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Birthdays have always been meaningful times in our lives. They mark every 365-day period a person has spent under the sun ever since you were born in this world. Being alive is worth celebrating, so make sure to make each birthday a celebration you’ll be smiling about for the years to come. It doesn’t have to be an expensive party. As long as you plan it well and make it worth your while, go for it!

What is a Moana birthday party?

Moana is a worldwide favorite new-age Disney princess who is an island girl who simply loves the sea. The movie revolves around her adventures searching for her purpose as she sails away from her perfect island. She is the embodiment of beauty and bravery in the face of doubts and fears.

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Because of her extraordinary story and the beautiful island and tropical sceneries shown in the movie, a lot of little girls dream of having Moana-themed parties for their birthdays. This is no shock because who wouldn’t enjoy a luau or an actual beach party wherein you could feature Montonui island-living and the different characters like Moana, Maui, Chief Tui, Te Fiti, Sina, and the rest of the villagers who live on the island.

Any other Hawaiian beach party won’t be as visually enticing as a Moana party! Moana has that red and dirty white color scheme, and you can add surfs, a makeshift volcano somewhere, and even hand out tattoos to the guests, who should be informed ahead of time about the theme so they can prepare their best island-living costumes!

Best Moana Party Supplies

In preparing this Moana-inspired birthday party, make sure to also prepare party supplies like balloons, cake & cupcake toppers, banners & more. Nothing says island more than coconuts, sea shells, tropical flowers, tiki dolls, and decors that will add to the overall Montunui living you’re trying to achieve for your venue.

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Just in case you are looking for some quality Moana party supplies, here are the best of the best that you can find on Amazon:

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1. Moana decoration set:

A great party for an island princess deserves a beautiful Moana decoration set that will surely be the perfect accents everyone will admire throughout the event. If your little one is a fan of the different Disney Moana characters, they’ll surely be enthralled with this find.

This decoration set includes Moana Banner balloons, cupcake toppers, tablecloths, tableware, invitation cards, and a splashin’ Moana background! This decoration set is uniquely designed to enrich the children’s childhood dreams and give them a fantastic surprise during the party.

Follow this link to get these perfect Moana decoration set for your next Moana Birthday Party:

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2. Moana coloring books as Party Favors

Can’t think of more exciting activities to entertain the girls during your Moana party? Encourage their creativity and artsy skills by providing every guest with a coloring book set and crayons! While they wait for their food or turns during the games, they can sit at their tables and work on their coloring books.

You can even make it a bigger deal by announcing during the start of the party that the best artwork will get a special prize afterward. This will motivate them to color within the lines and, at the same time, let their creativity take flight as they try to color the Moana images.

If you don’t have time to look for coloring books and crayons, Amazon has chosen the best Moana Party Favor Coloring Books!

Available on

3. Flowers:

A Hawaiian party like this Moana-inspired party you’re going to throw won’t be complete without tropical flowers! Since you can’t just pick tropical flowers from the sidewalk, you can buy some fake yet gorgeous ones online!

These Mahalo Floral Leis are polyester and come in mixed tropical island colors. You won’t have to look elsewhere because Amazon has Moana-inspired Flowers available!

Available on

4. Moana Party Sticker:

You can’t just let your guests go home without taking some of the magic with them! The best birthday party deserves the best party favors. Think of something the kids can hold onto after the epic Moana-themed birthday. It could be a Moana doll, some yummy goodies, or anything that will someday remind them of their fun during that one special birthday!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it just needs to be memorable and well-thought. One great idea is this Moana Party Sticker which features favorite characters from the Disney Movie and which they can stick on their scrapbooks, journals, and diaries and look back on after some time! This set has twelve sheets with 240 stickers and 2 specialty stickers, and they’ll be in for so much sticker fun!

Available on

Best Games To Play at A Moana Party

To keep the little princesses entertained, you need to think of unique and refreshing party activities to make their experience as epic as Moana’s adventures. You can prepare a series of games that can serve the girls who will find exciting and fun, make sure that the activities keep up with the Moana theme of the party!

Can’t think of games? Here are some child-friendly and crowd-favorite games that work every time:

1. Moana Charades

One of the most crowd-favorite games of all time is Charades. Since this is a Moana Birthday Party, you can set the theme or category to “Moana” to narrow the possible words down and speed up the game.

The rules in playing Moana Charades are pretty simple. All you need to do is divide the group into two teams. Each team will have its turn; during each turn, a player from the playing team should volunteer. As a volunteer, you should guess the Moana character that the other team has chosen for you or you have randomly picked from a box full of names in strips of paper. You should act like the character that’s chosen for you or the one you randomly picked without making any sound, writing or saying anything.

The other team should guess the character within the agreed and allotted time. A correct guess corresponds to one point. You can continue playing until you want to or race to a specific score to determine the winner.

👉In need of more instructions for the game? Follow this link for more info on Charades!

2. Moana Trivia Game

Playing the Moana Trivia is quite simple. All you need to do is prepare lots of different questions about Moana, the movie, and its characters then you will have to take turns asking yourselves the questions. When playing it at a party, you can even turn it into a competitive game wherein each correct answer corresponds to a point for the team. The teams will compete to see which team gets the highest score and wins.

Here’s a list of some Moana-related questions to get you started:

1. What animal did Moana rescue when she was still young?

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fish
  • Turtle
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At the beginning of the movie, you will see a toddler Moana rescuing a baby turtle from the frigatebirds.

2. Who stole the heart of Te Fiti?

  • Maui
  • Moana
  • Sina
  • Te Ka
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Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart to give humans the power of creation.

3. Who chose Moana to return the heart of Te Fiti?

  • The ocean
  • The village chief
  • Maui
  • Te Ka
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Te Fiti

Even as a child, Moana and the ocean were connected. Little did she know that she was already chosen for a significant role.

4. What is the armor of the Kakamora made of?

  • Seashells
  • Leaves
  • Skulls
  • Coconuts
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They are actually a savage tribe who have coconut armor.

5. What song does Maui sing to Moana?

  • Thank You
  • You’re Welcome
  • I Love You
  • No Way
Show answer

You’re Welcome

“What can I say except, You’re Welcome!”, says Maui in the song.

Just like Moana, every girl dreams of something and wants to figure out their purpose in the world. We have something that we long to become someday. With this Moana-inspired birthday bash, one of your little girl’s dreams may have come true, and they’ll be even more inspired to achieve even more of their dreams in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning that party!!!

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