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Indian Poker is easy to learn and is the perfect drinking game for any party. But be warned – it can get pretty wild! Grab your drinks and follow along as we show you how to play and give you all the rules of this classic poker game!

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How to Play Indian Poker

Indian Poker is all about sticking cards to your forehead and hoping that you have the highest card for the round. In this twisted poker version, you see everyone’s card except your own. Based on the other cards that are visible, you must decide if you want to fold or stay in the round.

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If you participate in the round, you should hope that your card is the highest. If so, you are the winner, and every other player must drink.

Equipment for Indian Poker

Before we get into the details, let’s look at what you need to play Indian Poker. We’re sure you already have most of the things that are necessary for this game:

  • Cards – You need a regular deck of cards
  • Drinks - Any kind of drink will do; it’s totally up to your preference.
  • Players – The more, the better! Indian Poker is best with 4-7 players.

Now you’re ready to start the game!

Indian Poker Rules

Are you ready to learn the rules of Indian Poker? The drinking game version of Indian Poker doesn’t require much skill, but you still need to know the rules before playing. So let’s get into it – here are all the rules of the Indian Poker drinking game:

1. Prepare your drinks

Each player should have a drink ready for the game. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink – it can be a beer, wine, or whatever you prefer.

2. Choose a dealer

Choose a player to be the dealer. They will shuffle the deck of cards and deal one single card face-down to each player.

3. Stick your card to your forehead

After the dealer has dealt out all the cards, each player should stick their card to their forehead. Alternatively, you can just hold the card against your forehead. Just make sure that your card is visible to the other players.

4. Decide if you want to stay in or fold

Each round, you must decide whether you want to stay in the game or fold. You can only base your decision on what cards the other players have. If you think your card may be the highest, you can choose to stay in the round. If you think it may be the lowest, you should fold.

5. Reveal your cards and drink

Once all the players have decided if they want to stay in or fold, it’s time to reveal your cards.

  • The player who stayed in the game and had the highest card wins the round and doesn’t have to drink.
  • Players who stayed in the game and had a lower card than the winner must drink the difference between their card’s and the winning card’s values.
  • Players who folded and had a lower card than the winner must take two sips.
  • Players who folded and had a higher card than the winner must drink their card’s value.

6. Start a new round

Once a round is over, the dealer should collect all the cards, and the process starts all over again. The next dealer can be chosen by whoever won the last round, or you can just pass it to the left.

And that’s how you play the drinking game version of Indian Poker! Keep playing as many rounds as you like and as always, know your limits and drink responsibly. For more fun drinking games, check out our complete collection of drinking and party games! 🎉

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