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Engagement parties gather everyone in your family to announce the big news of your wedding. It’s the perfect venue for speeches, toasts, love stories, some dancing, and fun questions for the couple and the rest of the people who are closest and dearest to them.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host this party, but as times have changed, so have traditions, and anyone can initiate an engagement party nowadays. At the end of every engagement party, if you want the guests to remember how much fun they’ve had, the host should be thoughtful enough to prepare little trinkets or party favors they could hold onto and cherish forever.

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Best Engagement Party Favors

With everything available online nowadays, it’s quite confusing and daunting to pick which party favor would be best for your engagement party. In choosing the best party favors, the host should be able to take into account the following factors:

  • Party Theme: The golden rule to planning a great party is to make everything revolve around a certain theme. Coordination is the key.

  • Preferences of the bride and groom: Other than the theme, you should also be familiar enough with the bride and groom to know what they like and maybe use their favorites as party favors. It’s also an excellent way for the guests to know them more.

  • Price: Every party has a budget, and don’t spend beyond it. Make sure you can afford the price of the party favors.

  • Quantity: If you’re planning a big party, you should also prepare more party favors.

  • Availability: Make sure that you can easily find a supplier or a store that sells the materials or the actual party favors and have them ready in time for the party.

Considering the following factors mentioned above, we have here a list of the top five party favors that will make your guests fondly remember your party for the years to come:

1. Top Shelf Engagement Wish Jar With 100 Tickets

If you’re looking for cute, thoughtful, and personalized, you can go for engagement wish jars with that aesthetic feel. You can place pictures of the couple inside or any small trinkets the guests can bring. Alternatively, the couple could also fill these jars with tiny pieces of paper that they could hand out to the guests to write their well-wishes for the newly-engaged couple.

Here is one of the best Amazon has to offer when it comes to this party favor. Get this top shelf engagement wish jars that come with tickets, a decorative lid, and a little twine-hung plaque:

Available on

2. Wine Stoppers for Wedding Favors or Engagement Souvenir Gift for Guest:

Second on our list of the best party favors are sophisticated wine stoppers because what’s an engagement party without wine, right? Not only are these great party favors, but they’re also must-have household items that will conserve the freshness of the wine and can also make for cute decorations for all occasions.

Check out these heart-shaped wine stoppers that are made of premium zinc alloy, with greater size and weight, and which are very eye-catching, safe, and easy to use:

Available on

3. Gold He Asked She Said Yes Cupcake Toppers:

Cakes and cupcakes are important parts of any special occasion in life. To make your cakes and cupcakes look more appropriate and keep up with the engagement party, you can add some cake/cupcake toppers that are wedding-related. Make sure to choose ones that match the theme chosen for the party.

Gold might be tacky for other occasions, but gold and white are the standard colors for anything wedding-related. Check out these high-quality glitter cardboard with food-grade toothpicks sticks that are very much attractive and durable. They’re ready to use and will take your ordinary cupcakes to the next level:

Available on

4. Classy Champagne Glasses:

Drinking champagne is like drinking the stars. Since your engagement party needs to be epic, you should pick champagne glasses that are classy enough to keep up with the event and ones that are so unique that they’ll always remember how they have never seen anything like it before!

Check out these Chambong champagne glasses that will set your engagement party apart from all other parties. The form and the style itself of the glasses are enough to make your party unforgettable:

Available on

Best Games To Play at Engagement Party

To entertain everyone during the engagement party, it’s better to plan ahead of time the games that you’re planning for the guests to play. Make sure to choose games that are fit for the occasion, and that would also be appropriate for the crowd:

1. Engagement Trivia Game

A trivia game is played with a game master asking a series of questions the players will try to answer to the best of their knowledge and abilities. The game is divided into different rounds, and a winner is declared based on the highest number of correct answers. Trivia games can be played by individual players or by teams.

The engagement party is all about the newly-engaged couple. So your Trivia Game questions focus on the bride and groom-to-be. You can ask about their individual preferences or their relationship history. The people close to them will learn more about the couple through this game.

Here are some sample trivia questions about the couple that’ll get you started:

- Where did the couple meet for the first time?

The story of how they met is essential to the relationship.

- When is their anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend?

This question might be a cliche, but anyone close to them should know one thing.

- How long have they been boyfriend and girlfriend before he popped the question?

The length of their relationship must be common knowledge among family and friends.

- What is the couple’s favorite movie?

There’s always that movie that they love watching together because they can either relate to it or have wonderful memories while watching the movie.

- What is the couple’s theme song?

What’s a couple without their official theme song, right?

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2. Most Likely To

Most Likely To is another getting-to-know-you game that will let the guests know more about the couple. It’s quite simple to play. All you’ve got to do is ask the couple, if among the two of them, who is most likely to… ? and they should answer immediately by pointing to either themselves or the other person.

As you can imagine, this game will be played by the newly engaged couple to entertain the guests. It will be enlightening for everyone to know the truth about them both finally!

Here are some Most Likely To questions to ask:

- Who is most likely to sleep first?

Every couple has a sleepyhead.

- Who is most likely to eat a whole pizza?

Being hungry ain’t sin so if you can eat a whole pizza, it’s okay!

- Who is most likely to get mad at something small?

The hotheaded among the two of them is going to be divulged.

- Who is most likely to get tricked easily?

The innocent and naive one will likely be.

- Who is most likely to lie?

Nobody’s perfect, so don’t be ashamed of your flaws.

👉 In need of more ideas on which questions to ask? Follow this link for Most Likely Questions

3. Would You Rather

Here’s another game that will be played by the couple that will let the guests get to know them more to prepare the most appropriate wedding gifts for them both. This game will give you an idea of their preferences in general.

Can’t think of any questions? Check these out:

- Would you rather have your honeymoon on a tropical island or in icy mountains?

This is the perfect question to ask if you’re planning to give them a trip somewhere as a wedding gift.

- Would you rather have a candlelit dinner or just Netflix and chill?

Every couple is unique from each other. Some like it sophisticated, and some prefer it laid back.

- Would you rather have an intimate or big wedding?

Of course, this depends on the couple’s final decision since they will be the ones spending it and getting married.

- Would you rather get married at the beach or church?

The most important thing in weddings is the love the couple feels for each other, wherever the venue is.

- Would you rather have a baby boy or baby girl?

This one is going to be tough and will need further explanation.

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There you have it. Now you’re officially ready to plan the best engagement party out there! Don’t forget that whatever your plans are, some things might not go as smoothly as you planned them, so just learn to go with it and have fun!

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