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Annyeonghaseyo! Do you love KPop and games? Then you’re in for a treat! Combine the best of both worlds with a game of KPop “Would You Rather” questions.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting to explore the world of KPop, this list of 50+ questions is sure to challenge and entertain you. So, grab your favorite idol’s lightstick and get ready to make some tough choices like a true fan!

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How to Play KPop “Would You Rather”

KPop Would You Rather is a social game played with two or more players. It’s as easy as the classic game of “Would You Rather” - players are given two scenarios and they have to choose which one they would rather do.

The catch? Both options will be related to KPop, making it a fun and challenging experience for all fans. To play this game, begin by gathering your fellow KPop fans and decide who goes first.

Ask the first question following the format: “Would you rather [option 1] or [option 2]?”

For example, “Would you rather attend a BTS concert or a Blackpink concert?”

How tough! Everyone takes turns answering the question, giving their reasoning behind their choice. The game continues with players taking turns asking questions until everyone has had a chance to answer at least one. Have fun and let the debates begin!

Play KPop “Would You Rather” Online

Looking for an easy way to think of questions for your next game of KPop “Would You Rather”? Head over to our online KPop “Would You Rather” question generator!

Simply download our free app or visit our website to get over 1,000 “Would You Rather” questions. With various categories such as “Party” “Crazy,” and “Hot,” you’ll never run out of exciting options!

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“Would You Rather” K-Pop Questions

Enough talking, let’s get to the good stuff - the questions! If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, try answering these “Would You Rather” KPop questions.

1. Would You Rather learn Hangul first or learn the vocabulary in Korean?

There isn’t a correct way to learn a new language. But Hangul is actually pretty easy! You just have to memorize a few characters. Their vocabulary, on the other hand, is extremely tricky to learn. Especially sentence structure!

2. Would You Rather be part of YG, JYP, SM, or HYBE (Formerly Big Hit)?

These are only some of the entertainment companies in the K-pop industry. But these companies have produced the biggest groups in K-pop today.

3. If you could bring back one group, Would You Rather bring back 2NE1, Wonder Girls, or Wanna One?

All groups have been a massive success worldwide but eventually disbanded. Remember the “Nobody” phase everyone went through in 2013? 😂

4. Would You Rather be part of the vocal line or the dance line?

Even though all members of the group have to do both, there’s still a subset who’s focused on either. Given that I’m not the greatest dancer out there, maybe the vocal line’s for me 😅

5. Would You Rather see your favorite group in concert and have front-row seats or meet only your bias for 30 mins?

But I love all of them! Even though I love my bias 😫😫

6. Would You Rather have your bias aegyo all the time or see only their sexy side?

Two of my biggest weaknesses. Either way, I probably won’t be able to handle it.

7. Would You Rather be part of your favorite group’s makeup team or their security team?

Can you just imagine being that close to them 😳

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8. If you had to choose, Would You Rather be a fan of your favorite group during their debut or at the peak of their career?

As someone who only became a fan at the peak of their career, I wish for nothing but to have been a fan from the start 😢

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9. Would You Rather be able to buy all merch but never get your bias’ photocard or get lucky and pull your bias’ photocard but can only buy merch once a year?

Merch is life!! 😂

10. Would You Rather live in an alternate universe where your favorite group members are normal people (where you can befriend them) or remain living in today’s times?

So the question is, would you rather know them as idols or just as who they are?

“This or That” KPop Challenge

Ready for a quick round of KPop “This or That”? See if you can make these tough choices in this rapid-fire challenge!

1. Would You Rather have a collaboration between BTS and Blackpink or BTS and Twice?

Both collaborations would be legendary, but which one would top your playlist?

2. Would You Rather dance to “Psycho” by Red Velvet or “Dalla Dalla” by Itzy?

Two iconic girl group songs, but which one has the perfect choreography for you?

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3. Would You Rather only listen to debut KPop songs for a year or only listen to the latest releases for a month?

Debut songs carry the raw essence of a group’s beginning, while the latest tracks showcase their current vibes. Tough pick!

4. Would You Rather attend every KPop concert in your country or travel to South Korea for one dream concert?

Experience the energy locally at every show or embark on a pilgrimage to the heart of KPop culture for a once-in-a-lifetime event?

