good pals.

Gather your friends in a circle, drinks in hand, and you’re all set! Decide the order in which you ask questions, and choose the first player who whispers the first ‘who’ question to the next player.

You ask whatever you like. As long as the question has to pertain to at least one person in the group, you’re good to go!

For example: Who would survive longest on a deserted island?

The person who was asked the question has to then respond with someone’s name – but here’s the catch: they can’t say why. They have to keep it a secret!

This is where the fun and paranoia come into play! If the person mentioned badly wants to know why their name was chosen, they can take a shot of a drink to find out. But if they don’t want to know, the secret remains a mystery.

The game continues with each person taking turns asking and answering questions, until everyone has had their fair share of paranoia. Think you have enough shot glasses for the challenge?

Want the best questions you can use for your next game night? Watch our selection of the best questions on Youtube now for “Paranoia Game” for a fun and hilarious game night! Let the paranoia begin!

Good “Paranoia” Questions For All Ages

“Paranoia” is a game for all ages, so let’s keep it clean and fun! Here are some good “Paranoia” questions that are suitable for a family game night or a gathering with friends of all ages.

1. Who is most likely to become a famous person?

Who knows, you might be playing with a future superstar!

2. Who in here has gone back with an ex?

There’s just one important dating rule: No contact after a breakup.

3. Who is most likely to create fake profiles on social media?

Maybe it was to stalk someone or just for fun.

4. Who has spent a week in bed listening to sad love songs after a breakup?

Just admit it! We all have!

5. Who here could effortlessly host their own podcast?

We all have that one friend who doesn’t stop talking.

6. Who has mastered the art of cooking?

Mhmm… Why am I suddenly hungry?

7. Who here might not fare well in a drinking game?

Nobody likes to lose, and nobody wants a hangover either.

8. Who has the potential to become a YouTube star?

Who wouldn’t want to be a YouTube sensation?

9. Who here has kissed someone in this group that they were not dating?

It’s time to kiss and tell!

10. Who here might be the most dramatic person in the room?

Because we need someone to give us a good show.

11. Who has sent their crush love letters?

Love is in the air! Who poured out their passionate thoughts and words?

12. Who tends to laugh during a bad time?

Laughter is the best medicine, even in tough times.

13. Who would confidently show off their bikini body at the beach?

We all want to get in a few beach days during the summer.

14. Who has (or would) skip a day of school and not tell anyone?

We all had our rebellious moments, but this one takes the cake!

15. Who here is the type to go home with a random person?

Hey, sometimes you need to take a chance on love!

16. Who has received the most (or least) attention in school?

We all have our moments in the spotlight or away from it.

17. Who could potentially meet their celebrity crush?

Put your faith in the universe, and you might just get what you wished for.

18. Who would let their body hair grow out?

Sometimes we need to give ourselves some breathing room and let it grow.

19. Who here can play video games all day long?

We all need a break sometimes, so why not spend it playing video games?

20. Who tends to pick dare over truth?

I’d rather bark like a dog than tell you my secret!

21. Who is most likely to own more shorts than pants?

It’s all about comfort!

22. Who is most likely to visit the North Pole?

We need to find Santa out there!

23. Who reads a lot of Japanese mangas?

Have you tried reading one? They’re amazing!

24. Who here often has multiple cell phones?

From work to personal, we all need a device for every occasion.

25. Who tends to sleep during a road trip?

Wake me up when we’re there!

26. Who would travel to a desert?

I’m already thinking of my post for Insta. #desertgoals

27. Who might have taken money from a parent’s purse/wallet?

I’m ashamed I did this.

28. Who has fallen asleep in class?

It must have been right after lunch.

29. Who here is the type to get lost while on vacation?

Sometimes, you make the best discoveries while you’re lost.

30. Who has never attended a funeral?

The people around you must be healthy.

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31. Who tends to cry during a sad movie?

If you don’t cry, are you made of stone?

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32. Who will get married by the time they reach 30?

We all have our own plans for life, so who will make it to the altar first?

33. Who looks a lot older than their actual age?

Time to invest in skincare!

34. Who is most likely to call in sick to work because of a hangover?

Everyone needs to act like a high schooler without any responsibilities sometimes!

35. Who would do volunteer work?

It’s only right to give back to the community.

36. Who could look a lot younger than their actual age?

A lucky few possess the secret to eternal youth. Who will be crowned with this honor?

37. Who would think they will make a great superhero?

You don’t need superpowers to be someone’s hero.

