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Nothing says fall quite like a cozy sweater, a warm drink, and some great company. And what better way to gather with friends and family and celebrate the season than with a fun game of fall “This or That”?

So grab a warm drink, snuggle up in your favorite sweater, and get ready for some good old-fashioned fall fun! It’s fall girl (or guy) season, and with our list of 70+ “This or That” questions, you’ll have plenty to talk and debate about over the crackling of a fire or while taking a stroll through the changing leaves!

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Play “This or That” Online

Experience the fun of “This or That” anywhere, anytime! This online version of the game offers you over 1,000 questions that will have you and your friends laughing and reminiscing about all things fall.

So, whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or having a bonfire in your backyard, this online game is the perfect way to pass the time and celebrate the season. Just download our free app or access it on our website and you’re ready to go!

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How to Play “This or That” Fall Edition

This classic game is simple and easy to play! It’s all about choosing between two Fall-themed options. To get started, here’s how it works:

Step 1: Gather your group of friends, family, or co-workers. The more the merrier! This game is perfect for any size group.

Step 2: Decide who goes first. You can choose to go in a circle or take turns going back and forth between two players.

Step 3: Ask the first player a “This or That” question. For example, “Pumpkin spice latte or apple cider?” The player must choose one of the two options.

Step 4: The next player then asks another question to another player. This is where the real fun begins. The questions can be as silly or serious as you want!

Step 5: Keep the game going until everyone has had a turn. You can set a time limit or just keep playing until everyone runs out of questions.

Fun “This or That” Fall Questions

Keep the vibes going with this list of fun and festive fall “This or That” questions! From food to fashion, traditions to activities, there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Pumpkin bread or apple pie?

Delectable desserts are a must-have, yum.

2. Cozy sweater or comfy flannel?

Stay warm and stylish!

3. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Which holiday do you look forward to the most?

4. Hayride or corn maze?

Get lost in the fun with these classic fall activities.

5. PSL or hot cocoa?

It’s a tough call, we know.

6. Trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving?

How do you like to celebrate Halloween?

7. Football game or apple picking?

Two classic fall activities, but which one is your favorite?

8. Haunted house or spooky movie night?

Feel the thrill of the eerie season with your pick.

9. Caramel apples or candy corn?

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a festive treat.

10. Bonfire or fall festival?

Where do you find your autumnal bliss?

11. Knit scarf or woolly hat?

Accessories that keep you cozy as the temperature drops.

12. Leaf peeping or star gazing?

Nature’s autumn show or the celestial spectacle?

13. Homemade soup or grilled cheese?

Comfort food that warms the soul.

14. Scented candles or natural pinecones?

Immerse in the scents that define the season.

15. Harvest moon or crisp sunrise?

The beauty of fall skies, evening or morning.

16. Roasted chestnuts or pumpkin seeds?

Snack your way through those chilly evenings.

17. Chunky boots or warm slippers?

Footwear to combat the cool fall weather.

18. Bobbing for apples or making cider?

Fall traditions that bring joy to the heart.

19. Oversized blanket or heated throw?

Snuggle up in your choice of comfort.

20. Spiced chai or mulled wine?

A sip of warmth to celebrate the season.

21. Writing in a diary or reading a good book?

Spend your indoor time wisely this fall.

22. Baking cookies or making jams?

Fill your home with delicious aromas.

23. Woolly socks or bare feet on a rug?

How do you prefer to relax at home?

24. Sweeping leaves or lighting lanterns?

Embrace the chores and charms of autumn.

25. Fuzzy mittens or leather gloves?

Practicality meets style in your handwear choice.

26. Foraging for mushrooms or picking pumpkins?

Engage with nature’s bountiful harvest.

27. Maple syrup or honey?

Sweeten your dishes with a hint of fall.

28. Crunchy leaves or dew-covered grass?

Which gives you the quintessential autumn feeling?

29. Cinnamon rolls or s’mores?

Which sweet treat does your autumn soul crave?

30. Knitted blankets or patchwork quilts?

Choose your comfort cover on a cool fall night.

31. Evening bonfires or morning mist?

Which fall atmosphere do you find most enchanting?

32. Pumpkin spice or salted caramel?

Decide on the flavor that defines your fall taste.

33. Nature hike or scenic drive?

How do you prefer to take in the fall splendor?

34. Scarecrows or jack o’lanterns?

Which fall decoration captures your festive spirit?

35. Apple bobbing or fall crafting?

What’s your go-to for autumnal fun?

36. Warm apple cider or iced pumpkin latte?

How do you like to refresh yourself in the fall?

37. Fleece jackets or down vests?

Choose your essential outerwear for the season’s chill.

38. Harvest festivals or local farmer’s markets?

Where do you like to celebrate fall’s bounty?

39. Cozy nook or fireside seating?

Where do you like to curl up with a fall read?

40. Rustling leaves or crackling log fires?

Which sound is more soothing to your fall-loving ears?

41. Gathering chestnuts or picking berries?

What’s your preferred autumn harvesting activity?

42. Wool socks or ankle boots?

Which one is key to your fall wardrobe?

43. Savory stews or roasted veggies?

What fall cuisine makes your taste buds dance?

