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Games are meant to be fun and relaxing for everyone. However, competitive games are even better with the time pressure and competition between players and teams. NBC has made the Minute To Win It show for the sake of entertainment and a test of skills and wit. Read on to know more about it!

What are Minute to Win It Games?

Minute to Win It games are games that involve players doing tasks linked or connected to simple day-to-day tasks using household items. The players should be able to finish each task in a minute or less in order to proceed to the next game. Failure to do so will mean game out for the player.

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The games in the show are mostly easy games for all ages that anyone can play at any party. They are perfect for family and friends looking to have a great and awesome time!

Top Ten Minute To Win It Games

Of all the Minute to Win It games, there are those that are ultimate crowd-favorites and that definitely stand out because of either their simplicity, popularity and/or uniqueness. Check out the top ten Minute to Win It games we selected just for you:

This is an easy, fun, and yummy game that can be quite funny for the onlookers and spectators to watch as it unfolds. There’s no limit to the number of players; as long as you still have a cookie for each player, you’re good to go! It’s one of the most popular games for kids.

All you need for this game is a cookie for each player. Each cookie must be placed on the players’ foreheads. The goal of the game is for the player to successfully eat the cookie without using his/her hands and just use his or her facial muscles. Drop the cookie and you’re out of the game.

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If you don’t want to play it with cookies, you can also you mini marshmallows. Yummy!

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2. Defying Gravity

Gravity is a force of nature and defying it would be a great challenge, especially if you have to focus on not just one, not just two but three objects! This challenging game will play with gravity and how to defy it in a minute straight.

All you need for this game are three regular-sized balloons for each player. When the timer starts, each player should be able to keep the three balloons up in the air without holding them for longer than a second, they can just juggle them in the air or blow them up or let the balloons bounce on their bodies. Fight against gravity’s pull on the balloons and keep them up for a minute!

3. Bottle to Bottle

This classic game is a lot like playing with an hourglass but this time, it won’t be smooth sand that you’ll be trying to transfer from one side to the other. This time, you’ll need either gummy bears or jelly beans placed inside a bottle then tape it mouth-to-mouth with another bottle.

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Every player should have his or her own bottle taped mouth-to-mouth with another bottle and with goodies inside. In under a minute, the players should try their best to transfer the contents of the first bottle to the second bottle. Just like most games, the more players the merrier!

4. Shamrock Shake

Any game that involves shaking your bum is quite adorable and hilarious to see and play. This is an example of those games. It’s both simple and easy to prepare and all you need is an empty box of Kleenex, some ping pong or tennis balls, a pair of pantyhose, and some tape. Prepare one set of these materials for each player.

The ping pong balls should be placed inside the empty Kleenex boxes. The boxes should be taped to the panty hose and taped around the player’s waist. The goal is for the player to shake, shake, shake until all the balls fall out.

5. Wrap it Up

As the name of the game suggests, this simple and no-nonsense game is all about wrapping things up. Instead of an object or a thing, the players should be paired up and given a roll of toilet paper. You might think that’s all to it but hold your horses!

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The goal of the game is for each team to entirely wrap one of the members in toilet paper in just one minute. Don’t stop until your partner becomes a mummy and/or you use up all your toilet paper.

6. Traffic Yam

This is sort of a weird racing game from a starting point to the finish line. As suggested by its name, it involves some kind of traffic and some kind of yam, instead of jam.

All you need for this racing game is lots of sweet potatoes for each player. Make sure that the sweet potato’s skin is already removed. Unlike any normal race, the players should be able to slide the sweet potatoes from one point to another by pushing them with their noses.

You might think that this is easy but try doing it for a full minute and with as many potatoes as you can then you might think otherwise!

7. Iron Man

If you’re used to using chopsticks then you’re 50% ready for this game. The Iron Man game is all about mastering your chopsticks skills and balance all in one minute! All you need for this game is a pair of chopsticks for each player and lots of iron nuts!

The goal of the game is for each player to use the chopsticks to pick the nuts and pile them on top of each other to make a tower of iron nuts. The player with the highest tower in one-minute wins!

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8. New Year’s Eve Countdown

This is a Christmas Holiday-inspired game that is super easy and won’t let you lift a finger! It’s actually a guessing game that will ask the players to arrange a number of boxes according to the number of bells inside the boxes (1-5).

All you need for this game are five empty boxes and fifteen bells. Put the bells inside the boxes, the first box should have one bell inside, the second two, and so on. Close the boxes and make sure that the insides won’t be visible. Scramble the boxes. Have the players take turns arranging the boxes according to the number of bells inside. The player who correctly guesses the correct 1-5 arrangement wins!

9. Obstacle Course

This make-believe adventure game might sound lame but with the right vibe and people, it is actually a whole lot of fun! You can match the theme of your obstacle course according to the theme of your party.

All you need to do is prepare an obstacle course of different items from one end of the room to the next. The setup must be in a way that the players can navigate around the course while they’re on a towel or a bath mat. The player who can finish the course in under a minute or fewer wins.

10. Choosing Cups

This is a very simple yet fun game of luck which is always a crowd-favorite! All you need for this game are 25 to 30 paper cups filled with water and arranged on a table. You will also need some stickers like around 10 or so stickers. Stick them at the bottom of some cups.

As suggested by the name of the game, the players should take turns trying to pick a cup with a card. Do all these in one minute and the player with the most stickered cups wins! No sweat!

Life will be too boring without fun and games! Here can you find more great party games to make your moments more memorable for your whole gang!

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