38. Who could get lost while on vacation?

Sometimes, you make the best discoveries while you’re lost.

39. Who is the type drop something they’re holding?

There’s always a clumsy one.

40. Who here has potential to become a millionaire?

Dream big, and you might just make it to the top.

41. Who cries during a horror movie?

Horror films can be quite intense, so let your emotions go!

42. Who here has the biggest collection of shoes?

Fashion can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to footwear.

43. Who would’ve travelled around the world by the time they’re 60?

The wanderlust bug has bitten us all once or twice.

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44. Who is most likely to try every type of food?

Adventurous eaters need not fear – try something new today!

45. Who is most likely a master of trivia?

Knowledge is power – show off your brain power here!

46. Who is often the life of the party?

We all need that one person who brightens up any gathering!

47. Who is most likely to be the first one in line for a sale?

Who can resist a good bargain?

48. Who is most likely to go viral on TikTok?

Break out your dance moves, and you might just make it big!

49. Who here is the designated driver?

We all need a hero to look up to — and this one is responsible!

50. Who is most likely to win the lottery?

Anything is possible — so believe in the power of positive thinking!

51. Who here could be a crazy cat person?

Let’s find out who loves cats the most!

52. Who is the most dramatic person in the group?

Sure, drama can be fun and exciting to watch, but who among you is most likely to take it to the next level?

53. Who here might become a serial killer?

There’s darkness in each one of us.

54. Who could enjoy eating raw meat?

Liking a bit of rare steak or sushi is one thing, but who’s up for some bloody meat feast?!

55. Who might feed and adopt stray animals?

Find out which one among you has a heart of gold and likes to feed the little homeless critters!

56. Who here might die first?

We all got that one friend who is either an adrenaline junkie, a junk food addict, or just simply sickly.

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57. Who would go on spontaneous road trips?

Who’s got interesting road trip stories?

58. Who is most likely to be a gambler?

There’s always one on the team!

59. Who might donate their entire salary or money to charity?

We all love a good, kind heart among us! Who is most likely to do that generous deed?

60. Who could be in a boy band?

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis… is that you?

61. Who is most likely to have a huge collection of music?

Get to know who among your group is a big music lover with a huge collection of all genres!

62. Who could binge-watch all six seasons of Gossip Girl?

This person is probably someone obsessed with Serena and Blair.

63. Who is most likely to shop beyond the budget?

Whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.

64. Who could have the lowest standards when it comes to dating?

It can be fun to laugh at each other’s silly decisions. So, let’s see who among you has the lowest standards when it comes to dating!

65. Who might splurge on food?

Someone who loves food trips and delicious food.

66. Who could down black coffee first thing in the morning?

Find out who’s the caffeine addict (or sociopath) in your friend circle!

67. Who might attend church service every Sunday?

Let’s see who the religious one is in your group!

68. Who is most likely to become an entertaining reality star?

Find out who among you loves the spotlight and has a flair for entertainment!

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69. Who arrives late to an event?

People who are trying to beat the light at all times.

70. Who is the biggest gossip?

What’s the latest tea?

71. Who could become a famous politician?

Who of you always has to make all the decisions? And just can’t be quiet?

72. Who might shave off all of their body hair?

Only the strong and bold ones.

73. Who is the fakest person in this group?

Maybe they’re just people-pleasers, or perhaps they’re just faking it for the glam!

74. Who is a horrible driver?

Don’t let them behind the wheel during night outs!

75. Who is most likely to get a million views on YouTube?

Make way for the next big thing on social media!

76. Who is most likely to criticize a movie they’ve never seen?

We all have that friend!

77. Who here might plan a romantic proposal?

Some people are just hopeless romantics.

78. Who might have a questionable moral compass?

There’s always one person who takes things too far.

79. Who is most likely to spend an entire day playing video games?

Perhaps the nerdiest person in your group?

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Fun “Paranoia” Questions for Parties

When it comes to “Paranoia”, there are no wrong questions. These fun “Paranoia questions will reveal secrets, spark laughter, and deepen the bond between friends!

1. Who is most likely to break into spontaneous dance in the middle of a conversation?

Life can’t get any better than this!

2. Who here is most likely to be blackout drunk and not remember what happened the next day?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

3. Who here has memorized a Cardi B or a Nicki Minaj rap verse?

Let’s see who can give us a show!

4. Who do you think would be an expert negotiator after watching one Suits episode?

Everyone has the potential to be a great negotiator!