5. Would You Rather learn the dance moves from BTS’s “Dynamite” or EXO’s “Love Shot”?

Time to decide which choreography would be your ultimate dance challenge!

6. Would You Rather have a wardrobe designed by G-Dragon or Taeyeon?

Whether it’s the bold, trendsetting choices of G-Dragon or the classy, elegant touch of Taeyeon, your fashion game will surely level up.

7. Would You Rather star in a KPop music video or be the main character in a K-Drama alongside your favorite idol?

Will you shine in the music spotlight or dive into dramatic scenes with Korea’s finest?

8. Would You Rather sing a duet with IU or have a rap battle with CL?

It’s a tough choice between sweet melodies and fierce rhymes!

9. Would You Rather take a selfie with Lisa from Blackpink or have V from BTS photobomb your picture?

One’s a guaranteed glam shot, the other is a surprise you can’t plan!

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10. Would You Rather be stuck on a deserted island with the members of Seventeen or Red Velvet?

A survival scenario with a twist; who do you think will make the best team?

11. Would You Rather have your favorite idol remember you every time you meet or get a shoutout on their social media?

Personal recognition, or public acknowledgment - your fan heart be still!

12. Would You Rather do a commercial with the members of GOT7 or record a holiday song with Twice?

Imagine the fun of either shooting an ad or spreading holiday cheer with these idols!

13. Would You Rather win a dance-off judged by J-Hope or a singing contest judged by Ailee?

Impress these icons with your moves or vocals and make your mark.

14. Would You Rather have a theme park date with Kang Daniel or a cozy book café date with RM?

An adrenaline-pumping day or a tranquil reading session - choose your date vibe!

15. Would You Rather be a master at writing KPop hits or be an expert at producing KPop beats?

Will you pen the next chart-topping lyrics or lay down the sickest beats in the industry?

BTS “Would You Rather” Questions

You know what they say, “Once you JimIN, you can’t JimOUT!” Here are BTS “Would You Rather” questions that will make you scream! Let’s go, ARMY! 💜

1. Would You Rather get lost with Taehyung in a foreign country or get lost with RM?

You’ll never know what will happen if either one of these happens. 😂 It’s going to be chaotic.

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2. Would You Rather be with the boys during In The Soop or any season in Bon Voyage?

Imagine just being yourselves with one another, and of course, being able to relax with them! 😍

3. Would You Rather relive the DNA era or the Dope era?

AH! It’s so hard to choose! Everything’s so perfect!

4. Who between the 95s Would You Rather spend the day with, Jimin or Taehyung?

You can never tell what will happen if you spend the day with either of them 😉

5. Would You Rather work out with Jungkook or dance with J-Hope?

Which is scarier? Hmm 😶

6. Would You Rather have RM as your leader or J-Hope as your dance coach?

If you guys didn’t know, they can be really intimidating with their respective roles.

7. Would You Rather be on EatJin, Hope on the Street, or TaeTae FM?

Ah, I miss their sudden VLIVE moments 😭

8. Would You Rather have all of the TinyTan merch or BT21’s?

Why can’t I have it all? 😩

9. Would You Rather eat tangerines with Suga or eat strawberries with Taehyung?

The love that they have for those fruits is so cute 😍

10. Who Would You Rather vote as the bigger Slytherin, Suga or Jimin?

I swear, the Slytherin vibes overflow with these two. 😂

TWICE “Would You Rather” Questions

Feeling the ONCE love? We can’t blame you! Here are TWICE “Would You Rather” questions to test your loyalty and see if you can make the toughest choices for our favorite nine-member girl group.

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1. Would You Rather dance ballet with Mina or be in the same dance class as Momo?

