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Get ready for an collection of 30 hard “Would You Rather” questions that will make you think! Coming up with good questions can be hard, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve handpicked the trickiest questions to put your decision-making skills to the test.

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s dive in and see if you and your friends can conquer these mind-bending conundrums. Let the games begin!

How to Play Would You Rather

Playing “Would You Rather” is super easy! But before we dive into the fun, let’s quickly go over the rules for those who are new to the game:

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Step 1: Gather all players. The primary purpose of this game is to get the players to interact with one another. The most important thing is that you can all see and hear each other!

Step 2: Discuss the turn order. To keep things organized, establish who will start and how the turns will rotate among players.

Step 3: Start asking questions. The first player kicks off the game by asking a “Would You Rather” question! Let the fun and decision-making begin!

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The easiest way to play “Would You Rather” is with our Apps! With our web app, you can play directly in your web browser without downloading anything. Just click the button below to start playing!

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We also have a free “Would You Rather” App you can download on your iOS or Android devices! Choose from different categories and play wherever you go!

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Interactive Would You Rather video

Ready to challenge your decision-making? Join us in ‘Would You Rather: Hard Choices Edition’ on YouTube! We’re tackling difficult scenarios, pushing your ability to choose under pressure. Each choice is more intriguing and thought-provoking than the last.

Just follow the link, and make the hardest decisions of your life!

30 Hard Would You Rather Questions

Get ready for a wild ride of impossible choices and endless debates! This list of hard “Would You Rather” questions is designed to push you to your decision-making limits.

Are you ready to make some tough calls? Let’s dive in and see if you can handle these tough questions!

1. Would you rather be with someone you love or with someone who loves you?

Sometimes being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back causes more pain than it should. Then again, to be loved by someone who you don’t love can also be problematic. Which life would you rather have?

2. Would you rather be the first to die or the last?

The underlying question here is: Would you rather die feeling lonely or feel like you weren’t done living?

3. Would you rather be a child and never grow up or instantly be an adult and never age?

Children always say that they “can’t wait to grow up,” but little do they know that all adults want is to be a kid again. There are pros and cons to both choices. Discuss!

4. Would you rather lose all the money that you worked for or lose all your memories?

What’s the point of having all the money in the world if you can’t remember the things you love, right? Ah, the debate to choose love and money. Always a hard decision.

5. Would you rather know the date of when you’ll die or the cause of it?

If you know the cause of your death, you might end up living out of fear, whereas if you know the date, you might get that YOLO mindset and end up being careless. Either way, there are pros and cons to everything.

6. Would you rather work in your dream job but be paid only minimum wage or at a job you hate but pays well?

Happiness or Wealth? One of life’s most challenging questions.

7. Would you rather have a one-night stand and then accidentally get pregnant or hear the words “I have an STD” the morning after?

Both options are something no one wants to hear – ever. But if you had to, which would you rather experience?

8. Would you rather always bite your tongue whenever you eat something or always stub your toe on corners?

So much pain in one sentence 😫 We can’t even choose ourselves!

9. Would you rather find your one true love or win the lottery?

Would it be worth it to have all that money if you can’t share it with someone? Hmm? 🤔

10. Would you rather always tell the truth or always tell a lie?

We all know that telling a lie is sometimes necessary. But at the same time, telling the truth is always better.

11. Would you rather watch only badly produced movies for the rest of your life or not watch anything at all?

Both options can make your life slightly more boring. Pick your poison!

12. Would you rather use hot sauce for eye drops or sandpaper for toilet paper?

It’s hard to even think about choosing from either one of the options.

13. Would you rather always be overdressed or underdressed?

There can be some instances where either option can be embarrassing. This will be a fun conversation to have!

14. Would you rather find out if God is real or find a cure for cancer?

One of life’s most challenging questions that everyone wishes they could address.

15. Would you rather be cheated on by your husband/wife or stay in a marriage that’s already dead?

Both options will require so much effort and sacrifice. You might be surprised by which option one chooses!

16. Would you rather know about your future or go back in time to change something in the past?

Many people have a “live in the moment” mindset, which makes this question hard. They probably want to avoid getting anxious about the future.

17. Would you rather always fight with family or never really have true friends?

Either way, you should always have good people by your side, no matter what!

18. Would you rather be the lenient parent with a child who’s hard to control or the scary parent with a child who’s terrified of you?

As a parent, there’s nothing you want more than to keep your child safe. So which way would you rather choose to bring them up?

19. Would you rather lose all of your teeth or all your hair?

Losing either would suck for anyone!

20. Would you rather apologize for something you didn’t do or be looked down on for not confessing?

You might be surprised by which option people choose. It can say a lot about their personalities!

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21. Would you rather have a happy family but live in poverty or live in comfort but with a broken family?

Family and money have always been hard to choose from.

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22. Would you rather be able to change only one thing in your life or have a do-over?

You could have that opportunity to change one major thing that happened to you or simply just do everything all over again and hopefully lead a different life.

23. Would you rather make the same mistakes over and over again or never be given a second chance at anything?

It’s hard never to be able to learn from your mistakes – or to improve yourself. But at least, even if you’re never given that second chance, you get to move forward with your life.

24. Would you rather have a prolonged and painful death or a quick and sudden one?

Most people fear leaving the world suddenly. Not being able to say resolve anything. But everyone should also be scared of suffering a painful death. This could be an interesting discussion!

25. Would you rather lose your sense of taste or sense of smell?

Imagine never being able to genuinely enjoy food. That sucks!

26. Would you rather wake up in your underwear at work or wake up naked in the woods?

Whether you choose to embarrass yourself at the office or embrace your inner Tarzan, these options will definitely make for some unforgettable stories to share with friends.

27. Would you rather always feel the urge to pee or never know when you have to pee?

Both options will keep you on your toes (or crossing your legs).

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28. Would you rather save three close family members or 1,000 random people you don’t know?

Do you prioritize your beloved family or step up as a superhero for the masses?

29. Would you rather get stranded in the Sahara or in Antarctica?

What do you prefer: the desert’s scorching sand or Antarctica’s icy embrace?

30. Would you rather have a pause button in your life or a rewind button?

Pause to savor the perfect moments or rewind to rewrite your past mistakes - the choice is yours!

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