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Kiddie costume parties will forever be etched in the memories of a child. Every year added to their young lives is better marked with a festive and unique celebration. As parents, you have the chance to make your children’s birthdays a time in their lives that they’ll never forget. Let your creativity take flight and make your children’s birthdays extra special!

What is a mermaid birthday party? {#what-is-a-mermaid-birthday-party?}

Every little child has dreamt of becoming a mermaid at least a couple of times in life! If your kid is a beach-loving little mermaid, then the best party theme to choose would be a Mermaid birthday party wherein they could exchange their feet for some glittery fins and wear seashells as crowns just for a day. It doesn’t have to be actually at the beach, and if you have a pool at home or even an inflatable one will do, then you’re good to go!

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Best Mermaid Party Supplies

To throw the best mermaid birthday party, you can choose a color palette of purple, aqua blue, and teal, which will match your party’s under-the-sea and mermaid vibe! You should also stock up on party supplies, decors, and even gift ideas that are all mermaid-inspired.

With the emergence of various online stores, you have access to many options for mermaid party supplies. Can’t wait to purchase the party decors and favors for your upcoming birthday celebration? Here are our handpicked mermaid party supplies available online and in the market:

1. Mermaid Party Decorations

Watch the awe in your children’s faces and see how delighted they will be by the sight of an underwater fantasyland for little mermaid princesses! Their imagination and dream will come to life before their very eyes with the help of the best mermaid birthday party supplies and decorations from posters, standees, banners, balloons, and more!

With the help of these mermaid decorations, you’ll be sure to create a magically beautiful and enchanting venue for the kids and guests. What’s so great about them is that they’re ready to use, easy to assemble, recyclable, and look oh-so-pretty that your kid would cry if you take them down the next day!

Follow this link and get these perfect Mermaid Party Decorations at a very affordable price:

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2. Mermaid Cake Topper

What’s a birthday party without a cake? And what’s a cake without some unique and premium cake toppers that will make your cakes and cupcakes look too good to eat. These cupcakes will surely grab your guests’ attention and add to the fantastical and adorable ambiance of the party.

The best mermaid cake toppers are mermaid tails, seahorses, conches, starfish, and shell-shaped decorations. These Mermaid Cake Toppers are very suitable for the mermaid-themed party you will throw!

Available on

Best Mermaid Costume for Kids

You can’t really call it a mermaid-themed birthday without the celebrant showing up in the cutest mermaid costume, glittery fins, and seashells. If you pride yourself on being an artsy parent, you can check online for various DIY mermaid costumes you can do at home!

If you haven’t got the time to sew or make your little one their tail and the rest of the costume, fret not, for we have here the best mermaid costume for kids. This one is non-itchy, comfortable, and of deluxe quality, so you’ll be sure to have your money’s worth, and you’ll be sure that your princess will love it!

Follow this link for the Best Mermaid Costume for kids:

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Mermaid Party Favors

You can’t just let your guests go home without taking some of the magic with them! The best birthday party deserves the best party favors. Think of something that the kids can hold onto after the magical underwater fantasy birthday. It could be a toy mermaid, a special seashell of some kind, or anything that will someday remind them of their fun during that special mermaid birthday!

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be memorable and well-thought. One great idea is Mermaid Purses! You can have mermaid tail coin purses with different colors made of lots of sequins, and you can strap them with little thank you messages or a picture of the celebrant and her age at that time:

Available on

Before your little one grows up to conquer the world, let their imagination get them. Let them swim in the depths of their greatest fantasies and fears as they try to discover who they indeed are. This way, if the world is a great big sea, they will not be mere fishies. They will be mermaids who possess beauty, wonder, and courage to chase their dreams no matter how impossible they seem!

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