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A good drinking game is like a good cocktail – it’s simple, enjoyable, and adds something extra to the experience. One of our favorites is “Indian Poker”, a simple one-card poker game perfect for a night of drinks with friends.

Planning a gathering with friends or family? Looking to spice up your usual game night? Want to try something new and exciting for your next party? We’ll show you how to play “Indian Poker” and introduce you to the rules of this fun drinking game.

How to Play “Indian Poker”

“Indian Poker” is about sticking cards to your forehead and hoping you have the highest card for the round. In this twisted poker version, you see everyone’s card except yours.

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Based on the other cards that are visible, you must decide if you want to fold or stay in the round. If you participate in the round, you should hope that your card is the highest. The person with the highest card wins, and every other player must drink!

Equipment for “Indian Poker”

Before we get into the details, let’s consider what you need to play “Indian Poker”. We’re sure you already have most of the things that are necessary for this game:

  • Cards: – You need a regular deck of cards
  • Drinks: - Any drink will do; it’s up to your preference.
  • Players: – The more, the better! “Indian Poker” is best with 4-7 players.

Now you’re ready to start the game!

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“Indian Poker” gameplay

Ready to play “Indian Poker”? The drinking game version of “Indian Poker” doesn’t require much skill, but you still need to know the rules before playing. So let’s get into it – here are all the rules of the “Indian Poker” drinking game:

1. Prepare your drinks

Each player should have a drink ready for the game. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink – it can be a beer, wine, or whatever you prefer.

2. Choose a dealer

Choose a player to be the dealer. They will shuffle the deck of cards and deal one single card face-down to each player.

3. Stick your card to your forehead

After the dealer has dealt out all the cards, each player should stick their card to their forehead. Alternatively, you can just hold the card against your forehead.

Just make sure that your card is visible to the other players.

4. Decide if you want to stay in or fold

You must decide whether to stay in the game or fold each round. Your decision can only be based on the other players’ cards.

If you think your card may be the highest, you can choose to stay in the round. If you think it may be the lowest, you should fold.

5. Reveal your cards and drink

Once all the players have decided whether to stay in or fold, it’s time to reveal your cards.

  • The player who stays in the game with the highest card wins the round and doesn’t have to drink.
  • Players who stayed in the game and had a lower card than the winner must drink the difference between their card’s and the winning card’s values.
  • Players who folded and had a lower card than the winner must take two sips.
  • Players who folded and had a higher card than the winner must drink their card’s value.

6. Start a new round

Once a round is over, the dealer should collect all the cards, and the process starts again. Whoever won the last round can choose the next dealer, or you can just pass it to the left. You can play the “Indian Poker” game as long as you want!

“Indian Poker” Rules

Playing “Indian Poker” is all about strategy, luck, and a little bit of risk-taking. To make sure you’re on top of your game each round, follow these tips and rules:

1. Decide whether to stay in or fold based on the other players’ cards.

Since you can’t see your own card, you have to rely on the cards of the other players that are visible. If most of them have high-value cards (like Aces or Kings), you should consider folding.

If most of them have low-value cards (like 2s or 3s), stay in the “Indian Poker” game.

2. Read your opponents’ body language.

Sometimes, players may reveal hints about their cards through their facial expressions or movements. Pay attention to these clues and use them to your advantage.

3. Stick with bluffing if you need more confidence in your card’s value.

If you have a low-value card but can convince the other players that it’s high, go for it! Just make sure you’re a good bluffer.

4. Remember to have fun and drink responsibly.

Remember, the main goal of this game is to have a good time with your friends. So don’t take it too seriously, and always drink responsibly!

All set for the drinking game version of “Indian Poker”? Grab some drinks, gather your friends, and get ready for a wild ride! Cheers!

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