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1. Never Have I Ever - Halloween Edition

Never Have I Ever is a game that never fails to entertain during a party. It is a great conversation-starter for your next Halloween party.

Organizing a game of Never Have I Ever - Halloween Edition is easy. All you need to do is to include as many Halloween elements into your questions and penalty drinks! The funnier or spookier the questions are, the better reactions you will get from the players! Come up with a special Halloween punch, and let your guests drink it during the game. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your party exciting!

How to play Never Have I Ever - Halloween Edition

The mechanics are simple. First, gather everyone together then let someone start the game by saying, “Never have I ever…” and completing with an action that the rest of the players may or may not have done. Remember to give your question a Halloween twist!

For example: Never have I ever… fantasized about being bitten by a sexy vampire.

The players who have fantasized about being bitten by a sexy vampire will have to take a drink. If the statement does not apply to anyone, then the one who gave the original statement will be the one to take a sip!

Never Have I Ever is a great way to discover new things about your friends. For sure, you will have people squirming out of embarrassment. Remember that it’s all for some light, Halloween fun!

Here are other Halloween Edition Never Have I Ever Questions to give you some ideas.

  • Never have I ever…felt the presence of something unnatural.
  • Never have I ever…thought that I had a third eye.
  • Never have I ever…said the phrase, “I know what you did last summer” to scare someone.
  • Never have I ever…thought that a zombie apocalypse can happen in the future.
  • Never have I ever…thought that a werewolf is sexy.
  • Never have I ever…felt scared in a hotel room by myself.
  • Never have I ever…felt that someone was watching me, but there was no one around me.
  • Never have I ever…received a creepy phone call.
  • Never have I ever…dreamed of becoming a witch.
  • Never have I ever…played an Ouija board with my friends.
  • Never have I ever…stopped watching a movie because I was too scared.

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2. Trick-Or-Treat Shots

There are many ways of adding a drinking element to a game of Trick or Treat for adults. For this Trick-Or-Treat Shots game, you will have to add a bit of trickery to your drinks menu.

To play Trick-Or-Treat Shots, create a round of identical-looking shots. One can have alcohol while the other short is non-alcoholic. For example, your drinks could be an alcoholic and a virgin Bloody Martini. You can also try apple juice vs white wine.

What’s important is that they look similar enough to trick your guests! This is a fun and easy way to get your guests in a Halloween party mood!

3. Social Media Spooky Shots

You know everyone can’t stay off social media even if they are at a party. Put that to use, and make your guests play Social Media Spook Shots!

For this game, you and your friends will need to be on a social media app, preferably Facebook or Instagram where you will check what your social media friends are posting. Come up with rules of what you will check out in your friends’ social media feeds. If one of the rules comes up, everyone takes a drink!

Here are some example rules:

  • Someone posted a photo dressed as a character from Strangers Things.
  • Someone posted a caption quoting Hocus Pocus.
  • Someone posted a photo of friends wearing a group costume.
  • Someone posted a photo wearing a sexy Catwoman costume.
  • Someone changed their profile photo to one with them wearing their Halloween costume.
  • Someone posted a photo with someone wearing the same costume.
  • Someone posted a photo dressed as a character from Harry Potter.
  • Someone posted a photo dressed as a comic book hero character.
  • Someone posted a photo dressed as a 2000’s pop star.

The rules apply to the top post in your feed. Just make sure everyone is ready and set a timer for every 30 minutes.

4. Thriller Flip Cup

Play Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the background, and enjoy a game of Thriller Flip Cup! Obviously, this is the Halloween version of the regular Flip Cup game.

Make the players dance to Thriller or any other Halloween party dance song while going around a table with cups half-filled with beer. Once the music stops, everyone grabs the cup in front of them, drinks and flips it. Whoever flips the cup last is out of the game! Continue the game until there’s only one person left standing!

To keep up with your Halloween theme, you can also use orange and black cups for the beer.

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5. Which Villain?

Which Villain is a perfect ice breaker game if you have several groups of friends attending your party who may not know each other.

All you have to do is to stick a name tag with the name of a villain, preferably a villain in a horror movie, on your guests’ back. Do this as they arrive in the party venue.

Once they have their name tag, they need to figure out who their character is. Your guests can talk to each other to get clues about each other’s characters. It’s the perfect excuse to talk to strangers at the early stages of the night when people are not drunk yet. You can give a time limit for this game, so that your guests are motivated!

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Have a spooky, fun night with your friends on Halloween!

✍️  October 29, 2020

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