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Kissing games are a classic part of teenage parties. They are fun and flirty and can be a great way to sneak in kisses and moments with your crush. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little drama and romance?

If you’re planning a party or just looking to add excitement to your hangouts with friends, here are the top 7 kissing games for teenagers that will get hearts racing. Trust us, your friends will thank you for it!

1. “Truth or Dare”

This classic favorite game has an original version. It’s a party game that centers on letting the players get to know each other through questions and challenges/commands they give one another.

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It’s up to the players to incorporate kissing in their rounds of “Truth or Dare”!

How to Play “Truth or Dare”

Prepare the questions and dares ahead of time. Write them on paper strips and put them in separate containers labeled “Truth” and “Dare”.

1. Decide who starts the game. To start the game, the players can agree on who will have the first turn, or you can start with the youngest player. The other players will ask themthem, ”Truth or Dare?”

For the ones who choose truth, ask them a question they need to answer honestly. For those who choose dare, give them a challenge or command they must do.

2. Rotate players clockwise. After each turn, rotate the players so everyone can be asked and challenged.

3. Alter the rules as needed. If you want things to get steamier, you can change the dares and questions accordingly. You can also set a time limit for answering or completing challenges.

Play “Truth or Dare” Online

With all the excitement this kissing game brings, don’t wait until the next party to play the game. Play it with your friends on our online “Truth or Dare” game and download apps for Android and iOS users:

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Best Kissing Dares

Can’t think of how to dare the other players to start smooching? Here are some of the best kissing dares you can use for your next game:

1. Kiss the player to your right/left.

Oh, how you wish you were seated next to your crush!

2. Kiss the most attractive person in the group on the lips.

They would be flattered!

3. Kiss your crush on the lips!

This is your chance!

4. Kiss someone wearing red on the cheeks and yellow on the lips.

You can change up the colors and make things more interesting.

5. Give the person next to you a French kiss.

Are you nervous? Excited? Both?!

6. Pretend that you’re making out with someone imaginary for one minute straight.

You do your thing! The other players will be laughing their asses out, but at least you’re giving everyone a good time.

7. Make out with someone of the same/opposite gender.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it!

8. Give the person to your left/right a hickey.

This is going to be fun!

9. Lick your lips thrice and proceed to kiss the person closest to you.

Lip lickin’ good! It will be a bit sloppy and gross because there will be more saliva than normal, but ace the test!

10. Kiss every player in the game on the lips.

You’re up for so much action! Make sure you have some breath mints or spray ready!

11. Kiss someone with your eyes closed.

The suspense of not knowing who you’re kissing adds to the thrill!

12. Kiss the last person who texted you.

Time to check those recent messages and reveal a hidden affection.

13. Kiss someone while holding your breath for 10 seconds.

The challenge adds a fun twist to the kiss.

14. Kiss someone for 30 seconds without breaking apart.

This one will surely turn up the heat in the game.

15. Kiss someone while standing on one leg.

A balancing act combined with a kiss is pretty tricky!

16. Kiss someone and whisper a secret in their ear as you do.

A moment both intimate and intriguing.

17. Kiss someone using only your nose and lips touching.

The Eskimo kiss is sweet and different!

18. Kiss someone while the rest of the group counts out loud.

It will make everyone feel engaged and add a little pressure!

19. Kiss someone on the forehead and tell them one thing you like about them.

A tender gesture that can also boost confidence.

20. Kiss someone and compliment them right after.

Sweet words make the kiss even more memorable!

2. “Spin the Bottle”

Here’s another game that is commonly turned into a kissing party game! “Spin the Bottle” is a classic game where players spin the bottle in a circle. The person who gets pointed by the bottle will kiss the spinner in various parts of the body!

How to play “Spin the Bottle”

The rules of the game are pretty simple. Everyone should sit, kneel, or stand in a circle formation.

1. In the center of the circle, a bottle should be placed upright.

After that, one person starts the game by spinning the bottle.

2. Whoever the bottle points to when it stops spinning is the person that the spinner has to kiss.

That’s pretty much it!

3. Add variations to the game.

If you want to add more excitement or spice things up a bit, there are variations of the game that you can also try out. One variation is that instead of making out, the person to whom the bottle points must do a dare.

Another variation is that the person who spins the bottle gets to choose which body part of the chosen person they want to kiss. This adds control and anticipation to the game.

Play “Spin the Bottle” Online

Don’t have a bottle at hand with your friends? You can play the game virtually with our online Spin the Bottle game and download apps for Android and iOS users:

Play Spin the Bottle online

Best Kissing Dare ideas

Feeling adventurous? Try out these kissing dares when playing Spin the Bottle:

1. Kiss the hand of the person on your left.

How sweet!

2. Kiss someone’s neck for three minutes.

It’s a bit intense but exciting!

3. Give the chosen person a sensual massage followed by a kiss on the back of their neck.

This will surely set the mood!

4. Kiss the person to your right on their earlobe.

Tickle and tease with this one.

5. French kiss someone for two minutes straight.

Make it steamy and passionate!

6. Kiss the person next to you on the back of their hand.

A gentle and respectful gesture!

7. Kiss the person to your left on the cheek.

Keep it friendly and light-hearted.

8. Kiss the air next to someone as if you were kissing them.

A fun and safe way to engage everyone.

9. Blow a kiss to someone across the room.

It’s charming and keeps everyone involved.

10. Kiss the palm of the person to your right.

Sweet and not too personal.