5. Who here is guilty of naming inanimate objects?

Only the quirky ones!

6. Who is the best at coming up with puns?

Pun masters, step forward!

7. Who has the best picture on their international passport photo?

There’s usually that one photogenic person!

8. Who is the worst at giving birthday gifts?

Gift-giving is an art that isn’t everyone’s forte.

9. Who is the biggest pop music fan?

Show us your moves, who’s the biggest pop star fan around?

10. Who drains their bank in minutes after they get their paycheck?

We all know one person who just can’t help but spend, spend, spend!

11. Who is most likely to invent the next Snapchat filter?

Let the creative minds take over!

12. Who here could be mistaken for an alien?

Maybe they come from a distant galaxy!

13. Who here is excellent at DIY tasks?

Their creativity knows no bounds!

14. Who would look good with extra-long hair?

It’s always fun to experiment with different hairstyles.

15. Who likes to give out free hugs?

Aww, they’re just so warm and fuzzy!

16. Who is the type to have a dead body hiding in their basement?

Better call the police if this one turns out to be true!

17. Who here would win an eating contest?

Bring out the big appetite!

18. Who here can win a singing competition?

We’d all love to hear them belt out a few tunes!

19. Who is most likely the last one to fall asleep in a group setting?

The night owl of the group!

20. Who often leaves their socks around the house?

We’ve all been there.

21. Who has the funniest voicemail greeting?

Let’s hope it’s a good one!

22. Who might be involved in examination malpractice?

Cheaters never prosper, but this one sure might try!

23. Who is the type to arrive late to a dinner party?

No matter what, they just can’t seem to be on time!

24. Who here could have a mysterious stash of snacks in their room?

What kind of goodies are they hiding away?

25. Who is most likely to be the first one to buy a new phone when it comes out?

The tech-savviest of us all!

Deep “Paranoia” Questions to Get To Know Someone

Want to have a more meaningful conversation during “Paranoia”? Use these deep “Paranoia” questions to get to know your friends and family on a deeper level.

1. Who has a 5-year plan already set in motion?

Action-oriented and motivated, these are the ones who never stop striving for success.

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2. Who might be the first one to start their own business?

Entrepreneurial minds unite!

3. Who stands strong in tough situations?

They never back down from tough challenges!

4. Who possesses the most meaningful life philosophy?

Who knows, they could be the next Plato!

5. Who can make the biggest impact on society?

These are the ones who will be remembered for centuries to come.

6. Who has the deepest understanding of human nature?

Psychologists, take a bow.

7. Who could lead a revolution in the future?

The power of change is in their hands!

8. Who maintains the best moral compass?

Always trusting their inner voice, they never lose their way.

9. Who is the most passionate about their career?

Their ambition will take them far!

10. Who builds the most meaningful relationships?

Relationships that touch the heart are built to last.

11. Who is your closest friend?

This is a special one, the person you can always turn to.

Creativity takes center stage!

13. Who serves as the voice of reason in a heated argument?

The level-headed one of the group!

14. Who could be a successful therapist?

Helping others through their struggles is a true definition of strength.

15. Who might cry during horror movies?

We all know this one!

16. Who stays up late and reads a book every night?

A true bookworm!

17. Who is the most fitting person to give motivational speeches?

The life of the party, always encouraging others.

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18. Whose hair is the loveliest?

A sight for sore eyes!

19. Who perseveres the longest in a game?

Determination and perseverance personified.

20. Who is the kindest to strangers?

The one who always puts others first!

21. Who is the best listener?

Never passing judgment and always lending an ear.

22. Who lends a helping hand in times of need?

The one who always goes above and beyond.

23. Who takes the best care of their pet?

They make sure every need is taken care of!

24. Who is the most honest?

They always speak the truth, no matter the cost.

25. Who has the strongest bonds with their family?

Those who always keep their loved ones close.

26. Who might have a hidden talent that no one knows about?

The mysterious ones, always full of surprises!

27. Who would be the first one to jump out of their comfort zone?

Explorers, adventurers, and risk-takers!

28. Who gets immersed while watching 3D movies?

The ones who get lost in the world of fiction.

29. Who is the first to try out new food?

Adventurous palates, they always seek out the newest culinary experiences.

30. Who always stays positive no matter the circumstances?

The ones who always keep their chin up!

Juicy “Paranoia” Questions for Adults

Dare to be a little naughty? If you’re playing “Paranoia” with a group of adults, these juicy “Paranoia” questions will definitely add the needed heat to your game.