44. Early sunset or late sunrise?

Which part of the shorter days do you relish more?

45. Storytelling or star-gazing?

Which pastime complements your crisp evenings?

46. Vintage reds or earthy browns?

Which color palette resonates with your fall vibe?

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47. Rustic barn dances or cozy book clubs?

How do you prefer to socialize during this season?

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48. Acorn squash or butternut squash?

Choose your favorite gourd to grace your autumn table.

49. Quilt making or leaf collecting?

Which craft echoes the essence of your fall spirit?

50. Cinnamon tea or spiced rum?

Decide on the drink that’ll keep you cozy on a brisk evening.

51. Farmer’s almanac or harvest moon lore?

Which do you turn to for a touch of autumn wisdom?

52. Quaint bed & breakfast or rustic cabin retreat?

Pick your ideal getaway to enjoy the fall colors.

53. Rain boots or hiking shoes?

Select the footwear best suited for your autumn adventures.

54. Foggy mornings or clear, crisp nights?

Which do you find more mysterious and inviting?

55. Pumpkin spice everything or selective indulgence?

How deeply do you dive into this signature seasonal flavor?

56. Harvesting herbs or creating spice blends?

Embrace the culinary preparation for the cooler months.

57. Vintage film nights or autumn poetry readings?

Choose your preferred cultural activity for the fall.

58. Apple cinnamon or vanilla maple?

Which scent will be filling your home throughout the season?

59. Knitting or cross-stitching?

Select the hobby that suits your cozy indoor evenings.

60. Writing thank-you notes or sending seasonal greetings?

Decide on the practice that helps you connect with loved ones.

61. Pot roasts or baked casseroles?

Which hearty meal embodies the comfort of fall for you?

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62. Wool trench coat or sherpa lined jacket?

Choose the style that keeps you chic and warm.

63. Pumpkin patch photoshoot or scenic autumn hike?

Which activity is your ideal way to capture the beauty of fall?

64. Mulching gardens or planting bulbs?

Decide on the garden task that best prepares you for spring.

65. Carving decorative gourds or assembling dried flower wreaths?

Which craft do you find more fulfilling during this season?

66. Browsing bookshops or visiting craft fairs?

Where do you prefer to find your fall treasures?

67. Building a treehouse or going on a hayride?

Select the adventure that speaks to your childhood nostalgia.

68. Pressing leaves or painting pumpkins?

Decide on the artistic pursuit that will decorate your space.

69. Apple cider donuts or pumpkin cheesecake?

Which dessert reigns supreme in your fall sweet-tooth cravings?

70. Homemade potpourri or essential oil diffusers?

Choose the method you like to use to infuse your home with fall scents.

71. Foraging for wild edibles or visiting a vineyard?

What’s your preference for engaging with the autumn harvest?

72. Layering blankets or lighting a wood stove?

How do you like to chase away the fall chill?

73. Hiking under golden leaves or walking under a harvest moon?

Which experience fulfills your autumn wanderlust?

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74. Organizing a food swap or hosting a harvest dinner?

Select the communal activity that strengthens your community bonds.

75. Braided bread or homemade chutneys?

Which kitchen endeavor do you embark on to savor the flavors of fall?

76. Wearing mittens or lighting candles?

Decide on the simple joy that represents your essence of autumn.

77. Attending a masquerade or throwing a potluck?

Choose the social affair that best celebrates the festive season for you.

78. Crunching leaves or collecting acorns?

Which classic autumn activity is more satisfying to your seasonal spirit?

79. Baking pies or brewing hot cocoa?

Decide on the treat that warms your heart on crisp fall days.

80. Woolen scarves or leather gloves?

Which accessory is essential to your autumn fashion ensemble?

81. Marathon reading or creative writing?

Which indoor activity do you find more enriching during the cooler months?

82. Hay bale lounging or forest picnicking?

Choose your favorite way to relax amidst the beauty of autumn.

83. Chilly morning jogs or evening walks at dusk?

When do you prefer to take in the brisk air and changing leaves?

84. Haunted trails or corn mazes?

Select the adventure that thrills you most during the Halloween season.

85. Spooky movie marathon or ghost stories by the fire?

Decide on your preferred method of getting into the Halloween spirit.

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86. Making candied apples or decorating gingerbread?

Which sweet activity is a must-do for you this autumn?

87. Volunteering at a shelter or knitting warm clothes for donations?

Embrace the season of giving through your preferred act of kindness.

88. Roasted marshmallows or toasted pumpkin seeds?

Which fireside snack is a staple of your fall evenings?

89. Nature photography or watercolor painting?

Which artistic hobby helps you capture the essence of fall?

90. Raking leaves or creating compost for the garden?

Decide on the yard work that also contributes to your sustainable living efforts during this season.

Fall is a season full of vibrant colors, cozy activities and delicious flavors, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to enjoying it! We hoped this list of This or That choices has sparked inspiration for how you can make the most out of your autumn.

Whether you prefer outdoor adventures, artistic pursuits, or indulging in pumpkin spice everything, there’s something for everyone to embrace the essence of fall. So go out and create your own perfect autumn experience! Happy Fall! 🍁🎃🍂

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