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Who said golf had to be a severe and sober sport? In fact, adding a little bit of alcohol to your next round of golf can make for a fun time.

Just make sure you’re of legal drinking age and allowed to consume alcohol on the course, of course!

If you’re planning a golf day with friends, consider trying out these 12 must-know fun drinking games. They won’t cost you any, just some time to kill and your sobriety. And who knows, you might end up having the best round of golf ever!

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##Β 1. Sand Trap Game {#sand-trap} This fun game will definitely sharpen your accuracy and make you focus on every swing.Β Why? It’s all about avoiding the bunker (sand trap), so if you find yourself in one, then you’re in for a ride!

How to play the “Sand Trap Game”

This golf-drinking game is easy to play if you have a few friends and plenty of drinks. Here’s how it goes:

1. Start by choosing a designated “sand trap” on the course, preferably near a green or fairway. You can also choose to use every sand trap on the course for added difficulty.

2. Every time a player lands in the designated sand trap, they have to take a drink. One sip or one entire drink? That’s up to you! We recommend a sip so you don’t end up too drunk to finish the game.

3. For every shot a player takes to get out of the bunker, they drink. The more attempts it takes for them to get out, the more they have to drink!

4. Avoid the sand trap as best as you can! This golf-drinking game doesn’t have a winner or loser, so just focus on having fun and not ending up in the sand too often.

2. The Bogey-Man

Scared of the bogey-man? Don’t worry, he’s not real… but this golf-drinking game sure is! It’s a fun and simple game that will also improve your golf skills.

How to play “The Bogey-Man”

A classic game that never gets old, this game, also known as Beer Bogey, is one of the most popular golf-drinking games. If you’re not sure how to play, here’s a quick rundown:

1. One bogey, one drink. For every bogey or one over par on a hole, you have to take a drink. For example, if you get a four on a Par 3 hole, that’s considered a bogey and you must take one drink.

2. Two bogeys in a row? That’s two drinks! The more bogeys you get in a row, the more you have to drink. Just make sure you’re keeping track of your score and drinks.

3. The last rule? Don’t get too many bogeys in a row or you might end up playing the rest of your round under par… if you know what we mean.

3. Tee Box Challenges

Another fun game to try on the course is “Tee Box Challenges”! It’s a great way to add some variety to your rounds and keep everyone on their toes.

How to Play “Tee Box Challenges”

Everyone starts this game by teeing off from the championship or back teesβ€”the furthest set of tees on each hole. If the distance seems daunting, it’s time for a drink!

1. Begin from the back: All players start their game from the championship tees. Anyone apprehensive about the long haul ahead takes a drink.

2. Moving up equals a drink: For every set of tees a player moves forward, they must take a drink. This rule applies whether it’s due to preference or as a handicap adjustment.

3. The final tee: Once players reach the forward or ladies’ tees, they’ll likely be in high spirits, quite literally. The aim is to balance the field, with the alcohol serving as the ultimate equalizer.

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Enjoy the camaraderie and the challenge, but remember to drink responsibly and keep the golf-drinking game friendly!

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4. Even and Odd

This next golf-drinking game doesn’t require any particular golf skills, just some good ole drinking! You can play this game with as many players as you want, making it perfect for larger groups.

How to play “Even and Odd”

Start by having each player pick either “even” or “odd.” They can also use a coin toss to decide.

1. Once you choose, you stick with that choice for the entire round. You can’t switch from even to odd or vice versa.

2. Every time you’re on an even or odd hole, take a shot! We recommend shot-sized drinks or solo cups filled halfway. Otherwise, you might not make it to the end of the game (totally understandable, though)!

3. Just drink whenever you’re on a number that you picked; that’s it! If you picked even and you’re on hole 2, that’s an even number, and you take a shot. Unable to make the shot? That’s two shots!

5. Hole in One

The ultimate goal of golf is to get a hole-in-one, but it’s not always easy. Add some drinks to the mix, and you might end up with the best round ever!

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How to play “Hole in One”

The premise of this golf-drinking game is simple: every time someone gets a hole-in-one, everyone else has to take a drink! You might just want to give up on that elusive ace and start aiming for the water hazards instead!

