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What is “Never Have I Ever”?

Never Have I Ever is one of the easiest and most entertaining games you can play with your friends. Whether you play the non-drinking or drinking version, you and your friends will have a hoot answering questions!

Play with caution because things can get too hot sometimes! Good friends know when to push and when to back off.

Remember that this is supposed to be a good time for everyone!

Want to skip reading? Just check out our video on YouTube and play along with it:

How to Play Never Have I Ever - Drinking Game Version

The most popular way to play Never Have I Ever is to play it as a drinking game. It’s the best way to loosen people’s tongues so that you hear their craziest stories!

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Before you start, choose your drink for the game. Will it be a sip of beer or a shot of tequila? Once that important point has been decided, make everyone sit in a circle.

Someone starts the game by saying, “Never have I ever…” then adds an action that he/she has supposedly done. (Keep in mind that people can make up stuff to trick others into drinking or who knows? They could be telling the truth! )

For example: Never have I ever danced on top of my bed.

If the rest of the players have done the action mentioned (danced on top of their beds), they need to drink alcohol. If no one among the players has done the action mentioned in the statement, the player who made the statement drinks the alcohol.

The game continues with the second player making a statement, and the rest answering it as well.

This goes on until all the players have given their statement or until people become too drunk to ask or answer any more questions!

How to Play Never Have I Ever - Non-Drinking Version

Discovering embarrassing things about your friends is still funny even without alcohol. If you want to have fun without getting wasted, try out the non-drinking version of Never Have I Ever aka Ten Fingers.

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The Never Have I Ever non-drinking version is called Ten Fingers because people start with ten points which stands for their ten fingers.

Same as with the drinking version, one player starts the game by saying, “Never have I ever…” and adds an action.

For example: Never have I ever learned how to ride a bike.

What is different is that if other players have done the action (learned how to ride a bike), they need to fold a finger down instead of taking a drink.

If none of the players has done the action, then the player who made the statement folds down a finger.

The next player gives a statement, and the same thing happens as well. The game goes on until each player is eliminated. The player with the last unfolded finger wins the game!

How to Play Never Have I Ever with Additional Rules

Never Have I Ever is such an easy game to play that you can tweak the mechanics depending on your friends’ moods and personalities.

Here’s how to add a twist to your game of Never Have I Ever:

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Keeping score

Instead of drinking, people earn points when a “Never have I ever…” statement applies to them.

Set a target number of points for the game to end or play until people get tired. The player with the most number of points gets a penalty.

Make sure to get the behind the scenes story of the most outrageous answers to keep things exciting!

Add a dare

If people don’t want to drink, make them do a dare instead. No one escapes that easily.

If your friends have never danced to Gangnam Style or any K-pop song before, give them a chance to add it to the list of things that they have done!

Looking for fun dares to use for your friends’ penalties? Here are some good dares to use!

Gross food game

Make people eat gross food combinations as a penalty.

This is not for squeamish people or for most people for that matter. But there still might be some people who would like this.

Just make sure to show the food before you start the game so that the players know what they are in for. This will be a game that will bond you and your friends for life!

Excited to call your friends over for a party? Drum up your list of Never Have I Ever questions first!

List down your questions or get inspiration from our Ultimate Never Have I Ever Question List!

More Tips on How to Play Never Have I Ever

The simpler the questions, the better

Simple questions increase the chances of more people doing it.

For example: Never have I ever watched a movie by myself.

Be funny

You can either give a funny question or a funny answer.

It’s even better to hear the details of how people ended up in such hilarious situations!

One sign that your game is going well is when you and your friends find yourselves laughing the whole time.

For example: Never have I ever farted in a crowded elevator.

Come up with trick questions

It may not always be fair, but you can come up with trick questions to make your friends drink.

Just be careful with personal questions and don’t call out someone when giving a statement.

Example of what NOT to say: “Never have I ever farted in front of my crush, Karen!"

You don’t want people’s feelings to get hurt. Always remember to keep the mood light and easy!

Be honest

You’re with friends, so you should be honest in answering questions no matter how embarrassing it may be.

Just swear them to secrecy when stories become extreme! You’re all friends! Trust each other!

For example: Never have I ever dated two people at the same time without them knowing.

After all, you and your friends know almost everything about each other. You just discover a few more surprising things through this game.

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