I’d probably end up just staring, so either would do. 🙅

2. Would You Rather go to the same school as Dahyun or be neighbors with Nayeon?

One step closer to being friends with them! 🙏

3. Would You Rather have a movie marathon with Mina or Chaeyoung?

Fluffy queens! 😌

4. Would You Rather cuddle with Sana or Jihyo?

Ah, it would probably be so comforting to cuddle with either of them 😍

5. Would You Rather attend a TWICE concert or go to a Fansign event?

Imagine being able to be that close to them 😳

6. Would You Rather have your bias sing to you or dedicate a song to you?

Can you just imagine them looking into your eyes while singing to you? [faints]

7. Who would you rather have as roommates, Jihyo/Nayeon/Sana/Mina, Jeongyeon/Momo, or Dahyung/Chaeyoung/Tzuyu?

Can’t we all just share one room? 😩

8. Would You Rather have the leadership skills of Jihyo or the vocal skills of Jeongyeon?

Jihyo is a great leader, and Jeongyeon has a beautiful voice. It’s so hard to choose! 😤

9. Would You Rather have Tzuyu’s looks or Dahyun’s rapping skills?

Tzuyu is TWICE’s visual for a reason 😉

10. Would You Rather go shopping with Mina or eat out with Momo?

I can’t help it. I’m already excited just thinking about this! 😁

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EXO “Would You Rather” Questions

Obsessed with EXO? Same here! Let’s see if you can handle these “Would You Rather” questions that will make you choose between your ultimate biases and even EXO’s sub-units.

1. Would You Rather have DO cook for you or have a picnic with Xiumin?

Oh my goodness, can’t I have both? 😢

2. Whose voice Would You Rather have, Chen’s, Baekhyun’s, or Kyungsoo’s?

I’ll just choose to be voiceless. It’s too hard to pick! 😭

3. Would You Rather have dance lessons with Kai or singing lessons with Baekhyun?

I’m so afraid I’d embarrass myself in front of either one of them 😂

4. Would You Rather spend a day in China with Yixing or go cycling with Minseok?

Why is it just a day, and why is it only cycling? 😠

5. Would You Rather be Vivi or Toben?

Can I just be WITH them instead of being someone? 😂

6. Would You Rather attend a regular OT9 concert or a one-time OT12 concert?

Let’s go for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 😍

7. Would You Rather have an English album or a Japanese album comeback?

I’d support the boys in any way, so let’s go! 🙌

8. Would You Rather be with Sehun in an episode of Busted or co-star with SUHO in a play?

How fun would it be to be on either one of these? 😄

9. Would You Rather play the Nickname Game with EXO or play the Frying Pan Game with them?

I would probably end up dying of laughter with either one of these 😂

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10. Would You Rather relive the Growl era or the Call Me Baby era?

Such majestic eras! How do I choose between the two?

Blackpink “Would You Rather” Questions

Blackpink in your area! Get ready, BLINKs, for some tough “Would You Rather” questions about the powerhouse girl group. Will you be able to make the ultimate decisions and choose between Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo? How you like that? 😉

1. Would You Rather have Lisa’s dance skills or her rapping skills?

Lisa is so fierce. I don’t know if I could handle having either one of these skills 😵

2. Who Would You Rather have a solo next, Lisa or Jisoo?

Two down, two more to go! 😍

3. Would You Rather memorize the choreography to DDU-DU DDU-DU or Kill This Love?

I don’t care. I’ll do both! 😂

4. Who Would You Rather see perform their solo tracks, Jennie or Rosé?

But both of them are so good, can’t I go to both shows? 😓

5. Would You Rather hear Jennie play the piano or the flute?

Just think about how relaxing that would be 😌

6. Would You Rather go for a walk with Jisoo and Dalgom or with Jennie, Kai, and Kuma?

Cuteness overload either way 😍

7. Would You Rather have Jennie cook for you or have Rosé sing songs for you?

I bet Jennie is a fantastic cook 😋

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8. Would You Rather pick sexy guys or cute guys?

Are you like Jennie, who prefers the sexy ones, or the other members who prefer the cute ones? 😉

9. Would You Rather have Lisa’s multilingual abilities or Rosé’s cheerleading skills?

Why are these women so talented? 😩 I just love them!

10. Would You Rather be present at all their dance practices or have a backstage pass to one of their concerts?

I’d be in awe in either situation. 😌

We told you, these questions were tough! But that’s all part of the fun when it comes to being a KPop fan. Whether you’re an ARMY, ONCE, EXO-L, or BLINK, we hope you enjoyed this “Would You Rather” game and got to know yourself as a KPop fan even more.

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