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How would you feel about a quick and fun game of Would you rather?

Everyone knows Would you rather as a game that’s just about asking people questions. Yet if you analyze, you’d be able to know the other players so well!

Just in case you’d be playing with someone who’s new to Would you rather, here’s the simple version of the rules.

How to Play Would you rather

Step 1: Gather all of the players. The basic essence of the game is for people to talk to each other– to get to know one another.

So everyone should at least be in the same room, or maybe all together in a Zoom call, when playing this game.

Step 2: Talk about how the turns will go around. This is just to ensure that everyone gets to have a turn in asking their question.

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This is also to lessen the pressure of trying to come up with questions too fast. It’s harder than you think!

Step 3: Let the game begin! Once everyone is settled, you can begin asking questions. Like I said, the possibilities are endless.

It can be tricky at first to get the ball rolling. Everyone’s probably afraid that they may say something that’ll tick off other players.

So here are a few suggestions on some common but simple Would you rather questions! You know what they say, ”oldie but a goodie!”

Good Would you rather Questions List

  1. Would you rather have a dog or a cat?
  2. Would you rather prioritize your career or your family?
  3. Would you rather not be able to speak or to see?
  4. Would you rather be covered in scales or in fur?
  5. Would you rather be able to see the future or change the past?
  6. Would you rather be able to talk to your 60-year old
  7. Would you rather be a goddess/god or a princess/prince?
  8. Would you rather go to outer space or the center of the Earth?
  9. Would you rather live in a tree house or live in a cave?
  10. Would you rather be able to sing or dance really well?
  11. Would you rather have $1,000,000 for a week or $100,000 for a day?
  12. Would you rather be infamous or someone who’s never known for anything?
  13. Would you rather live in a box on the street or alone on an island?
  14. Would you rather be able to never wear pants or never wear shorts?
  15. Would you rather be able to fly or to be invisible?
  16. Would you rather be bestfriends with SuperMan or Captain America?
  17. Would you rather spend the whole day in front of the T.V. alone or spend it with a stranger with absolutely nothing together?
  18. Would you rather give up money or food?
  19. Would you rather have bad breath or really smelly feet?
  20. Would you rather stub your toe or step on a Lego?
  21. Would you rather eat the same meal everyday (forever) or never be able to eat outside?
  22. Would you rather know when or how you’re going to die?
  23. Would you rather be a day person or a night person?
  24. Would you rather have a first date indoors or outdoors?
  25. Would you rather watch movies at a cinema or at home?

These are the simple questions that can definitely tell you a lot about the person you’re playing with.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other variations/themes that your Would you rather game could follow! You can head on over to our list of Would you rather questions for ideas!

It’s got funny questions, questions for couples, the drinking version, and so much more!

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