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What do you need for ‘Guess the Scene’? 😋

  • At least 6 players
  • Paper and pens
  • A timer
  • Maybe: Alcohol

Gameplay 😸

The game »Guess the Scene!« is about guessing scenes from movies or series. In the beginning, you and your friends form groups: It depends on the number of players but you should form players with around 2, 3 or 4 people. There must be at least three different teams in the game. Maybe you should draw lots to guarantee a fair play. In the next step, the teams individually start discussing possible scenes from movies or series, which they want to see in the game. They write those scenes on a paper, fold it, and write their team name on the back. Make sure that you choose famous scenes that all your friends know to keep the game fun for everyone! And make also sure that you describe the scenes clear to avoid questions. After forming groups, you decide how many scenes each team has to think of. We recommend to start with 5 scenes, then you can reform the teams or the losers want revenge!

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You can’t think of any good scene? No problem, you’ll find some ideas for scenes later in this article!

What’s next? 🧐

  • Assigning scenes: Every team hands their paper sheets to the next team on their right.
  • Preparing scenes: Every team prepares its first scene within 5 minutes. Everything is possible except using words, which are also in the movie title (e.g. Titanic).
  • Guessing scenes: The first team starts to play their scene in front of the others. The team on their right needs to guess the right scene within 1 minute and 30 seconds.

In the beginning, you can decide how exactly the others have to guess your scene: Most of the time knowing the title is enough. But if the scene is iconic, you can consist of guessing the scene with details.

»Guess the Scene!« - The Point Game 🎃

Well, up until now the gameplay should be clear: You think of scenes, assign them, the team to your right has to prepare the scene and plays them in front of the other teams. While they’re playing the team to their right has to guess right. And now there’s just one question left: Where are the points?

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In each round you can get 1, 2, -1 or no points at all.

In our first scenario, we assume that the team guessed right: If you were the guessing team, you’ll get 2 points. If you are the team who played the scene you’ll get 1 point. And the team that watched? Those players get nothing. But what is of the guessing team couldn’t get the right answer on time? Then the team who wrote the scene down loses 1 point. The teams who weren’t the guessing or playing part get 1 point. The others remain on their scores. Don’t forget: You find some ideas for scenes at the end of this article!

»Guess the Scene!« - The Drinking Game 🍹

So, you chose the drinking game? Good choice. Now we’ll tell you when you have to drink. It’s pretty simple. Basically, it’s the same as in the points game. If the team guessed the scene right, everybody who didn’t guess or play the scene in the round drinks. So just teams can avoid drinking. It’s the opposite if the team guessed wrong: The team which played the scene drinks as well as the guessing team. Attention, there is one exception: The team who wrote the scene down drinks always. One time if the other team guessed right and two times if they didn’t.

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You think this game is easy? Don’t be fooled: The more alcohol you drink, the harder it gets to play and guess the scenes right.

Scene ideas 🎭

In the beginning, it’s really difficult to think of the right scenes. To make the start for “Guess the Scenes!” easier we wrote down some scene ideas for you. One hint: Don’t get spoiled by reading all the scenes before the game. Maybe you should split them up before reading. Some of them may be really easy for you and some of them really hard, it depends on your group. So just use our list as an inspiration for your own ideas.

  • »Titanic« – One of the most famous scenes in the world is out of Titanic. The moment where Jack and Rose are on the bow tip, she stands with her hands outstretched on the railing of the ship, and she says: “Jack, I’m flying!”
  • »Lord of the Rings« – This is maybe one of the most quoted film scenes: In the Mines of Moria Gandals meets Balrog and shouts: “You shall not pass!”
  • »Psycho« – Out of one of the best horror movies of all time: Directly in the shower, the woman gets stabbed.
  • »Star Wars« – The conversation between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadder: »Luke, I am your father«
  • »Dirty Dancing« – The dancing scene to »Time of My Life«

Some scenes are too easy for you? Don’t worry, just write on your sheets that the others must not talk while playing the scenes.

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  • »The Seven Year Itch« – Everyone knows the famous picture of Marilyn Monro in the white dress but do you also now the movie behind it?
  • »Titanic« – Yeah, Itanic. Again. But there are so many famous scenes in this movie! How about the end? Jack and Rose in the sea, she is rescued on the door but there isn’t enough space for him. Their goodbye is so dramatic!
  • »Twilight« – Either you love it or you hate it. There is definitely no between. But it doesn’t matter, most of us watched the movies anyways. At least the first part: In the forest, Bella and Edward are talking with each other: »And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.« »What a stupid a lamb.« »What a sick, masochistic lion.«
  • »Shining« – Maybe the most famous scene of a decade: The writer Jack smashes the bathroom door and shouts: »Here is Johnny!«
  • »Harry Potter« – Just pick one of the dramatic magic battles. (Here it’s nearly necessary to play without talking. Otherwise one says »Avada Kedavra« and it’s over.)

Make sure to pick scenes that everyone knows so the game stays fun!

Have fun with »Guess the Scene!«

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