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From time to time, even adults need some break time off work and the other pressures of life. What better way to do this than to bring out your inner child with these fun-filled Minute to Win It games from the NBC game show that has always been the world’s favorite!

We have prepared some of the best party games for adults to make for an exciting minute per game for each player. They’re all easy and simple to play yet undeniably challenging and awesome.

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What are Minute to Win It Games?

Minute to Win It games are games that involve players doing tasks linked or connected to simple day-to-day tasks using household items. The players should be able to finish each task in a minute or less to proceed to the next game. Failure to do so will mean game out for the player.

The games in the show are mostly easy games for all ages that anyone can play at any party. They are perfect for family and friends looking to have a great and awesome time!

Top Ten Minute To Win It Games for Adults

Even adults enjoy games. The best games for adults are those that will make them forget about being adults and make them feel like they’re kids once more. Here is a game list of the top ten Minute to Win It games for Adults we selected just for you:

1. Rice Bowl

Bring out the Asian in you with this simple chopsticks game! All you need to prepare are some pairs of chopsticks, some bowls, and uncooked rice. Each player will have a pair of chopsticks, two bowls, and one of the bowls will have uncooked rice inside it.

The goal of each player is to use the chopsticks to transfer the uncooked rice into the other bowl. It might sound easy, but it really isn’t, especially if you’re not a pro with the chopsticks! Plus, the texture of the uncooked rice makes it much more challenging.

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2. Lego Builders

If you enjoyed building with lego blocks and considered yourself to be a master builder, then this is going to be a piece of cake for you. For this game, you will need an entire lego set, complete with all the blocks, instructions, and model image for the set.

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Before you start all the fun, the catch for this game is that you need to complete the set in just one minute. This just made the challenge a thousand times more complicated, right?

3. Pile of Kisses

This game will test how dexterous the players are. All you need for this game is a pile of chocolate Kisses. The object of the game is for each player to be given lots of Kisses and in just one minute, they should unwrap as many chocolates as they can.

Think it’s easy? Add a little shocking twist to the game by enforcing the game rule that the players can only use one hand to unwrap the chocolate Kisses! This game is oh-so-sweet!

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4. That’s a Wrap!

Do you consider yourself as someone who can do a perfect gift wrap? If yes, then you’ll enjoy this exciting game. All you need for this game are boxes, gift wrappers and some scotch tape.

The goal of the game is for each player to wrap the box perfectly (if they can) in just one minute. The finishing result of the players can be hilarious as they try their best to wrap the box as best as they can.

5. Name Dropper

Playing this game can test the knowledge, memory, and focus of the players. The game’s object is for each player to name as many stuff, name, people, places, animals, or anything else under each category agreed upon for every minute/round.

6. Wall Bounce

This is yet another ping pong ball game! The things you need for this game are ping pong balls, a bowl, and a wall on which you can bounce the ping pong balls. Place the bowl in front of the wall and try to let each ping pong ball bounce just once on the wall before it goes into the bowl.

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The objective of each player is to bounce as many ping pong balls as they can into the bowl within just one minute. Remember that only one bounce off the wall is permitted before the ball goes into the bowl.

7. Blindfolded Bowling

If you take frequent trips to the bowling alley, you’ll love this game. As its name suggests, you will be doing some bowling, but the catch is you should do it blindfolded. With the blindfold on, each player is given one minute to knock off all the pins or any alternative objects like cups or bottles in just one minute.

Since the player will be blindfolded in this one, there should be a team assigned to pick up the wayward balls and objects, and there should be someone who should hand the player the balls to be bowled.

8. Runny Nose

What do you need the most when you’re having colds and a runny nose? You got that right, tissue paper! Even though you don’t have a runny nose for this game, you’ll need lots and lots of tissue paper.

The game’s object is for the player to take all the tissue paper out of the box in just one minute. Think it’s easy? Well, the catch is you are only allowed to use one hand in executing the task.

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9. Penny Tower

For this simple and easy game, you need lots and lots of pennies! This game is great for both kids and adults. The goal of each player is to be able to build a penny tower as tall as they can in just one minute with just one hand!

You might think it’s as easy as pie, but the taller your penny tower is, the harder it is to keep it standing. It would help if you had balance, focus, and strategy to make your penny tower survive one exciting minute and let the judges measure it before it collapses.

10. Keep It Up

All you need for this simple game are single feathers and a lot of air in your lungs. The objective is to keep a feather afloat by blowing it up in the air in just one minute. Keep the feather afloat for one minute straight, and you’re good to go!

Playing games and fooling around now and then is pretty important for adults to stay sane in this demanding world of ours. These quick 60-second challenges will take you to cloud nine and make you forget how stressful life is.

Hungry for more Minute to Win It games and more? Follow the links for more game ideas!

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