11. Kiss someone on the forehead.

A caring and affectionate action.

12. Kiss the top of someone’s hand like a prince or princess.

Add a fairytale touch to the game.

13. Kiss someone’s shoulder.

A relaxed and friendly kiss.

14. Kiss someone on the cheek and compliment them.

Make it kind and positive!

15. Give someone an Eskimo kiss.

Touch noses and enjoy the moment.

16. Kiss someone’s hand and say something nice about them.

Spread good vibes with your kiss.

17. Kiss the top of someone’s head gently.

Show gentle affection without crossing any boundaries.

18. Kiss someone’s cheek and say something that makes them smile.

A cheerful and uplifting dare.

19. Give the person next to you a pretend kiss on the cheek from a distance.

Keep it fun and light!

20. Kiss someone’s nose.

A cute and playful kiss!

3. 7 Minutes in Heaven

Ever dreamed of being alone with someone you have a crush on? 7 Minutes in Heaven is the perfect game! In a nutshell, two people are chosen to go into a closet for seven minutes and do whatever they want. After the seven minutes is up, the door is opened and the two come out.

How to play 7 Minutes in Heaven

The rules of this kissing game are pretty straightforward. Here are the 7 rules of 7 Minutes in Heaven:

1. Find your partner! There should be an even number of players, and everyone should be given a partner as the group decides.

2. What’s your heaven? It should have a dark room or area, like a closet.

3. Spend your minutes! Each pair will take turns spending 7 minutes each in the darkroom or “heaven”.

4. No phones! While in “heaven”, cellphones are forbidden.

5. Lock the door! The door to “heaven” must be locked while a pair is in there.

6. Next, please! After each pair’s 7 minutes is up, they should be let out, and the next pair should take their turn.

7. Just for fun! Everyone should be sporty about the game and avoid forcing other pairs to divulge what they did in “heaven”.

4. Suck and Blow

This dirty-sounding game does not have anything dirty about it. It’s a short description of what you should do in the game. It’s another kissing game for your next party!

How to play Suck and Blow

Suck and Blow is an interactive card and kissing party game that will surely spice up your parties and take them to the next level. This game involves cards and lips, so you will want to make sure you brush your teeth and wipe off your lip glosses and tints!

1. Gather your materials. All you need for this game is one card, which you will pass around during the game. Have everyone seated in a circle formation.

2. Decide as a group who holds the card first. The first player should put the card on their lips and suck on it as they try to pass it to the next player. The next player should receive the card using their lips, too.

3. Don’t drop the card! The game continues until someone messes up and kisses the person next to them. A piece of advice: this is the perfect opportunity to kiss your crush by making it seem like you fumbled and dropped the card. It’s time for some smoochin’!

5. Guess Who?

This might be one of the most thrilling kissing games because you are guaranteed to kiss or be kissed in this game! It’s just a matter of who you’re gonna kiss or who’s kissing you!

How to play Guess Who?

Guess Who is a kissing party game that will test how much the players physically know each other and how aware they are of each other. The rules of the game are simple. Players should each take turns being blindfolded, and during each turn, someone will kiss them.

1. Choose your order. The group should decide on an order for the players to go in.

2. Blindfold your first player. The chosen player should be blindfolded and then turned around a few times so they don’t know which direction they’re facing.

3. Kissers, take your positions! The other players or “kissers” should now line up and take turns kissing the blindfolded person.

4. Identify the kisser! After each kiss, the blindfolded person should try to guess who kissed them.

5. Keep going until everyone gets a turn! The game can continue for another round after every player has had a turn, being the blindfolded one.

6. Kiss Tag

This kissing game is a fun twist on the classic game of tag! Instead of just tagging someone, you have to kiss them!

How to play Kiss Tag

Kiss Tag is a flirty and playful game that will get everyone’s heart racing. Here are the steps to playing this exciting game.

1. Choose who will be “it”. Like in regular tag, one player should be chosen as “it”. 2. Set boundaries. The players should agree on the boundaries of the game. **3. Start tagging! **When “it” tags someone, they must kiss them on the cheek or forehead. **4. Try not to get caught! **The goal is to avoid getting tagged and kissed by “it”. **5. Keep playing until everyone has had a turn being “it”. **The game can continue for multiple rounds so that everyone can be the kisser and the one being kissed.

7. Kiss the Celebrity

Have you ever been told that you look like a certain celebrity? Now’s your chance to milk that for all it’s worth! In this game, players will be allowed to kiss their celebrity crush.

How to play Kiss the Celebrity

This game is perfect for a group of friends who are fans of celebrities. Here’s how to play:

1. Write down the names of celebrities on slips of paper. The group should agree on a list of celebrities beforehand and write their names on individual slips of paper.

2. Fold and put in a bowl or hat. Put all the slips into a bowl or hat.

3. Draw a name. Each player will take turns picking a slip of paper and seeing which celebrity they “get to kiss”.

4. Have fun! After each round, the slips of paper can be put back into the bowl so players can kiss different celebrities.

5. Keep playing until everyone’s had enough kisses! The game can continue for multiple rounds or until everyone has had their fill of kissing their celebrity crushes.

Kissing games are not only fun but also serve as an excuse for people to engage in flirtatious and playful behavior with someone they have a crush on. Always be respectful and ask for permission before kissing someone, even in a game setting.

With these seven games, you’ll have a great time with your friends at your next party! So grab some friends, get into the spirit of the game, and pucker up for memorable kisses!

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