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You usually hear the game ”Would You Rather” being played at a party with teenagers or adults. But don’t forget, this game can also be family-friendly!

Scroll on ahead to find our suggestions on how to make the game more suitable for children.

How to Play Would You Rather

Step 1: Gather all the kids around and place them in a circle.

It would be great if you can have them all in a circle, although that’s not completely necessary. It’ll just be more fun if they can all see each other and react to their answers!

Step 2: Make sure the kids know how the turns will go around.

Most people would often have the turns go in a particular direction. By doing this, it will be easier to keep track of whose turn it is.

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This way will probably work best if you’re playing with kids.

Step 3: Have everyone start asking questions!

You can begin by explaining to the kids that they have to ask questions that are different from one another.

The two options should be something that will be hard to choose from, to make it more fun!

Explain to them that they would be able to get to know each other by asking these questions, and they might just find their new BFF!

Seeing that have things in common can always spark a great friendship!

10 Awesome Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

Here’s a head’s up for you. Things might get chaotic, especially if you’re playing with kids.

To save you all from the trouble, we’ll be suggesting a few questions that could give everyone an idea and get the ball rolling!

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Here we go!

1. Would You Rather be Cinderella or Snow White?

Having a fairy godmother would be cool, but also is having the seven dwarfs by your side! (Although I would like to remind everyone about Cinderella’s beautiful carriage 🤔)

2. Would You Rather have your tears come out as chocolate or sneeze cheese?

Both options sound very yummy, but because it’s coming out of your body, it’s kind of making me rethink things 🤢

3. Would You Rather be super funny or super smart?

You can have great friends with both traits. There’s no harm in choosing either one!

4. Would You Rather be a really fast swimmer or a really fast runner?

Imagine winning every race that you have! That would be so cool!

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5. Would You Rather sing in front of a large crowd or dance?

It would be great to have everyone show off their skills after making a decision. Maybe even have a little talent show too!

6. Would You Rather be a firefighter or a policeman?

Both have such cool jobs! It would be entertaining to see which job the kids would prefer.

7. Would You Rather eat a million candies or lots of chips?

Both options sound yummy, so it’ll be interesting to see which would the kids choose.

8. Would You Rather spend a day with Bugs Bunny or Mickie Mouse?

Both characters are tons of fun to be with. You’ve got the whole Looney Tunes gang or the Disney crew! You can never know what kind of fun you’ll have if you spend the day with either group.

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9. Would You Rather watch TV the whole day or play outside?

Not all kids prefer playing outside. Some of them just want to stay comfy at home, amidst the company of their favorite TV show characters.

This will be a fun conversation! Some kids might find the need to sway the other players to get them to see which is more fun.

10. Would You Rather be invisible or be able to fly?

Isn’t it just every child’s dream to have powers? Either option sounds super fun, and both would be so cool to have! So the real question is which is more fun to do and which is cooler to have?

Final Reminders

I’m pretty sure that you guys won’t be needing everything from the list. After all, kids have a fantastic sense of imagination.

Don’t forget to lay out some snacks too, just so the kids won’t get all fussy during the game. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy the snacks as well! 😋

If the kids have finally gotten to know each other, the adults can also have a go at playing Would You Rather!

You can find more questions and variations in our main Would You Rather article.

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