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1. Halloween Charades

Aside from going on trick or treating, kids also love Halloween parties where they can play with their friends. If you’re looking for kids’ Halloween games, Charades is a game that can be easily customized to become more Halloween-themed and suitable for kids!

How to Play Charades

Charades is mainly a guessing game that can be played individually or by teams. In this game, players take turns acting out certain words or phrases without saying anything.

If other players correctly guess the word being acted, they earn points. If they get it wrong, other players get a chance to steal the answer and earn points.

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The team with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins!

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Play Charades Online

If you’re organizing a kids’ Halloween party, you can print out the words to be used for Charades on black and orange paper to add to your Halloween theme. However, if you don’t have time to print cards or want to go paperless, you can also use our online version of Charades.

Play Charades online

Try also downloading our Charades app to your mobile phone or tablet to get instant access to hundreds of words from various categories!

Best Halloween Charades Ideas

Halloween Charades for kids should be a mix of all the fun stuff associated with Halloween like costumes, movies, cartoons, food and everything in between!

Take a look at some of these Halloween Charades ideas and have a spooky good time!

Halloween Monsters

Halloween is the time when scary monsters take the spotlight! It’s the one night in the year when kids get to dress up as monsters, princesses or whatever they want as they go on trick or treating.

Let kids act and guess these scary and not-so-scary monsters and creatures!

  • Goblins
  • Dracula
  • Clowns
  • Scarecrow
  • Werewolf
  • Demon
  • Skeleton
  • Boogeyman
  • Mummies
  • Devil

Things to do during Halloween

Below are some activities that are commonly done during Halloween. Watch out though. We’ve thrown in a few extraordinary phrases that need a bit more imagination!

  • Going to a haunted house
  • Apple bobbing
  • Eating candy
  • Witch getting a cab
  • Jumping on to a pile of leaves
  • Putting on a costume
  • Vampire at the dentist
  • Carving a jack-o-lantern
  • Trick or treating
  • Skeleton riding a bike

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2. Halloween Trivia

A trivia game about all things Halloween is another awesome activity that kids can do. They will love playing and learning all sorts of Halloween fun facts!

How to Play Halloween Trivia Game

The Halloween Trivia Game can be played like a regular Trivia Game. If you’re playing a Halloween Trivia Game with kids, you can ask an adult to act as the game master.

Before the game starts, set some rules like how teams will answer the questions. Players can either write their answers on a piece of paper or rush to yell their answers first!

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Play Trivia Game Online

Don’t have time to put together your trivia questions list? Play Trivia Game online!

Join Trivia Live

Another option you can try is to download our Party Trivia app so that you can play anytime you want!

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Best Halloween Trivia Questions

Bring fun and excitement to your Halloween party with a Halloween Trivia Game. Answering all sorts of scary trivia questions is a great way to bring out people’s competitive sides and have an awesome time during Halloween!

Here are some Halloween trivia questions to get you started!

1. What is a male witch called?

  • Warlock
  • Merlin
  • Mr. Witch
  • Wizard
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A warlock

A warlock is a male practitioner of witchcraft.

2. What does the name “Dracula” mean?

  • Son of the demon
  • Son of the moon
  • Son of god
  • Son of the dragon
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Son of the dragon

The name Dracula means “son of Dracul.” It is derived from the Latin word dracō which means “dragon.”

3. What is a famous movie franchise about pirates that came from Disney?

  • Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Hook
  • Peter Pan
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Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp starred as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie. There is also a Pirates of the Caribbean water-based dark ride attraction at Disneyland.

4. What do witches use to ride in order to get around town?

  • Broomstick
  • Magic carpet
  • Bicycle
  • Car
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Witches ride on flying broomsticks.

5. What traditional activity takes place on Halloween and involves dressing children up in scary costumes and getting candy from neighbors’ houses?

  • Trick or Treat
  • Caroling
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Bobbing for Apples
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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat has existed since medieval times. Back then, it was known as “guising” in Scotland and Ireland.

6. What do you “bob” for during Halloween?

  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Donuts
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Bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween game in which a tub or large basin is filled with apples and water. Players will try to catch the apples using their teeth only.

6. What kind of creature is Casper?

  • A ghost
  • A vampire
  • A dragon
  • A goblin
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A ghost

It’s Casper, the friendly ghost!

7. What do you call the pot that witches cook in?

  • A pan
  • A cauldron
  • An Instant Pot
  • A skillet
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A cauldron

Witches often prepare their potions in a cauldron.

8. What is a stone built grave called?

  • Statue
  • Gargoyle
  • Tomb
  • Stonehenge
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Have you heard of King Tut’s tomb?

9. What two words does the word “bonfire” originate from?

  • Bone and flame
  • Bone and skin
  • Bone and fire
  • Skull and fire
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Bone and fire

Bonfire comes from a Middle English word “banefire”, which means a fire for burning bones,

10. What do you call a dead human whose body has been preserved?

  • Mummy
  • Corpse
  • Statue
  • Taxidermy
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According to Egyptian lore, the god Osiris was the very first mummy.

