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Easter will paint a picture of easter bunnies, candlelights, pastel colors, flowers, doves, rabbits, and lots of eggs in your head! That is why Easter is the perfect time for egg hunts and a lot of other egg games. If you have had enough of the old egg hunt, worry no more, we have prepared lots of alternative games that will make your Easter extra special this year!

To make it more exciting yet still simple and easy to prepare whenever and wherever you are, these games are inspired by the NBC hit game show, Minute to Win It, so that you’ll have ample time to play more and more games.

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What are Minute to Win It Games?

Minute to Win It games are games that involve players doing tasks linked or connected to simple day-to-day tasks using household items. The players should be able to finish each task in a minute or less in order to proceed to the next game. Failure to do so will mean game out for the player.

The games in the show are mostly easy games for all ages that anyone can play at any party. They are perfect for family and friends looking to have a great and awesome time!

Best Minute to Win It Easter Games

Here is a list of the top ten best Minute to Win It Easter games that you’ll surely enjoy:

1. Egg Dance

This game originated during the 16th century and is considered one of the traditional easter games. The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. All you need for this game are dozens of eggs, a blind fold and a dance routine that the players should perform.

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Since this is the Minute to Win It version of the game, each player is given one minute each to dance on a floor with dozens of eggs while blindfolded. The goal is to dance without cracking the least number of eggs on the floor.

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The score shall start with the number of eggs for each player and each cracked egg during the minute will mean a deduction to the score of each player. The highest score will be given to the player with the least number of cracked eggs.

2. Egg Relay

This game is yet another egg game whose goal is to prevent the eggs from cracking. All you need for this game are two baskets, one situated at the starting line and the other across the room at the finish line, a spoon and lots of eggs. The first basket will be filled with eggs and the second basket should be empty at the start of the game.

Since this is a Minute to Win It version of the game, each player will be given one minute to use the spoon to travel the eggs from the first basket to the second one across the room. One egg would correspond to one point. The player with the most eggs relayed to the second basket during the minute wins the game.

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3. Stacking Egg Halves

This is a super simple game that would easily be played and understood by kids. All you need for this game are plastic toy eggs that can be β€œcracked” in half. Each player will be given one minute in order to stack the egg halves and form a tower of egg halves. The taller the tower, the better. If the tower crumbles, the player should start over again. After a minute, the tower should be measured. The tallest tower of egg halves wins!

You can add more rules to the game like make sure to stack the tower of agg halves following a certain color pattern.

4. Matching Halves

This is yet another egg game fit for kids to play on Easter! It’s fun, simple and will test the kids’ color recognition abilities.All you need are plastic toy egg halves. Scramble the egg halves with different colors and give each player one minute to match and group the egg halves with the same colors and match the tops and bottoms to form the eggs. The more colors and egg halves, the merrier!

5. Standing Eggs

This game might seem, sound and look easy to you but once you start playing it, you’ll be surprised how challenging it actually is! All you need for this game are dozens of eggs and a long table on which the game will be played.

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To start the game, a timer set to one minute should be set. Once the timer starts, the player should try to make the eggs stand up straight on their bottoms. It’s not as easy as it looks, folks. It will take focus and balance in order to make eggs stand! Don’t be surprised if you get frustrated during the game.

6. Easter Egg Transfer

Compared to the other egg games, this egg game is different because it will require dozens of cooked/hard boiled eggs that are already out of the eggshells. Other than the hard boiled eggs you will need 2 bowls and chopsticks.

The goal of the game is to transfer as many hard boiled eggs as you can from one bowl into another with the use of chopsticks in just one minute. If you’re a chopsticks pro then this game would be a piece of cake but if not, just pray to the Easter Bunny that you can hop your way through the game.

7. Straw Transfer

In this easter egg game, you will need your plastic toy eggs again, a straw for each player and cups. Just like the other games, it’s super easy peasy. The goal of the game is to transfer as many egg halves as you can into the cup by sucking in air through the straw, thereby sucking one egg half at a time and putting it into the cup.

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Each player will be given a minute to suck in as many egg halves as he or she can. At the end of the minute, the egg halves will be counted and the player with the most egg halves transferred will be declared the winner.

8. Easter, No Fingers

As the name of the game suggests, you won’t be using any of your fingers for this game (even if you wish you could!). All you need for this game are candies and a pair of oven mitts. The ultimate goal of the game is to unwrap as many easter candies as you can without the use of your fingers, while wearing oven mitts. It might sound easy but it can be pretty frustrating!

Since this is a Minute to Win It version, you will be given only one minute and the unwrapped candies will be counted at the end of one minute. One unwrapped candy will correspond to one point. The more candies, the more points for you.

9. Candy-Stack

The rules of this game is pretty much like the Egg Stacking game but this time, instead of eggs, you will be stacking Starburst candies. Starburst candies are box-shaped, fruit-flavored candies manufactured by The Wrigley Company, which is now a subsidiary by Mars, Incorporated.

The goal of the game is to stack as many Starburst candies as you can in just one minute. The taller your candy tower, the more chances of winning the game. If your tower crashes, you need to build it from the ground up!

10. Bowl-a-Beans

This is another fun and exciting easter transfer game. Instead of eggs, this game’s goal is for the players to transfer as many jelly bean candies as they can with the use of a spoon maneuvered with their mouths instead of their hands, from one bowl to another empty bowl.

Each player will be given one minute to do so and at the end of one minute, the jelly beans successfully transferred into the second bowl will be counted. The player with the most jelly beans transferred will be the winner.

πŸ‘‰ Easter is the time of the year when people give each other easter eggs and easter bunnies and when people launch easter egg hunts in gardens. Interested in more party game ideas? Follow these links for more Party Games and Party Games for Two!

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