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1. Who here is a perfect kisser?

Kissing is an art, and we need to find out who’s a master!

2. Who in this group has a perfect body?

Let’s find out who the real hotties are!

3. Who here is a cocktail master?

Mixing drinks can be very rewarding if done right!

4. Who is most likely to meet their celebrity crush?

Dreams do come true, and this one could be yours!

5. Who is the meanest person in this group?

There’s always one person that isn’t pleasant to be around.

6. Who here is likely to get into a fight at a bar?

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that!

7. Who is most likely to be asked out by a stranger?

Some people are just naturally head-turners.

8. Who here knows multiple drug dealers?

As long as it’s all done in moderation, of course.

9. Who here has an exciting collection of tattoos?

Be prepared to be surprised by the mystery hidden under their clothes.

10. Who is the worst at keeping secrets?

We all know that one person who just can’t help but tell.

11. Who here is seen at the club every weekend?

It’s always a party for them!

12. Who here is involved in a scandal?

It’s almost like you can hear the gossip already!

13. Who here gets a birthday cake for no reason?

Because why not! Celebrate the little things in life.

14. Who here could end up on the front page of a magazine?

One day, their fame will be undeniable.

15. Whose current deodorant do you think smells the worst?

I hope it’s not me!

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16. Who here is caught driving drunk?

This is a serious one — don’t drink and drive! Stay safe on the roads.

17. Who here would immediately open a joint bank account with a partner they’ve only been dating for a week?

Sometimes, love just takes over!

18. Who here has a secret double life?

Be prepared for the unexpected!

19. Who here could win the lottery?

You know what they say - you must be in it to win it!

20. Who here has a famous person’s phone number in their contacts?

Everyone has connections.

21. Who here has had a passionate love affair?

Romance is always in the air.

22. Who here has had a steamy encounter with someone they’ve never met before?

Adventure is out there!

23. Who here would participate in a blood covenant?

It’s a serious commitment, so it’s only the bravest among us.

24. Who here could star in a fantasy movie?

Everyone has their unique superpower.

25. Who here would drink dirty water?

It’s a risk, but are they up for it?

26. Who has been in an open relationship?

Only for the open minds!

27. Who is the biggest prude?

Hey, no judgment!

28. Who is the biggest pervert in the group?

You gotta be careful, though.

29. Who here is the type to be in a secret affair?

We won’t tell, promise.

30. Who here enjoys role-playing?

It’s always fun to explore things!

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FAQ about the “Paranoia Game”

1. What is the “Paranoia Game”?

The “Paranoia Game” is a classic party drinking game that involves asking and answering questions about the players in a group. You whisper a question to the person next to you, and they have to answer with someone’s name in the group without revealing why.

If the person want to know why, they can take a shot to find out! If the person doesn’t want to drink, the secret remains a mystery. The game is meant to promote laughter and reveal secrets among friends in a fun and interactive way.

It’s a great way to break the ice and get conversations flowing, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

2. What are good questions for the “Paranoia Game”?

Good questions for the “Paranoia Game” are ones that pertain to the players in the group and can inspire paranoia or laughter. They can be silly, deep, or even a little naughty, as long as they are suitable for the group playing.

Some examples include below:

  • “Who is most likely to become a famous person?”
  • “Who here has made out with an ex?
  • “Who here has the most sex toys?”
  • “Who is most likely to make out with a stranger at a party?”
  • “Who in this group would be the most likely to survive on a deserted island?”

Remember, the key is to have fun and get creative with your questions!

3. How do you play “Paranoia” with friends?

To play “Paranoia” with friends, gather everyone in a circle and prepare your drinks. Decide on an order for asking questions and choose the first player to start by whispering a question to the next person in line.

That person then answers with another player’s name, without revealing why. If the chosen person wants to know why, they can take a shot to find out!

The game continues in this way until everyone has had their turn asking and answering questions. Have fun and enjoy the laughter and secrets that come out during the game!

4. How to play paranoia without drinking?

Playing Paranoia without drinking is just as easy and fun! Instead of taking a drink as a consequence, you can choose to do something silly – like dance to a song or answer a silly question. This turns Paranoia into a hilarious game of laughs and fun!

You can also change the game’s stakes by making it so that anyone who refuses to answer a question has to do a dare or challenge. This will get everyone interacting and laughing in no time!

Just make sure to tailor the game to the group playing, as well as set some ground rules and boundaries before beginning. That way, everyone can have a good time and get to know each other better!

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