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Would You Rather is one of those games that people automatically think of when at a party and for a good reason!

Playing Would You Rather is an easy game that involves everyone. If you’re looking for a way to get to know everyone in the group, then this game might just be perfect for tonight.

Questions suggested in this article are tailored for teens from teens. So get ready for a fun night!

How to Play Would You Rather

Just in case someone needs a refresher on how Would You Rather is played, here are the general instructions on how it’s played!

Step 1: Gather everyone and sit near one another.

The important thing here is that everyone should be able to hear one another (for obvious reasons).

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Quiz: Which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you?

It will be great if everyone can see each other as well. Just so that everyone can react to the answers. It makes it more fun!

Step 2: Discuss how the turns will go around.

This is just to ensure that everyone gets a turn to give out a question.

Most people just go in a circle to make it easier to track whose turn it is. But you can also go with hierarchy (like age) and maybe even use the last digits of your cellphone number. The possibilities are endless!

Once all that is settled, you can begin playing Would You Rather!

Would You Rather Question Ideas

We know it can be challenging to come up with questions. There are just too many things you want to ask and we totally get that!

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So to help you and your friends, we’ll be suggesting a few questions that could spark a fun conversation!

1. Would You Rather spend a day with only your phone or alone?

Having your phone is fun and all until you’ve seen everything on your feed 😪

2. Would You Rather win America’s Got Talent or the American Ninja Warrior?

You can showcase anything an America’s Got Talent but being a Ninja Warrior really tests your physical strength.

Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to be identified as a ninja? Hi-yah!

3. Would You Rather be BFFs with Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner?

Long-live the Jenner sisters! ✨

But who would you rather be with, a beauty mogul or an A-list model? 🤔

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4. Would You Rather be really sweaty and still smell great or be really stinky and never go away?

There’s clearly something wrong with both options 😂 Have a fun (and weird) discussion!

A follow-up question could be: what would they be popular for? (Some people might come up with interesting answers!)

6. Would You Rather be allowed to watch only the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings?

Ah, a classic discussion. Personally, going to Hogwarts was a childhood dream, but some people might prefer going on an adventure with the elves, hobbits, and dwarves!

7. Would You Rather die painfully at age 60 or peacefully at age 100?

I think there’s a deeper meaning to this question. Think about it, if you live up to a 100, you would be alone-alone.

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That’s something I’d honestly consider.

8. Would You Rather go to a school that has uniforms or one without?

Having uniforms can seem like such a bore, but it honestly helps a lot!

You won’t have to think of an outfit every day!

9. Would You Rather sleep late but wake up early or sleep at a reasonable time but still wake up late?

Basically, this question asks if you’d rather have a little bit of sleep or way too much rest.

You’d be surprised at the reasons people come up with to support their choice.

10. Would You Rather date someone really funny but unattractive or date someone who’s really hot but is a total bore? 😪

A question asked in almost every game. Just remember that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

Final Reminders

The game Would You Rather promotes getting everyone to know each other. So don’t be shy with your answers!

You’ll never know, someone might share the same sentiments as you.

There are plenty of other ways to play Would You Rather. You can find suggestions on different themes to play along with in our main Would you rather article.

The possibilities for this game are endless. All it takes is for everyone to enjoy to keep the fire alive. Have fun! 😉

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