Don’t forget to keep track of your score and pace yourself with the drinks. And if someone actually does manage to get a hole-in-one, cheers all around!

6. Beer Handicap

This game is perfect for those looking to level the playing field and have some fun with their friends. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate drinking into your round without getting too sloppy.

How to Play “Beer Handicap”

For those who enjoy a casual drink as much as they enjoy a round of golf, “Beer Handicap” offers the perfect blend of both worlds. Here’s how to play this golf-drinking game:

The rules are simple: as in traditional golf, keep your score as you play each hole. However, in “Beer Handicap”, there’s a twist at the end - for every drink you consume over the course of the game, you’re allowed to subtract one stroke from your final score.

For example: If you finish your round with a score of 90 and have had five drinks during the game, your final score would be 85. Cheers to that, am I right?

7. Chip In

Similar to a hole-in-one, a chip-in is when you successfully get your ball into the hole from off the green. It’s not easy to do, but with this game, it might just happen more often than you think!

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How to play “Chip In”

This golf-drinking game is about celebrating those impressive shots, even if they happen by chance. Whenever a player chips in, everyone else has to take a drink.

And if you’re the one who made the shot, you get to assign someone else to take an extra drink as well! Don’t be surprised if this game leads to some wild celebrations and high-fives all around.

8. Keep Your Beer With You {beer-keep}

This game is exactly what it sounds: It’s all about keeping your drink close to your hand while you play. Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds!

How to play “Keep Your Beer With You”

For this game, players have to keep their beer with them at all times on the course. This means carrying it in your pocket or using a golf glove to secure it to your hand.

If you lose your beer at any point during the round, you have to take a penalty shot. Not only does this golf-drinking game make for some hilarious moments, but it also ensures that everyone stays hydrated throughout the game.

9. Birdie Penalty

Playing with a group of experts? Well, I guess you’ll get drunk faster than you thought! With this game, you’ll be celebrating every time someone makes a birdie.

How to play “Birdie Penalty”

Whenever a player makes a birdie, everyone else in the group has to take a drink. If you’re lucky enough to make multiple birdies in one round, just sit back and watch your friends catch up to your score in no time.

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This golf-drinking game is perfect for celebrating those rare moments of brilliance on the course and adds an extra element of fun to any round. If you want to make it even more challenging, you can up the ante and require everyone to take two drinks for an eagle!

10. Sixes

“Sixes” presents a playful twist to the game of golf, adding a unique drinking challenge. This game is simple to understand but adds an interesting dynamic to your round.

How to play “Sixes”

First, decide who will be the “Six” on each hole. This can either rotate between players or be chosen at random for each hole.

1. If you are chosen to be the “Six,” your goal is to score a six on that particular hole. If you succeed in scoring a six, you can make other players drink.

2. However, if you don’t score a six, you have to take a drink yourself. This golf-drinking game adds an extra layer of strategy and motivation for players to score well or try to make others drink.

It also allows everyone in the group to participate in the fun, regardless of skill level.

11. Fairway Drinking Game

This game is self-explanatory: every time you don’t hit the fairway, take a drink. Simple, yet effective.

How to play “Fairway Drinking Game”

To play this game, all players must agree on what constitutes a fairway. This can be the actual fairway or a designated area that is deemed “fair.”

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Every time a player misses the fairway on their shot, they must take a drink. This golf-drinking game adds an extra challenge to each hole, as players must balance their shots with the potential of having to take a drink if they miss.

12. Highest Score Drinks

In this golf-drinking game, the player with the highest score on each hole has to take a drink. It’s all about avoiding those dreaded high scores!

How to play “Highest Score Drinks”

After each hole, whoever had the highest score for that particular hole must take a drink. This game rewards consistency and punishes any big blow-up holes.

You can also add an additional rule where the player with the highest score on a hole must take two drinks, just to make things a little more interesting.

When it comes to golf and drinking, there are endless ways to incorporate both into your round. Whether you’re looking for a casual game to play with friends or a fun twist on traditional golf, these golf-drinking games are sure to add some excitement and laughs to your next round.

Just remember to always drink responsibly and be mindful of your own limits. Happy golfing!

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