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Which pizza are you? Quiz
Quiz: Which pizza are you?

This is a chance for you and your friends to act silly and just let loose. Don’t take these questions too seriously though, as some of them might cut too deep. Check yourself first if you really have the skin to expose and reveal your deepest embarrassing sides of your personality.

Arm yourself with these funny Truth or Dare questions. So when your friends invite you to play, you’ll never get caught empty-handed with comeback truth and dare statements ever again.

1. Have you ever had to poop in a public restroom without tissue paper? What did you do?

We’ve all been there. An emergency toilet situation, some might even call dire. Do you remember a moment that this has happened to you? Would you spill the details with your friends? A priceless moment among friends to cop to for sure.

2. Rate yourself from 1-10 on how attractive you think you are?

We all have our own mental image of how we look. Most of us just keep that to ourselves but some don’t. If you can, be proud and flaunt. Only you can truly judge yourself.

3. Who is the last person you’d want to see without their clothes on?

Not liking someone and trying to avoid any social contact with them is bad enough. Now, try imagining them without their clothes. ugh!

4. What’s the longest you’ve gone without showering or brushing your teeth?

At some point in everyone’s life, either by circumstance or by choice, we’ve all been slobs. Now, knowing when and why could provide you and your friends some good chuckles. The more recent the answer, the funnier!

5. Have you ever popped a booger in your mouth?

Admit it! You’ve at least thought about it. Good thing if you haven’t given in to temptation but if you have and finally admit it to your friends, they would either die laughing or you would gross them out. Worth it either way.

6. In case a fire broke out and you’d have to pick one person to save in this room, who would it be and why?

This question will definitely put your friend’s trust and loyalty to you to the test. This question is basically asking you to tell them who you would abandon and who you will save if the situation arises.

7. Did you ever practice kissing with your pillow? Show us how you did it.

Asking friends to act out embarrassing secrets that they would rather keep as a secret is always comedy gold.

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8. What is your go-to pick me up song when you are feeling down?

Everyone has a song but not everyone has a funny song. Yours might be the one!

9. Who in this room would you trade for a million dollars?

Ah, money. The great separator. Spill your beans and reveal how dastardly you can really be when money is involved.

10. What’s the best revenge act you’ve done? Spill the details.

Show your dark side and reveal the worst thing you’ve done in the name of Satan, err we mean revenge.

11. What is the craziest thing you’ve done to try and impress someone?

We’ve all acted stupid for that special someone just to grab their attention. Now is not the time to be shy, share the dumbest thing you’ve done just for the off-chance that you’d get noticed by your crush or someone you admire.

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12. For 10 million, who is the first person here you’d push off a cliff?

Ten million huh? I would probably push all of you off the cliff. This is an easy choice and a funny one at that.


1. Pick someone in the room and sniff their armpits for 1 minute.

You better pray to god that you pick a person with clean armpits. Otherwise, this experience would scar you for life.

2. Let someone call a random person from your phone and convince them to apologize for farting the last time you were together.

Watching someone go through this will be a lesson in pure convincing prowess. Like a salesman selling ice to a penguin - this is a feat worth witnessing. Too bad for the other person on the other side of the call.

3. Unwrap a candy with your tongue.

Who doesn’t like candy? It’s a useless life skill, but it is definitely a cool party trick not everyone can do.

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4. While blindfolded, let someone feed you one thing from the refrigerator.

You better hope that they don’t choose to feed you anything that is not usually edible or raw.

5. Ask for a random picture from someone’s phone and post it on your social media account and caption “please forgive me”

Everyone who sees this post will just start scratching their heads and start formulating their own theories as to what is really going on. Your true friends on the other hand will just know that you’ve just been dared.

6. Hug a trash can for the next five rounds of the game.

Now, by the three-minute mark, you would probably be used to the stench of trash or this could be the longest five minutes of your life.

7. Write a post on your social media account saying how much you wish you weren’t so attractive.

Those people that do see your post and go: “I knew it!” - probably aren’t the ones you should be hanging out with. Or should they be?

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8. Make an invisible sandwich and eat it for five minutes.

Remember that Robin Williams scene from Pan? It’s your turn to do a Peter Pan and show your best sandwich-making and eating mime.

9. Find a stranger and pretend to do sign language.

You better hope that you don’t actually come across someone who does know how to sign.

10. Go to your neighbor’s window and start serenading them.

Do a Romeo and sing your heart out. Give your next-door neighbor’s cats a show they won’t soon forget.

11. Give someone a foot massage using your foot as well.

A display of dexterity if there ever was one. If foot massage by foot isn’t a thing - it should be.

12. For the next three rounds, speak in the lowest voice you can do.

Can some say slow-motion IRL? How deep can you go? Bass? How low can you go? Show your friends your best Isaac Hayes impression and blow their minds, well for the next few rounds at least.

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