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Playing games for the brain is beneficial in many ways! Forget boring games that make you drool, the Trivia Game is something you should look forward to and something that should be part of your game nights. Here is everything you should know about the Trivia Game:

What is the Trivia Game?

The Trivia Game is an all-time favorite game that is usually played in bars and pubs all over the world. Playing the Trivia Game is quite simple. All you need to do is prepare lots of different categories and questions for each category then you will have to take turns asking each other the questions.

You can even turn it into a competitive trivia night wherein each correct answer corresponds to a point the teams will compete to see which team gets the highest score and wins! For this version of the game, you need a trivia host who will be the quizmaster. The quizmaster reads all the questions, decides who answers first and if the team gets a point.

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Are you one of the trivia lovers? You don’t have to wait until your next game night or party to play! You can actually play it anytime, anywhere when you feel like it.

The Original Trivia is filled with questions out of different categories. Those can range from current events, science, entertainment, and more!

👉 Follow this link to know more about the game and have some awesome and competitive fun on your next online game night: Online Trivia Game!

You can also download our awesome Trivia Apps for your iOs and Android devices to show your trivia skills:

App icon Party Trivia
Party Trivia Rated 4.6 stars out of five stars

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Trivia Game Rules

In order to survive the Trivia Game, here are some rules on how to play Trivia Game:

1. Pick a host for the game.

Each game of trivia should have a host. The host is the one who should pick the questions and read them out loud to the players. He or she is also the one who should check the answers and tally the scores at the end of each round. You can also get someone to be your assistant.

2. Divide the players into two or more teams.

In order for a Trivia Game to start, you will need at least two teams to compete with each other. But of course, the more, the merrier! The team size should be around 2-6 players.

3. Each team should have a scribe.

The teams are given a piece of paper on which to write their answers to the different trivia questions. Each team should assign a scribe that will write the answers agreed upon by the team.

4. Six rounds of ten questions per round.

In a standard Trivia Game, there are six rounds with at least 10 questions per round.

5. Variety of questions.

Questions should be varied to keep things interesting. There will be lots of different categories and types of questions like ones asking for definitions, short questions and there can also be ones asking for the teams to draw the answer. For example: You can ask questions about geography, or history, but also about ficition or a famous person.

6. Tie-Breaker questions

At the end of the six rounds, there is a tie. The host should prepare the tie-breaker questions for the tiebreaker round to determine the winner!

7. Scoring

The scoring of the answers is determined by the host and his or her assistants. The closer your answer is to the correct one, the higher the points.

How To Play Trivia With Friends

There are two ways to play the Trivia Game with your friends! You can either play it with pens and paper to write your answers and have them checked and scored by the host at the end of each round or you can opt to have it the simpler way by just having the teams race to ring a bell of press a buzzer and declare their answers. Either way, the goal is to accumulate the most scores with the correct answers.

How To Play Trivia Alone

Bored alone at home with no one to play the Trivia Game with? Don’t fret, you can still play the game alone by answering the questions on our online trivia apps and downloadable ones: The Original Trivia Game Online!

You can also take a pick on the following different Trivia Game Categories that we have prepared for all ages, interests, and categories:

  1. If you’re looking for some Trivia questions for kids, follow the link!
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  3. Are you part of the BTS army? Then give our BTS Trivia Quiz a try!
  4. This way for Disney Trivia questions!
  5. Here can you find Animal-themed questions!

There’s a lot of things to learn under the sun. Learning never stops and people who value knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge are found to be more fulfilled than those who don’t. The Trivia Game is only one of the many fun ways to learn new things each day so don’t you stop learning, darling!

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