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3. Halloween Would You Rather

Playing a regular game of Would You Rather is tricky already. Playing Halloween Would You Rather becomes way trickier once you throw in creepy or scary choices! Kids would love how silly it is though which makes it a great addition to any list of kids’ Halloween games.

How to Play Would You Rather

Playing Would You Rather is all about picking a choice between two difficult scenarios. Both options come with its pros and cons. The fun of this game is trying to figure out what’s the right choice when there really is no right or wrong answer! There could be funny and funnier answers though!

If you want to play Halloween Would You Rather, you’ll have to add some Halloween elements to the questions.

For example: Would you rather meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?

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Play Would You Rather Online

Want to start playing right away? Check out our web browser version of Would You Rather!

Play Would you rather? online

Here you can also download our Would You Rather app to your mobile phone or tablet.

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Best Halloween Would You Rather Questions

Think all things creepy and scary when coming up with Halloween Would You Rather questions. Want to get ideas on what would make for great questions?

Here are some of our best Halloween Would You Rather Questions for kids.

1. Would you rather eat all your candy in one night or eat one piece every day for a year?

Make sure to brush your teeth after eating candy!

2. Would you rather eat only chocolates or eat only gummy candies?

Chocolates are the best!

3. Would you rather share all your candy with your siblings or your parents?

Parents don’t like sweets very much, right?

4. Would you rather paint a pumpkin or carve a pumpkin?

Depends on your skills!

5. Would you rather read a scary book or watch a scary movie?

A scary movie might cause nightmares!

6. Would you rather dress up in a scary costume or a funny costume?

Funny and cute is the way to go!

7. Would you rather ride on a broomstick or be able to fly like a bat?

I prefer to still be human!

8. Would you rather be wrapped up like a mummy for a week or sleep in a coffin for a week?

Sleeping in a coffin sounds more comfy?

9. Would you rather live in a haunted house or a creepy castle?

Creepy castles sound fun!

10. Would you rather put your hand in a bowl of pumpkin guts or a bowl of green Jello?

Both are icky!

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4. Halloween Feel Box

The Halloween mystery box will be a certified crowd pleaser for any kids’ Halloween party. All you need is an empty box that you’ll fill with slime or food with weird textures!

Once kids put their hands inside the box, they’ll feel all that slimy texture without knowing what’s inside. Get ready for kids to scream or even cry once their imaginations go wild!

Halloween Feel Box Ideas

What items can you put in your Halloween Feel Box? Here’s a list to get you started!

1. Cut up balloons = dry skin

This will feel weird.

2. Peeled grapes = eyeballs

This should be easy to guess!

3. Cooked spaghetti = worms

Don’t think it’s worms!

4. Baby carrots = toes

This doesn’t sound so creepy.

5. Peeled tomato = heart

I don’t want to touch this.

6. Steamed cauliflower = brains

The zombies ate my brains!

7. Dried pasta = bones

Pasta is easy to figure out!

8. Peanut butter = ear wax


9. Slivered almonds = fingernails

Hope they’re not dirty!

10. Sliced melon = tongue

This texture will feel weird.

5. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt is a super fun kids’ Halloween game that will have everyone running around all over the place! Although it requires a bit more preparation, kids will absolutely love it!

They get to think more creatively while learning how to work with other kids too! Who wouldn’t love playing treasure hunters and discovering all sorts of hidden treasures?

How to Play Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Divide the kids into groups, and give each group the list of things that they need to hunt. You can do this the old-fashioned way and have them bring back the items to you, or you can also have them just take photos when they find the items.

Either way, kids will have a blast playing treasure hunters for a day! The team that finds the most items on the list wins the game!

Want to make your scavenger hunt more challenging? Give riddles that kids need to solve first in order to find the hidden treasures. Remember, some treasures can just be normal items hidden in plain sight!

Here are some riddles that you can use for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

1. To find your first treat, I’m where you get food to eat.

Answer: Refrigerator

2. What has hands but can not clap?

Answer: Clock

3. Your next clue can be found next to something orange and round.

Answer: Pumpkin

4. Trick or Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something healthy to eat.

Answer: Fruits

5. I’m full of keys, but I can’t open any doors. What am I?

Answer: Piano

6. Tonight is not all fright and fear. A trick or treat is waiting near.

Halloween candy

7. I ride on a broom and stir up potions.

Answer: Witch

8. It’s Halloween night, and it’s time for a treat. Find your next clue where we sit down to eat.

Answer: Dining table

9. “Trick or treat” said the ghost to the mummy. Your next clue is where we keep something yummy.

Answer: Candy jar or bowl

10. Halloween night is filled with gloom. Here comes a witch flying on her __?

Answer: Broom

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